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Christianity is not a Religion, it's an equation.....

…...time to put on your thinking cap, make sure you spin the little propeller on top.....

here we go.......  !!

A Simple Law.....


The word "simple".....

It just sounds so, well, simple ....

In fact, "Simple" seems so simple that we simplify its simplicity by simply assuming that "simple" is so simple that it simply automatically means "easy" and "obvious" too.

And it often does.

But not always.

Something described as "simple" can be easy/obvious, but that does not mean that it will be easy or obvious.

An example would be Newton's Laws of Motion; 'for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction'....

Simple ? Yes, Elegantly so.

Obvious ?

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.....

When you say it, it just sounds so, well, Simple. But is it obvious ?

Why did thousands of years of human history pass before its formulation ?

Again from Newton:

"Any object in motion will perpetually continue in motion unless acted

on by an outside force”.

Simple ? Certainly.

Obvious ? Certainly not.

Anyone who has ever pushed someone on a bicycle finds this concept of Newton's highly suspect. In fact, anyone who has ever pushed anything finds it suspect. If you remember the first time you heard this Law, it was most likely met with considerable internal mental resistance, It Just Seemed Wrong......But it ain't.

It is, in fact, a profoundly simple truth of nature....... but, once again, as is often the case, it's not obvious.

So, even when a formulated Law is very simple and can be very clearly expressed, it may not just “jump out at you” from life experience. Hence, not obvious

And yet many such similar Simple Laws have great value in many areas of life. And knowing them adds greatly to insight and to quality of life. 'Cuz Laws are Laws. They always work and they're always there, with or without your comprehension, conscious awareness, or co-operation.

But yah ain't too likely to find many, or even any, of them by accident.

So, here's yer problem:

You've got a herd of obstinate, recalcitrant, obdurate, resistant, quasi-neomorts (grrrrrr......). And you've got about 1500 years to get a very simple, but again, not obvious, concept/Law into their little punkin' heads.

Who, Why, How, When, Where?

Let's illustrate the problem:

Let us imagine that we pluck a little aboriginal person out of the Arboreal Amazon rainforest; Uutoo-Uutoo.


Us: “hello, Uutoo-Uutoo”

Uutoo-Uutoo: blank stare, does not speak your lingo.

Us: “would you like to go for a ride on a rocket-ship to a Space-station?”

Uutoo-Uutoo: blank stare, still does not speak your lingo, has no idea that there is such a thing as space-travel, rockets, or space-stations.

Here's the point: Just to get Uutoo-Uutoo to the condition of mental awareness and comprehension to just be able to answer this simple yes/no question could take years.
However, the same question asked of a person raised with modern information, science, movies, etc. would be met with an immediate and comprehending answer: “Wheeeee, Yes!” or “Umm..... no, my tummy hurts”.

So too, as God began to implement his arrangement to repair the damage done in the Garden, he needed for there to be a 'prepared people' to understand just 'what-in-the-world?!' he was doing.

There's nothing worse than sending a Messiah to save a planet and then be greeted by a crowd with nothing but blank Uutoo-Uutoo stares. I just hate it when that happens.

So, in order to prepare for the arrival of the Messiah on earth, first a group had to be segregated/separated (Israel) and taught basically one or two, once again, Simple, but not obvious Laws.

This is what the Bible means at Galatians 3:24 when it says that the Law was the tutor/teacher leading to Christ.

Thus, the Law was habituating, acculturating, hence, preparing, the thinking or collective mentality of the Jews to understand the logical and legal need for a redeemer/ransom. And, very importantly, how it could be legally done. So, what Simple, necessary, but not obvious things was the Law trying to teach them ?

Now, before I tell you the answer, I have to stop you for a moment, 'cuz I know what you're going to say when you hear it, “Oh, eve'rbody knows that!”

Maybe a brief, but true story, that took place, in part, in the American Northwest may be helpful here:

One day, Well over one hundred years ago at a Logging camp in either Washington or Oregon, I don't recall. A very small Jewish man wandered into a logging camp looking for work. The foreman took one look at him and said, “fella, I think you're too small for the job”.
The little man replied, “not so fast, at least give me a chance”. So the foreman says, pointing to a tree that would take the average Lumber-jack well over an hour to cut down, “let's see what you've got”. Well, believe it or not, in almost an instant the tree was falling to the ground. The foreman couldn't believe his eyes, “where did you learn to chop trees like that ?”
“In the Sahara Forest”, the little man replied.

"You mean the Sahara Desert”, the foreman corrected.
Shrugging his shoulders in the manner peculiar to older Jewish men, the little man replied, “Desert now, sure”.
And, although some jaded and cynical individuals might doubt some elements of this story, the point is well made that just because things are a certain way now, it does not mean that things have always been that way.

Take for example Newton's law, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. 'Simple, obvious, easy,' you say, “eve'rbody knows that!” and that's true, everybody does, 'now sure'. But that was not always the case. It was not all that many hundreds of years ago that Newton ushered the collective thinking of mankind into an era of awareness of Equal and opposite action and reaction (emphasis on Equal), laws of conservation of matter and energy, the beginning of the age of awareness of Universal parity

Of course, the Bible, thousands of years earlier, introduced this same simple concept with little fanfare in the simple phrase, “eye for eye”. i.e. Moral parity. God was trying to get Israel to understand that “Equal equals Equal”. God, for the purposes of providing a redeemer for man's fall into iniquity/inequity(samie-samie) was really only concerned with teaching/inculcating the concept of Moral parity, “eye for eye, tooth for tooth, soul for soul,” ['Adam for Adam' 1Cor 15:22,45], it was left to Newton, thousands of years later, to begin to unveil that parity (AKA “equal oppositeness”), is a Universal Law *. 

If you were allowed to use only one word to define the Universe, that Word would be “Law”.

And if you were allowed to name only one law, that Law would be “Parity”. It is the “simple law” behind laws.

It is worth noting at this point that Satan promotes “non-parity” thinking.

For example:

In the Garden, when Satan told Eve that if she ate one little itty-bitty piece of fruit that she would gain powers like the Great Big Creator of the Universe..... 'That there would be yer basic, ultimate, non-parity event for yah, Mister.'

Magic, which is really what Satan was promoting to Eve, is the embodiment of the “something-for-nothing” principle. Magic, like idolatry, nationalism, religion, etc. etc. is non-parity.

Why does Satan promote non-parity ? It caters to Greed for one. And it promotes disorder, chaos, thus rebellion. Thus Satan's agenda.

People, left to their own devices, tend towards superstitions. Why ?

Two reasons: by nature we do tend to look for 'cause and effect', but by nature we also tend towards greed. Thus, by inclination we tend to not look for Equal cause and Equal effect, i.e. Parity


So, left to our own propensities, and with Satan's thoughtful help, we're just not very likely to discover Parity, AKA “equal oppositeness”.

Hence, the need for an educational program to teach Moral Parity; the Law through Moses.

And what was the other thing that the law needed to teach them ?

The concept of Holyness.
The concept of Whollyness. (did I hear an echo?)
The word "Holy" is really not a religious term, it is a mathematical term, and it always means 100%, always.

Wholly and Holy are the same word, close your eyes and say it out loud......see....?

In the context of the Bible, it's really a term relating to 'degree of cleanness' or 'uncontaminatedness'. And it's always the "nth degree". i.e. perfect cleanness, impeccable uncontaminatedness.

But the concept of perfect cleanness, or perfect uncontamination (a.k.a. Wholyness) has really only truly become fully understood in recent times with advanced laboratory procedures/knowledge.

Who would have imagined that just the briefest moment and/or slightest bit of physical touch/contact could chemically contaminate a laboratory sample.... but it does.

True Whollyness/Holyness is not really fully understood "naturally" or "intuitively", even in our modern times. Which is why, whenever you're considering buying food at a "fast food" place you should always ask yourself, "do I really want to eat food handled by a teenaged boy?" The concept of "wholly/holy clean/uncontaminated" just ain't in 'em. Really, really think about that.

Hence the need, then and now, to teach the concept of Whollyness/Holyness. Why ?

Because “Whollyness/Holyness” defines with precision and clarity the Absoluteness of Law.

And questioning/challenging the
Absolute Perfection of God's Law(s) is Satan's Whole issue. Whollyness/Holyness is the standard God sets for Himself first, and everyone else: “You must be Holy, because I am Holy”. And only Absolute Whollyness/Holyness will settle this Court-case. If exceptions/fudgings are made, then Satan wins. (see Rom 3:4, please note, Paul here clearly states that God's Whollyness/Holyness is Judged. Please take time to note that Paul is citing and correctly translating Ps 51:4b (Douay is also correct). I know you're not used to hearing that God is judged, but that's what the Bible says. Please also see here).

Here's how the Laboratory/Biblical principle works:

If an item is clinically or spiritually clean (wholly/holy) it will stay that way until it comes in contact with something unclean. At that point it loses it's laboratory or spiritual cleanness. It cannot re-gain cleanness by touching something clean, in fact, the next clean thing it touches will, in turn itself, become unclean.

In some cases an item can be cleansed back to clinical or spiritual standards if strict procedures that adhere to known chemical/biological or spiritual/moral (i.e. ransom) laws are followed.

Thus, you can't "catch" Whollyness/Holyness, but you can lose it. And if it can be be restored, it is only by impeccably following correct legal or clinical procedures.
(very good explanation also at Haggai 2:11-14) and yes, I know holiness is the correct spelling.

The concept of being 100% clean, unblemished, uncontaminated, etc. etc. and what that really means is once again, very simple, and once again, not obvious.

So, the Law formed a Matrix** for a “prepared people” to be mentally receptive to the need for Equivalent Justice. Which would allow for an Equivalent exchange/redemption/ransom of Adam's life and chattels with a holy/wholly perfect sacrifice (redemption).

And True Justice, quite simply expressed, is the stating of, and/or execution of, Moral Equations.

Thus the Law through Moses was a unique tool in the annals of man.....

And a very good case can be made that it actually led to the formulation of the scientific laws of parity by Mr. Newton and others......

which brings us to page 2, 'cuz it was getting just a bit long.........

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"An apparent pair of Paritys"


Just an after-thought here:

Every group, tribe, nation, civilization, etc. has a legacy that it imparts to Mankind, i.e. art, architecture, food, music, etc.

                 Is there a legacy of Jewish architecture? No.

                 Is there a legacy of Jewish art ? Mmmm.....No.

                 Is there a legacy of Jewish cuisine ? Yer killin' me....

                Is there a legacy of Jewish music ? Not so much.

                So, What is the Jewish 'legacy endowment' to Mankind ?


                              ..... really think about that.....

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."    -Albert Einstein


*(quibbler alert: yes, there are some tiny fuzzy areas relating to parity at the subatomic level, Lee-Yang etc. and at the near superluminal limits of relativity, both places where nobody lives. The appropriate response to people who pedantically make this objection is to quote Thurston Howell III with a "Locust Valley Lockjaw" tone and affectation and say, “why, that's just aaabsolutely fascinating.

** If Religion can be defined as ritualized patterns of behavior and ritualized patterns of thought and speech in conjunction with a deity (and it can) then the Law through Moses would be The True Religion. That's not necessarily a complement.

What about Christianity ?” you say. “What about it ?” I say. True Christianity is not ritualized behavior, thought, and speech. Ergo, by this definition it's NOT a religion.

When done correctly, Christianity is about being personally responsible, showing thoughtful behavior, discovery, thought, and speech for which personal responsibly is taken.

Christianity, like housecleaning, when practiced correctly, can kill you.



And Here's the ultimate statement of Parity:

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"    - Jesus

Did you notice ? He didn't say "do more" and he didn't say "do less"...

He is teaching us how to establish Parity in relationships......  really, really think about that...

The Amazing non-parity Exception:

After the Holy Spirit began the creative process everything was affected/ruled by parity.

But the Holy Spirit existed before Parity/Creation existed !!

So even though every created thing has its exact opposite, that is because it owes its very existence to Parity.

Not So with God's Holy Spirit ! God's passions, God's love, God's goodness, (his spirit) existed before Parity !!

Thus, The Holy Spirit needs no opposite (Evil) to justify/balance its Existence !! 

Inneristen' huh ?



And please see "A Brief Theory of Everything"


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