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(if you're not into theoretical physics, this might bore you to tears.... But for some reason I still felt the need to “put it out there”. Maybe there is a person or two who will truly benefit from this. In any case, don't have a cow if it's not your 'cup of tea', and why would you put a cow in a cup of tea in the first place ? They don't like it. It gets their little hoofies wet, and the cup's almost always too small)

But I think you'll be glad you read it .

A Brief Theory of Everything.....

It has now become generally accepted in Theoretical Physics that the Universe originated from a “Singularity”, aka, “a Primordial Atom”, or for people like you and I, “a dimensionless Dot”.

And something caused that 'Dot' to begin expanding, some say with a “Big Bang”, some would say “Rapidly”. ('Rapidly' seems more reasonable and organized.)

But no one knows what caused the 'Expansion' of that “Dot” to start, or in fact, what that “Dot” really was.

But the clues to the answers are there for all to see, yup..... in the Bible.

Again, as always, a cautionary reminder needs to be inserted here;

That you do not approach, or think about this Religiously.

But Logically, Emotionally, and Biblically..... You have been warned.

So, Let's start collecting clues. And then extrapolate a little (extrapolate is such a fun word, don't you think?)

Clue #1:

When Jesus was talking to the Woman-at-the-well (John 4:23,24)he made an enigmatic allusion to the Nature of God:

He, Jesus, said, 'the time has come when the true worshipers will worship with Spirit and Truth, for God is a Spirit, and you must worship with spirit and truth'.

But here's the thing I had not caught for years; the word for Spirit is the exact same word in every instance in those two verses. When the Scripture says 'God is a Spirit' it is the exact same word as when the Scripture says 'you must worship with spirit'.

Worded another way, (with this website's definition of the word 'Spirit'), 'you must worship with a complete bundle of pure emotions and motivations because God is a complete bundle of pure emotions and motivations'.

Clue #2:

An amazing Scripture in the Bible is Micah 5:2.

You may remember that this is the Scripture that the Scribes and Chief Priests quoted to Herod when he asked them where The Christ was to be born.

But neatly tucked into that little Scripture is an Einsteinianly Relativitistic clue that relates to our Question.

Here is the clue:

'The One (Jesus) whose origin is before Time'.

Literally, 'before the days of forever'. (you will need an interlinear)

Altho it is a bit hard to grasp, Space and Time are creations.

The 'Dot', the Singularity, did not have either Space or Time until it began expansion/creation.

But, what was the Singularity?

Jesus himself identifies the Singularity, again, at John 4:23, 24, when he says that God is a spirit.

Quite simply, the Singularity was God's Spirit before any creative activity of any sort was initiated

Actually, the Holy Spirit preceded Yehovah. How can that be !?! Because “Yehovah” means; 'causes to become'. Until the Holy Spirit caused anything to become, there was no 'caused to become'. Biblical names have meaning. The name of the Holy Spirit is 'Holy Spirit' because that's what it is. The name “Yehovah” would simply have no meaning or purpose in a non-creative environment, because nothing was 'causing anything to become'! Yeah, my head exploded a little bit when I first realized this. But didn't Jesus himself make it very clear that the Holy Spirit was ascendant above God and Himself when he said that you could blaspheme, apparently, God or Jesus and be forgiven, but you could not blaspheme the Holy Spirit and be forgiven? (Matt 12:31, 32 Mark 3:28-9) And didn't Paul make it clear that the Holy Spirit searches through the deep things of God, not the other way around ? (you really must read 1 Cor 2:10 slooowly. and maybe please consider the principle in Heb 7:7 ?)

Really, really think about that. “But God/Yehovah has no beginning!!” you say. Well, read read Rev 1:8, 11, and Rev 21:6, 22:13 and get back to me.

Again, my head exploded a little bit when I first realized this.

Maybe this will help:

Holy Spirit is to Yehovah


Your Spirit is to You

Where does this come from! This is not in the Bible !!

Actually, it is. 1Cor 2:10,11. (please read several translations, an interlinear wouldn't hurt either)

(And please consider too: All creative activity you have ever seen, known, or done, was preceeded by a motivation/emotion, aka spirit. It is the pattern of all we have ever known or seen or done! It is, in fact, simply a reflection of the pattern of the Creation of the Universe ! Please pause and give that some thought, makes sense, yes ?.........

In fact, the first event that we as Bible Readers are “eyewitnesses” to is The Holy Spirit becoming interested in creating !!

The Very SECOND VERSE of the Bible says the Holy Spirit began “Vibrating” over the watery abyss. (I think that's so cool that the Bible uses the Hebrew word for “Vibrate” here, sounds very science-fictiony, cool man...)

The Bible is absolutely clear that interest in Creative Activity on the Earth was initiated by, Not God, Not Jesus, Not the Angels, but by the Holy Spirit !!!

Again, this Simply reflects the Pattern of ALL CREATION From the VERY BEGINNING !!

And where did that original (holy) spirit come from ? ......hummm..... dunno.....    please see below  )

But, back to that 'primordial dot', what initiated its expansion?

I need to stop here for a moment to propound to you an old, odd, funny, third-grade riddle (please bear with me just for a bit).

Here it is:

You're in a room with no doors and no windows.

All there is in the room is a mirror and a table.

How do you get out ?

You look in the mirror,

you see what you saw,

you take the Saw, and saw the table in half,

two halves make a whole,

you crawl through the (w)hole and get out !

So, this is what appears to have happened:

The 'bundle of emotions, morals, and motivations' (God's spirit) that existed before space and time (please see note below ) AKA the 'Primordial atom', the 'dimensionless dot', decided that it wanted to share its existence, passions, love, joie de vivre.

But there was no one there, and nothing to make anyone else with !!

Ponder, ponder, what to do ?

So, like a primordial whinnie-the-pooh, in a room with no doors or windows, but just 'a mirror and table' it began to think, think, think....

Well,” it thought, “I don't have anything, but I do have lots and lots of nothing......” hmmmmm.........

Well,” it said, “if I take nothing, and split it evenly in half, and make one half positive and the other half negative, with a principle/law I'll call “Parity” I can make all the positive and negative stuff I want (matter and anti-matter)” (for those who like 'hydrolic' lingo it's called “Su-Sy” super-symmetry)

And, in fact, if you ask a theoretical physicist, 'what is the net energy of the universe ?' The answer you'll hear is,”the net energy of the universe is zero, nothing”. Go ahead and ask one, you'll see.

So this primordial bundle of emotions, morals, and motivations began to progress beyond being just a 'dimensionless dot' of emotions, with the aid of the complex riddle-solving abilities and subsequent space-time/law-generating abilities of the newly-needed and newly-invented thing called “Wisdom”

And in fact, the Bible clearly states that God created “Wisdom” as the “first-born” of creation in Proverbs 8:22-31.

 "Wisdom” was the gizmo/person used to facilitate/assemble/and integrate all of the exciting New Toys Made from the invention of Matter/Anti-Matter !!! Apparently the Holy Spirit is not innately wise, at least not at an industrial-strength level, or it could also be that the Holy Spirit split itself in half, one half being predominately, pure (holy) emotions/motivations and the other half being predominately, pure wisdom. (Hmmm... kinda reminds me of someone doing something with a rib. Nah, I'm sure it's just a coincidence.) In any case, the Bible is very clear that the first-born of God's creation is Wisdom. It either did not exist, or did not exist as a stand-alone person up until that point.

This new person, God's new companion, “Wonderful Wisdom”, through whom, and for whom, all things were created, She was the first-born of all creation. *

Yes, “She”.

Proverbs 8 and 9 are super-duper-abundantly clear that the first thing God created was a Female counter-part to Himself named “Wisdom”(actually, Wonderful Wisdom). The Chinese had it right with the Universal Ying-Yang principle.

In point-of-fact, when God said “let us make man in our image,” the Bible goes on to say, “you know, [teacher's edition] male and female”. when God/“Us” made mankind in His/“Our” image, He/they made mankind “male and female”.

Please read Genesis 1:26a & 27b, slowly and carefully. It really says 'let us make them in our image, [you know], Male and Female'. Realizing this, for me, finally gave a dignified, balanced answer to the male/female thing.

And you might note that with very, very, very, few exceptions, all living things are male and female; trees, bugs, weeds, platypi, skunks, hefalumps, woozels, etc. etc.... yah might just give that a thunk or three....

(bonus point question: if you were the only person in existence and you were a boy-god, and you could make another god, would you make another boy-god ? …....Yeah, I didn't think so. )

But getting back to the primordial dot......

So this primordial dimensionless dot, this bundle of pure (holy) emotions began the creative process with the help of 'wonderful wisdom'.

And thus, with the creation/invention of Wisdom.... from nothing, everything was made. Again, please, you really must read Proverbs 8:22-31.

Therefore, it was the creation of Wisdom that catalyzed the primordial atom to expand (explode, some would say).

Hence, Creation was conceptualized at a singularity, (Holy Spirit) but began/initiated from a bi-narity (Yehovah+Wisdom). * 

And now you know where it all came from, and how it all started.

That's muh story, an' I'm stickin' to it.......

it might take several reads and a lot of time to absorb this... but it's da troof....

Just a quick re-cap:

   1. Before anything was, the Holy Spirit was.

   2. When the Holy Spirit's desire to create became nascent, then Jehovah came to be.

   3. When he who “causes to become” (Jehovah) 'caused to become', then Wonderful Wisdom came to be.

   4. Jehovah and Wonderful Wisdom together, using the law of Parity, from nothing, created everything, and Everything came to be.  


Why “Wonderful” Wisdom ? Please see Isa 9:6. and please see Judges 13:18 'why do you ask my name, when it is Wonderful ?' -interlinear

So then, why aren't we taught to pray directly to the holy spirit ? For the same reason that when a person talks to you they don't say, “stand aside so I can talk to your spirit” your body,your brain, what you would call “you” is the “interface” that our spirits use to communicate with each other. Again please see 1 Cor 2:11.

Jehovah” is the interface that the holy spirit uses to interact with all things......sigh...... I know.... this is all so “out there”....... but I know it's true.....

some truths are 'sweet in the mouth, bitter in the tummy'..... (why does Luke 18:8b come to mind?)

no scriptures were harmed in the production of this monograph


The non-parity Exception:

After the Holy Spirit began the creative process everything was affected/ruled by parity.

But, the Holy Spirit existed before Parity/Creation existed.  So even though every created thing has its exact opposite, that is because it owes its very existence to Parity. Not So with God's Holy Spirit ! God's passions, God's love, God's goodness, (his spirit) existed before Parity ! Thus, it needs no opposite (Evil) to justify/balance its Existence. Inneristen' huh ?


**If you would be so kind, please consider this:

The conventional description of God's creation of Man really goes something like this;

I'm going to make a man, Adam, in My image, yah'll just stand over there n' watch.”

But in reality, the Bible clearly states the pattern of all creation;

'All things are/were created through and for Jesus/Wisdom'.

So, we're to believe that when it came time to make Adam, that was just 'thrown out the window'?....

.So God says to Jesus/Wisdom just before Adam is made, “I know up until now everything made in the Universe has been 'through and for you' but I'm going to make an exception in this case, for no particular reason”, and (beating his chest) says, I'm going to make Man in My image !! Me, me mine !!”...... ahem...... never, ever, happened.......nope.....

How unloving, how hurtful, how selfish, how unlike Jehovah..... and a complete violation of Jehovah's officially stated pattern of All Creation: “all things are created through and for Jesus/Wisdom”!!!

Again, They made us in their image, you know, male and female.

And it could be added, Adam and Eve were created in a pattern that mirrored the pattern of the inception of their Creators; First Yehovah/Adam, and out of Yehovah/Adam, came Wisdom/Eve.

And it is also logical to conclude that since “they” made “us” in “their” image, that boys are in God's image and girls are in “Wisdom's” image. Do a simple one-step extrapolation from 1Cor 11:7: If both man and woman are made in “their” image, but only man is God's “image and glory” but woman is man's glory, then logically, woman is the “image and glory” of God's female counterpart; Wisdom. So There.

(yah might wanna read that last paragraph again several times )

Again, They made us in their image, you know, male and female.

So, double There.

*Please see the monograph on this website Who is Jesus”.

*To say a tri-narity is also correct, however the Holy Spirit existed before Parity

The 'bundle of emotions, morals, and motivations' (God's spirit) that existed before space and time”...

How could the Holy Spirit exist, or do anything before Space or Time, or more correctly Space-time !?

Space-time would appear to be the product of creation. But I would postulate that before Space-time, there was E-Time, or emotional Time. As the Holy Spirit is “a bundle of emotions”. Thus non-Space-time processes, 'Em-processes' (to invent a term, EMotional-processes) could develop and proceed without the need for, or violation of any Laws or principles of Space or Time, i.e. Space-Time.

Just my little Theory here.

"Time Flies like an Arrow.... Some Time Flies like a Banana..... " - Groucho Marx