On Feminism...


My dear mother, being a wise and good mother, admonished us as children, that if ever we were at a family gathering (she was Sicilian) and she alerted us that someone there was Cosa Nostra (Mafia) that we were to show them great respect, but that under no circumstances were we to accept any favours of any sort from them.

'Because,' she said ' if you ever accept a favour from them no matter how small, they will own you forever. Even if it's something you feel you're entitled to, don't take it from them'.

"What", you may ask "does this have to do with feminism ?".

I think it is safe to say that no fair-minded person would argue that women have been allowed to live at their God-given potential. Or that women have not received great abuse. But shouldn't suspicion be aroused when the very one who caused and promoted those very wrongs for thousands of years is now acting as though he is the defender of women? Satan's timing is suspect.

It is his system that is now promoting women's rights.

Why is it that now at this late date right as we can see the end of this system-of-things starting (this is being written in March 2006) that we see 'women's issues' always at the forefront ? Example; 9/11, that horrible day, it started off as an act of terrorism, became a war in Afghanistan (remember the Afghanistan war?) And ended with women getting the right to vote in the Afghan elections. That was the cover on Time and many other magazines. Although not wrong, how did that become the point of the war?

Try and pick up a magazine or newspaper anywhere that doesn't have an article directly or indirectly promoting this issue. Even the sports page, it will now often lead with women's sports events. Again, not wrong, but why now?

Here are some other things to think about;


Environmental pollution;

Again you ask "What does that have to do with feminism?". Virtually all environmental pollutants (DDT, pesticides, PCB's, phthalates, etc., etc.,) are classed as 'endocrine disrupters'. But how are endocrine systems being 'disrupted'? Almost all of these 'disrupters' are synthetic estrogen. (See this Link,and here, here, and countless other articles) In streams and rivers fish are being found where the female fish are larger than the males, and are masculinized, the male fish reach sexual maturity prematurely and at diminished stature. In humans young girls are developing breasts at as young as three months old , in males the single-most common birth defect is an undeveloped or a micro-sized penis. Occurring in almost 1% of all male births. In the male population the previously almost unheard-of testicular cancer is now the number one cancer in young men, and breast cancer in men is becoming much more common. As in the fish population, young girls are reaching much larger sizes and heights (next time you are in the mall, notice how many young girls are six-footers, and in their soccer uniforms....). The world is quite literally soaking in synthetic estrogen; if you think that is an exaggeration, the more research you do on the subject the more you will realize how very true that statement is.


Female on male violence is the norm. Can you watch TV for one evening without seeing a woman beat-up a man?

Factoring in the comment by Jesus that ' the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one'. You have to realize that these are controlled, or engineered events and effects.

Education and Technology:

The very successful push to get more women into research and technology has interesting implications as well. In studying the history of the growth of science you will notice that growth stagnates within national and cultural boundaries. When the technology and science of one nationality is exported to another it grows exponentially. The advance of women in science and technology will have the same effect. In fact, is having that same effect. Again, realizing that Satan controls this world, why now?

Women as soldiers:

Margaret Mead an anthropologist and feminist made this interesting comment "I do not believe in using women in combat, because females are too fierce". To that can be added; Are more specific about following orders, and less questioning of orders. Remember this.

So, here again at the end of this system-of-things we see the exploitation of women by Satan. This world got started on it's wrong course by women being fooled by Satan into thinking that they were being liberated, and men (Adam) following along like puppies, and it's ending the same way it began.

Just like the person who accepts a favour from the Mafia, once you have done so, there is no escaping them. You may defend yourself claiming that it was something you were owed or you were deserving of, and that may well be true. But it makes no difference to the Mafia, you owe them and they own you. In the same manner, when women and men accept the liberation of women from Satan's system they become indebted to their "Liberator". The Bible tells us that what God has allowed to become crooked no person can make straight (Ecc 1:15). The time and place to accept liberation is from God's hand. And not a minute sooner.

Mark my words, Satan is up to no good with this one. And I suspect it will play a great part in the end of this system-of-things.


  There was a girl
with a curl
in the middle of her forehead,
When she was good,
she was very good,
but when she was bad, she was horrid.

(Zec 5:6-11) please note the Geographic location mentioned in this Scripture and
compare with this news article in TIME.

Interesting news article HERE.

Women tend towards sympathy, Men towards compassion.... not putting one above the other, but think about it...... can you discern the difference ??
(more on this later.....)

Relevant News:
please compare w/ zec 5:6-11
this is appx. biblical Shinar