What is The mark of the Beast?

I really don't know... but here's an interesting clue.

In the Russian (Cyrillic) alphabet there is a letter that looks exactly like a 6 (it's a lower case B). Ya might just make a note of that. 

And here's a "corker" for you.
In Israel there is a Place called "Har-Mageddon", it exists, (Go to Google images, it's there ['har' means "hill" and "mountain", not just "mountain"])
But right next to this site of Har-Mageddon, actually touching it, is a lonely little highway, the number of that Highway is, yup, Highway 66.  Seems somebody has a sense of Humor.

Very Important New point; please see Thought-Sherds 8, &  9.

Also Note: The "Mark" of the Beast, and "The Man's Number" appear to be two different things.