Evolution: an Oblique approach....

    One of my little sayings about life is: "Satan will always offer you two clear-cut opposing choices,....  both of which are wrong." Example: 'eat the fruit and be as smart as God' or 'don't eat it and be a dummy.' Another, 'turn that stone into bread and prove that you're God's son ' or 'if you don't turn it into bread I'll know you're a fake'. The choice between Evolution and Creation is another example of this.

     First though, let's define these two terms; Evolution and Creation.

     Evolution, for the purposes of this discussion is the total development of life without any outside help or direction.

     Creation, in this discussion, is the production of all life by God.

     Evolutionists seem to maintain that if they can produce life artificially, that they would, in fact, prove that nothing miraculous is needed to produce life.

     Creationists, on the other hand, maintain that, no matter how much engineering and design a human could put into assembling molecules, they could not produce life.

     In this they both err.

     Evolutionists, by personally designing molecular assembly and structure, are in fact imitating the role of God. (and in fact are using pre-provided, pre-engineered building materials, lego-bits, as it were).
     Creationists, by saying that no amount of human engineering and effort can produce life , are saying that the 'life-force' is a religious/special substance and not an engineered force or effect. When in fact, everything God has made shows design and law. Why would his life-force be ungoverned by law and undesigned?
     So, if a human engineer could produce life, it would in fact demonstrate the need of a designer. And that all facets of life are thought-out (designed). Including the life-force.

     Which brings us to a simple solution: It can be illustrated in this manner; If two people were walking along a path and one of them found a tiny watch gear, neither one of them would conclude that random forces had produced this perfect little gear, they would say "designed". If they continued walking and found a complete gear mechanism they would say "even more design". And they might even comment on the quality of manufacture and materials, not even questioning the fact that it was designed and manufactured. Continuing on, our peripatetic perusers may find an entire watch, whereupon the one finding it says "Wonderful! What a well-made watch." To which the second person responds "No, the dirt here just fell together that way". The one who found the complete watch has simply continued to be intellectually consistent; complex organization requires design and manufacture. Whereas the second person has stopped being intellectually consistent.
     You know where this is going. If the increasing level of complexity in a physical object elicits the unarguable conclusion "designer", then extreme complexity demands the same.
     That is of course, unless Evolutionists feel that life is not a physical object/effect. In fact, by holding 'life' to a different set of proofs from any other physical object they are treating it as a religious/special substance, and fall, by a different route, into the same error as Creationists.
     Life is in fact physical, and wholly designed/engineered.
     Forensic proofs of design and manufacture that would hold up in any court for that complete watch would by logical and legal necessity hold true for any complex physical mechanism.
     Evolutionist and Creationist both make a fatal error in treating life as other than any other wholly physical/designed thing.
     Creationists are setting themselves up to soon be in the same untenable position as the Catholic church was during the Galileo Galilei episode. This, because the probability of man-made life is very likely to happen, and probably soon.
     And Evolutionists are /(will be) exploiting this weakness (perhaps unconsciously) to their own detriment.

     Oblique Conclusion:

     Evolutionists, by not evaluating "living things" with the same objective scientific/forensic proofs of design that the scientific/forensic method demands of any other complex object, fail to be consistently scientific.

How ironic.

     Creationists, by regarding and treating "life" or "the life-force" as a religious/special substance, actually deny "intelligent design" for "life" itself.

How ironic.

     Neither Evolutionist nor Creationist are self-consistent with their own core beliefs,

How very ironic.


     Saying that life is wholly designed in all of it's facets does not dishonour God, but gives true and due recognition to the order of magnitude of it's design. (and maybe puts us in our place.)


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