Will Animals live forever?.....

Some years ago I read an article on humans living forever on earth after the earth is restored to a paradise, which is a generally accepted belief by all Christians. But then I got to thinking, would, could, or should the animals live forever too?

Interestingly, in Genesis (1:29,30) there was no provision for the eating of animals by either humans or animals. In Isaiah (11: 6-9) when describing restored paradise, again the animals are not killing or eating each other (the bible says that God will form a new covenant with the animals at Hosea 2:18, did you know that ?). Well, if the animals won't be killing animals, and if humans won't be killing animals, why would God be killing animals?

When God has these passages in the bible, I feel it is to appeal to our deepest sense of right and good, and the love we should feel towards his creation. I feel it would be misleading to draw on those emotions of ours if he himself does not have those feelings.

In the book of Revelation (21:4) in describing restored paradise it says that heartache, morning, and pain would be done away with. How could these animals we love be dying without us feeling heartache? We surely will not love the animals less in paradise will we? Have you ever seen a picture of paradise anywhere showing a dying animal? Instinctively any artist knows that would be wrong. 

Every argument used to prove that humans should live forever also applies to animals. 

For example:
Humans have a wonderful brain that would allow them to take in knowledge for millions of lifetimes...   the same is true for animals.
Humans have a wonderful immune system to fight disease.... same for animals.
Humans have amazing senses... sometimes even more true for animals.
Humans have redundant vital organs to protect their life... very true for animals.
Could you choose the day on which you would want to die?...
Could you choose the day on which you would want your favorite pet to die?

'Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander' ... if these things prove to you that humans should live forever. then they should also prove to you that the animals should live forever too.

Some that I have mentioned this to have argued that "the ransom does not cover animals". On two counts I feel that is wrong. One, humans are animals (Please see Ecclesiastes 3:19-21, Ps 49:12b However, if you can go one month without eating, sleeping, going potty, or breathing, I'll reconsider....). Two, Christ's ransom did not just buy back Adam's life, but every thing Adam owned, otherwise only Adam would be resurrected. One of the things that Adam owned was dominion over the animals (Genesis 1:28).

Here's a little bon mot from the scriptures; in Hebrews (11:17-19) Paul says that Abraham "reckoned" (Young's translation and others) that God would raise Isaac from the dead. Why did he have to 'reckon' ? And on what basis did he reckon ?

Well, Abraham had to reckon, actually extrapolate, because apparently he had not been directly told about the resurrection at this point.

The basis for his reckoning was; God's promises, and Abraham's knowledge of God's nature.

Which brings up the next question: Can, and will, animals be resurrected? The first part " can the animals be resurrected?" is obvious, of course God can, but will he?

Let's do some "reckoning".

When Jesus was confronted by the Sadducees about the resurrection, (Matt 20:23-33) which the Sadducees do not believe in (which is why they are so sad-you-see ). The Master's line of reasoning was this:

If God at that time was still the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (each of whom had been dead for well over one thousand years before Jesus even came to the earth) 'it was' Jesus said, ' because God is the God of the living not the dead'.

In other words, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were still living to God, otherwise why would God continue to remember them? (Luke 20:34-38).

Using the same logic as the Master, let's take a look at two parallel accounts. The first is Matthew 10:29-31, the second is Luke 12:6,7.

Most people always cite the account in Matthew, basically because the math is easier... one coin = two birds, yet not one falls to the ground without God's knowledge. However Luke's account is different; 'five birds sell for two coins', and here's the point, 'yet not one goes FORGOTTEN by God'.

Again "Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander". If God's remembering Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was proof to Jesus that God would resurrect those three, Then the Master Jesus himself saying that God remembers that little bird...
...well you can figure it out from here. And the point is not that God is 'the sparrow God', he remembers and loves all his animals... even you. (and please see psalm 50:11a)

If your little child had their dog or pet die and they came to you with tears streaming down their face and they asked you to make it live again, you would if you could wouldn't you? Are you kinder than God? The only difference is you don't have the power to bring that animal back to life , God does.

Can you imagine in paradise earth a child asking God to resurrect their pet and God gruffly saying "We don't do dogs here!". Personally I would expect God to say "You know, I loved Sparky too. Why don't you go look behind the barn, I think you'll have a nice surprise waiting for you". That's my kind of God.

You know, come to think of it, the bible says "God is love"... maybe we're on to something....


I care not much for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it. - A Lincoln

Just a clarification here; 

Some have objected, saying, "If all of the animals that ever lived were resurrected, where would you put them ?".

That really is not what is proposed here. The Ransom, by restoring all that Adam lost, would restore Man's (Adam's) dominion over the Animals, and the legal rights of dominion that go with that. Thus, only the animals alive from Adam's time forward would be legally covered by the Ransom's restorative effects. This would include those Animals that Man would choose to grant either life forever, or a resurrection. Animals would be resurrected or given everlasting life by Man's choosing or Dominion. The Ransom does not grant "Animal Rights"; it restores Man's rights FOR the Animals. And just as our continued existence is dependent upon God's love and compassion for us, We will have the privilege of blessing animals with our compassion and love for them.

And I'm sure no one would object to God's bringing back any little furry (or feathered) friends of his choosing as well .....

-methinks, if "you know the scriptures, and the power of God",  ....  this little monograph should present few problems.... Matt 22:29

'Jehovah preserves Man and Beast'  

' You care for people and animals alike, O Jehovah' Ps 36:6


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