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The usual warning for all articles on this Site:

Please do not approach this information religiously, or traditionally, but logically, legally, emotionally/spiritually, and Biblically.

True of this article perhaps more than any other on this site.

But, In fact, logically, legally, emotionally/spiritually, and Biblically, this little monograph is duck soup. However, religiously or traditionally, it is prolly impossible to accept..

You have been warned.

Who is Jesus ?

First off let me tell you something about God's nature that you might not be aware of.

He's really, really, really, into riddles, a lot.... (Proverbs 25:2 'God's splendor is in hidden secret things'. and please see Deut 29:29a)

Now, I would never say it's annoying (in the off-chance he might read this), but, sometimes it bothers me just a teeny-tiny bit. But I've come to learn there's a reason He's like that. If you have already read the little monograph here “A Brief Theory of Everything”(if you haven't read it, you really should read it now, go ahead, I'll just wait right here. But don't forget to come back), If you've read it you will realize that the first thing he ever did was solve a Riddle of epic proportions.

So, this propensity and predilection for Riddles is 'just in 'im'.

It's kinda like the old Elephant joke: “how do you get an elephant out of the theater? Ans; “you can't. It's in their blood”.

And I would submit for your consideration; God/Jehovah, is a person, And “Surprise”, He has a personality, and personality traits, and this is one of them. And like any parent, they can have personality traits that you don't share, at least not to the same extent, (please note, I said “ personality traits”, I didn't say “values”). In-point-of-fact, one of the biggest shocks in my christian journey is realizing that my personality and God's are not alike at all. It really hurt at first, but his love for me, and mine for him saved the day. But it still was really a shock.{To insert a thought for rumination here, God preferred Peter, Jesus preferred John. Each had their 'personality preference', give that a moment's consideration.}

But realizing, and sustaining, an awareness of this trait, will keep you in the right mind-set to anticipate a 'riddle or two' popping up as you contemplate Him and his Book.

So, it should also come as no surprise that some elements of the nature of Jesus might be 'hidden in plain sight', and be riddles.

In fact, Jesus said so himself.

Right here; Matthew 11:27 & Luke 10:22.....

No one knows who the Son is, but the Father.

And no one knows who the Father is but the Son, and those whom the Son is willing to reveal him to.”

But he doesn't go on to say, like he should have, “And, oh yeah, I'll reveal myself to you folks”.

Nuttin'....... grrrrrr....... (you see why I say, 'a teeny-tiny bit annoying' ?)

But there are clues strewn about. And, in fact, God really wants us to figure things out. As Einstein once remarked, “the most incomprehensible thing about the Universe, is its comprehensibility”.

And as someone who experienced great pleasure in solving the profound riddle of making the Universe from nothing, He wants us to experience similar pleasure in solving deep riddles and making things our own. So, begrudgingly, I'll admit this riddle thing isn't all that bad. (grrrrr...)

But getting back to Jesus's comment about himself; note that he didn't go on to say, “and you'll never, ever, ever, know, ha ha ha ha ha.....”

So, let's explore and see if there aren't some things to be deduced about the nature of Jesus. Perhaps, like “The Purloined Letter”, 'Hidden in plain sight'.

But before we go any further I need to make a personal comment from me, to you, my 'Gentle Reader'.

First, I would like to thank you for your interest, your curiosity, your open-mindedness, and your forbearance in even reading this much of this website. As I know that nothing on this site is “normal”, however I would counterblaste that it is “Natural”,(it is, it is, it is!) but self-honesty demands the admission that it is not “Normal” per se (sigh).

..And the conclusions that will be presented to you below are the most different yet.

It has taken many years for me to decide to finally present the thoughts of this little monograph. As I know that for many this will be the tipping-point of “a-bridge-too-far”. To my dear readers who have been with me many years, but must now say, 'this speech is shocking, who can listen to it!' I will say a heartfelt “Godspeed” and “may God be with you until we meet again !”. And “Thank You”.

For those of you who will choose to continue to consider the thoughts here, I will tell you this: The discovery presented here is comparable to the effect on an unsuspecting traveler, in a chance encounter, in watching a nondescript bud, bloom into a flower of profound, and breath-taking beauty. It has given me a sense of deep balance and completeness to the story of the bible, and life itself, like no other.

And changed my view of God, Jesus, the Bible, and everything forever.

Well then, Let's do some sleuthing.....

Are you ready ? Let's go !

Well then, let's start at the Beginning, 'which is a very good place to start'.

For us the “beginning” will start in the middle, of the Bible..... At the book of Proverbs, in the Eighth chapter, starting at verse twenty-two, where, describing “Wisdom” as a person it sez “Jehovah made me as the start of His way, the first of His works... from the beginning...” - Asv and BBE combined

Who is this, where else in the Bible does somebody match this description ?

Well, you know the Answer.

Doesn't the Bible call Jesus the “firstborn of Creation” ?.(Col 1:15)

Wisdom” would have to be Jesus.

Did you know that Jesus self-identifies himself as “Wisdom” ? Right here at Matthew 11:19, Luke 7:35; when speaking of himself he says, “Wisdom is proved righteous by her children”. Did you know that ?

Did you know that Paul identifies Jesus as the repository of all wisdom ? Col 2:3 “in whom are hidden all the treasures of Wisdom and knowledge”. Thus confirming who Jesus is.

Did you notice that Solomon in Proverbs 8&9 calls Wisdom “her” and “she” many, many, many, times ?

Did you catch that when Jesus self-identifies himself as “Wisdom” he says “her”? What's going on here ? I thought Jesus was a boy !

Well, yes he was. In order to provide a 'corresponding ransom' for Adam Jesus had to be a boy. But that doesn't mean that the spirit that entered into the baby in the womb of Mary, and had pre-existed for eons of time, and was the co-creator of the Universe, was a boy. That spirit was God's firstborn, God's companion, “Wisdom”, who the Bible super-duper-abundantly identifies as “her”.

Before your head explodes let me ask you a few questions. Please?

We call God/Yehovah, our Father, even Heavenly Father. So, where's Mom ?

Do you really think that the Universe is run by a same-sex couple ? Really ? Seriously ?

Or if you believe in the trinity, a same-sex 'ménage à trois' ?

Regardless of your social or sexual opinion, Please consider this; same-sex couples do not reproduce, they do not reproduce,   they   do   not   reproduce.

Really really think about that.

Consider this too: God/Yehovah constantly, many, many, many, times refers to himself as being married when speaking of his relationship with Israel. How many times does the Bible refer to the Christian church as “The Bride of Christ”?. The concept of God being married is not even slightly foreign to the Bible. You've just never heard it in church.

But back up in heaven God and Jesus are this neuter/neutral couple like Wilbur and Orville Wright ? mmmmm....... I duz not think so...... (and please see 'a brief theory of everything')

Yes, we have now officially gone “off the reservation” never to return.....

But Once you open your mind to this, the evidence just begins to pour out of the Scriptures.

Did you know ?:

That under The Law, the sacrifice for personal sins had to be a female lamb or goat ? (Lev 4:32, 5:6)

Did you know ?:

That in the prophecy about Jesus in Isaiah 53-4 that Jesus is described as a Ewe (Strong's H7353 Heb.. rachel, yup rachel) that is silent before its shearers ?

Did you know ?:

That God himself calls Jesus, not “The Lamb (G286) of God” as most people and translations thinkbut the “Lambkin,” or “little lamb” of God (Strong's G721b*) a term of deep tender affection. Reminiscent of 2 Sam 12:3 don't you think? (please read and compare) Dig out yer interlinear, go anywhere in Revelation, you'll see. Lambkin, yes lambkin, little lamb, God's little lamb.....

Did you notice ?:

Let me draw your attention to Matt 23:37, Luke 13:34, this is Jesus speaking, 'Jerusalem, Jerusalem...... how often I desired to gather your children in the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings.....'

Did you know ?:

That when Jesus uttered the saddest, most heart-wrenching words ever uttered in the History of the Universe; "Eli, Eli, Lama sabachthani !?" "My God, My God, Why have you Forsaken Me !?", that he was Quoting Psalms 22 ? Which goes on to say "I am a Worm, and not a man", but did you know ?.... that that worm is a Female Worm ? A Scarlet Female worm  that attaches herself to a tree, has her young, who eat her insides out for 3 days, and as they exit her body they are permanently dyed scarlet, whereupon she dies, and her outside turns white as snow ? This is the Coccus ilicis, the "Mother Worm" (Strong's H8438 towlah) who's dye, interestingly, was used for the temple and the Priest's Garments ? Yah might wanna research that. The whole story of the crucifixion..... in a little mommy worm..... what pure, pure humility !? simply breathtaking......

Let me again draw your attention to Matthew 11:19, Luke 7:35; when speaking of himself Jesus says, “Wisdom is proved righteous by her children”.

So, what's your point!”, some would say, “you're just muddying the waters, no one teaches this! No church, no religion, no one!”

I know. At least I've never heard it before.

So, what is the point ?

It's this; Maybe the most important thing I've ever learned, is what God's Spirit is. It is His very core, his deepest emotions, his deepest motivations. Spirit is what really matters, for God and for us. (1 Cor 2:11)

The true emotional power of the events of the Ransom, (Jesus coming to earth to save/redeem us) I feel, are muted by the conventional perspective/perception of what happened. Whether you believe in the trinity or not, it's basically two guys solving the problem. Kind of an Orville/Wilbur thing. Nothing wrong with that, it still works, but........

Let's do a little comparison:

conventional scenario for all, trinity/non-trinity;

Orville sez to Wilbur, “hey bro, would you go down to earth and fix this problem for us ?”

Wilbur, “consider it done”. Big bear-hug, off to earth. Job done,

Welcome home!!” strong emotion, deep appreciation, 'lemme buy you a beer!' etc. etc.

Second scenario,

A Man with a look of stricken-sadness approaches his wife.

Wife, alert, with voice filled with deep concern, to husband, “honey, what's wrong ?”

Man to Wife, “some of our children are in great danger”.

Wife, “what do we need to do ?”

Man, emotions choking him to where he can't speak.

Wife, “please, please, tell me”

Man, “I have to ask you to do something that I would never ask anyone to do”

Wife, without hesitation, “I will do anything you ask”.

Man, tears streaming down his face, “you have to die for our children to save them”.

Wife, again without hesitation, full of trust, devotion, humility, and courage, and yes, fear. “I will do this”.

Any happily married man reading this is feeling his guts being torn out right now. Any happily married woman reading this right now is feeling a powerful mixture of love, devotion, courage, and a healthy dose of fear.

Their love for their children, their love for what is right, and generous, and good, and each other, is so powerful it just explodes off the page !

This is our God, this is Yehovah, and this is “Wonderful Wisdom”*.

The one we call Jesus.

Knowing that Jesus died of a broken heart is one thing. Knowing that it was God's wife being rejected by her children she came to save and being accused of unfaithfully disrespecting her husband she deeply loved is quite another. When you know who Jesus really is, the intense emotions that broke Jesus's heart just make so much more sense.

The sheer intensity of emotion, yes, spirit, that this understanding/perspective evokes is simply breath-taking. The richer emotions just make so much more sense.

That is the point of this little monograph.

And spirit is always the point.....


Some loose ends, legitimate questions, and extra thoughts.....

The Bible sez that all things are made 'through and for Jesus'. Isn't that describing the relationship of a man and his wife ?

Ergo: if all things are 'through and for Jesus', then the only thing God ever owned was Jesus. Which means he was willing to give up everything he ever owned to save us ! Who is this God !?! the more I learn about Yehovah, the more I know how little I know about him. Man !

God is Love” “Jesus is Wisdom”.

The Bible never sez “Jesus is Love” or “God is Wisdom”. But it does say, “God is Love” and that Jesus is Wisdom.

Nitpicker alert: I didn't say God is not wise or Jesus is not loving. Again, “God is Love” & “Jesus is Wisdom” or stated differently, “God is the embodiment/epitome of Love”, and “Jesus is the embodiment/epitome of Wisdom”. Don't start with me mister, you know how I get.

If you were the only God in existence, and you were a boy-god, and could make another god, would you make another boy-god ? Yeah, I didn't think so.

*“Wonderful Wisdom” ?

Wisdom”, OK, I get that, but where do you get “Wonderful” ? Please See Isa 9:6 where many names and titles for Jesus are listed, the first of which is “Wonderful”. And please see Judges 13:18 'why do you ask my name, when it is Wonderful ?' -interlinear (and incorporate 1 Cor 10:4b).

Jesus's name before coming to earth was “Wonderful Wisdom”.

How perfect .

*“little lamb” (Strong's G721b) the fact that the same word is also used to describe the horns of the two-horned false-prophet, simply confirms its anti-christ-like behaviour (Rev 13:11)

If you are a woman reading this, and you feel pride welling within you, let me gently hold your attention for just a moment. A large reason I have been so reluctant to write this is because of the unhealthy/unbalanced spirit that our world/satan is now instilling in both men and women, weakness in men, and pride in women. Neither God nor Jesus acted out of pride in saving mankind. But out of a profoundly deep and humble sense of love, love for each other and their children. Please, please, accept this caution in the kind spirit in which it is given, let me appeal to your 'wonderful wisdom' (smile) Spirit is always the point.

But it does finally give a long, long, needed balance, yes ?

And now boys and girls can finally stop fighting.
With An answer that honours everyone, yes ? parents love to see their children get along. (John 17:11, 22)

Why did Jesus constantly refer to himself as “The Son of Man” Much much more than any other term he used for himself ? Because he was reinforcing/reminding all of his legal role on earth as the human male corresponding equivalent ransom for Adam.

..In contrast to his role in heaven.....

and, in fact, Jesus actually Never called Himself "The Son of Man". 

Not Once. But, the "The Son of THE Man".

The Man being Adam.

Proverbs 25:2 'God's splendor is in hidden secret things' 


What i love about this little Discovery, is that it Honors Everyone, Yehovah, Jesus, Men & Women, in such a Balanced and Emotionally Healthy way..... such as i have never heard before .....

.....it's just balance.....