Cowboy Wisdom   (one 'Flu' over the cuckoo's nest ?)


About a half century ago, when I waz a young buck "Training for the Gallows", to Quote Mark Twain,
I know'd me an ol' cowboy. An he waz old at that time, in fact, he rode across'd the country at the end of the 19th century on horse-back (why they say "horse-back" I don't know, where else would you ride on a horse ?), but ride horse-back across'd the country he did.
Well sir, 'bout nineteen and nineteen, (1919) he comes down with the 'Spanish Flu'.
An Ol' Doc sez, "Son, you git yerself a bottle of Rock-n-Rye, git yerself tah bed,
sip on that Rock-n-Rye, an DON'T MOVE 'til yer well".


Why ?

Turns out 
that back then his Rock-n-Rye had Grapefruit-juice* in it. And it wasn't the Vit C, and it wasn't the Citrus that saved them.
It waz the Quinine that occurs naturally in it ! Also it appears that some bioflavonoids helped too (naringin, helps clear the lungs). Other Doctors used Grapefruit/Grapefruit-juice alone and by all accounts had Great success/survival rates.
Iff'n yah use Grapefruit, save & use the Rind !! It's LOADED WITH QUININE !!!

note: tonic-water has some quinine in it too. But not alot. (and usually a lot of sugar !)

Another story notes that those who drank Baking Soda in water** every morning had very good success too.
This is an old country cure for colds and flu. Gits yer pH down I guess.... But Very High in Sodium !! Watch yer Blood pressure.

Will this work for Covid-19 ? Dunno.....

An' don't take no Ibuprofen !!

Happy Trails, an Good Luck !!

*modern Rock-n-Rye generally does not have Grapefruit in it.
**dose to taste or see dosing on box, or check a medical source

A good thought on the Pandemic: