An Origami Pear....... increasing a fold, while unfolding a crease, to find a hidden wrinkle.....

As the previous “Origami” monograph/diorama, asserted; Eve was pregnant at the time she was tricked/allured into eating the contraband fruit. The Bible clearly states that fact, as a clear-eyed reading of Genesis 3:16 shows. It is only habit, tradition, imprecise translation, and that it's what we've heard first and repeatedly all of our life (it's called intellectual-primacy) that makes us think she was not pregnant.


But, that also means that if she was pregnant, that the offspring to come, conceived while she was sinless, would be perfect.

But there is nothing in the Bible to indicate that at all.

Or is there ?

Remembering that God is really, really, really, into riddles alot, alot, alot..... and yet remembering Einstein's dictum: “the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is its comprehensibility”.....

Well then, Let's Put on our Thinking Caps! And let's go do some “comprehending”!! we go!........Wheeee....!!

It is generally recognized that at the time Cain killed Abel that he was about 100 years old. This is based on the age of Adam (130) at the time of Abel's replacement, that is, Seth's birth (Gen 5:3 ). At which time, Eve clearly stated that Seth was Abel's replacement (Gen 4:25 Gen 5:3).

But, consider this; figuring that Cain and Abel were about 100 yrs. old, why was God dealing with just them ? Using a simple on-line population calculator, (here) you won't believe how many people were on earth at that time. These are the parameters I used:

1. Two people at year Zero. (duh)

2. Growth rate of .25 which is 25% from the reasonable consideration that half the population (female) gave birth to one child every two years.

3. Over a period of 100 years.

4. For fun tick the little “show subtotals” box (, I have no connection to them, just easy to use).*

Consider too, at this time humans were very close to perfection, no wars, no violence, no disease. The Cain/Abel debacle was possibly the first murder/death(human). So you end-up with a nearly pure exponential curve* of population growth. You really need to calculate this for yourself, you just won't believe the probable population if I tell you.... You won't.

If you do this population calculation (and you should) you might be inclined to say “That's impossible !! There is no way that number can be right !” And you would be correct. IT'S ACTUALLY MUCH HIGHER !! No on-line population calculator that I am aware of, will take into account the Biblical fact that every adult female alive during the entire 100 years would have remained continuously reproductively active for their entire share of that time ! In-point-of-fact, Eve, the first woman, continued to produce children even after Abel's death !! (Gen 4:25 Gen 5:3) And Historically produced 56 children ! (Josephus Antiquities 1;2;3;ftn.). And Factor in that there was apparently no attrition by death to diminish the population growth either, another big boost to the exponential curve/growth. Factor in too, the bucolic, gentle, well-watered, landscape (Gen 2:6) of the super-continent (Pangaea).......

(Please consider this factor too: Yehovah loves huge swarms of living things! Clouds of birds, thundering herds of Buffaloes Elephants and Zebras etc, epic pods of Dolphins Whales and giant schools of Fish. It is the nature of his living things ! ….....But only 2 boys after 100yrs ? duz not tink so.... and please see Gen 1:20-22)

So, why was God dealing directly with just these two, Cain and Abel ? Where were all of the other Children/Offspring of A&E ? (yeah, there were 100's of millions, if not billions. See, I told you that you wouldn't believe me.)

God was dealing directly with just these two Because Cain and Abel were still entitled to the same personal training that their perfect parents had also received before sinning....... Because Eve gave birth to perfect sinless twins !!

i.e. Cain and Abel.

That's it !!! You've finally gone too far ! Nothing in the Bible supports this, Nothing ! I've had it with you ! I only read your website because I felt sorry for you ! But that's it ! I'm done !”

Ahem, take a deep breath, relax..... count to ten, take a moment..... breathe slowly....

To be very honest, even as I write these things I know how far-out they seem.

And the Differentness of the ideas presented on this website sometimes surprises even me. But the soundness of the discoveries logically and the truths they seem to reveal about the Bible and the nature of God make it impossible to stop. I honestly never thought I would get to know God and the Bible this well in this lifetime.

Well, are you up to continuing ?

yeah, I'm a little better. Sorry”.

That's Okay. Oddly enough, I hear that a lot.

Well Good, let's get back to it.

The Fourth chapter of Genesis is generally thought to start after A&E “got the boot” out of the garden. But in reality, it is like the other Histories in Genesis, and is just concerned with its specific issue or point, and may or may not overlap other Histories or Narratives. The fourth chapter of Genesis is a History that does, in fact, overlap the earlier narrative, but only a tiny bit. So there.

But back to the Twin thing. A careful reading of Gen 4:1,2 with an Interlinear Bible and a Strong's will clearly reveal that Eve gave birth to Cain and additionally gave birth to Abel (H3254 “to continue to do a thing” or “additionally”). Abel's birth was not the result of a second pregnancy ! Most translations skew this incorrectly. But it's right there in the Hebrew. Notice too, that the order of their names is reversed in the next sentence without missing a beat ! Other children must have been born in the intervening years before they began their careers (Shepard, Farmer). Why aren't any of these other children mentioned ?

You see, the clues are there, and they pop out once you're tuned into them.

Consider too, these little Bible gems:

At 100 years of age neither Cain nor Abel had apparently married or had children. Again showing that they were not part of the general population.

Cain's first child was born after Abel's murder in the land of Nod (Gen 4:16). when Adam was at least 130 years old !

Abel left no progeny to enter the lineage of Christ.

The only person in the Bible who's blood is compared favorably and directly with that of Jesus is Abel (Heb 12:24). His blood was perfect, but not redemptive.

Cain was not considered sinful until after the murder (Gen 4:7) and he was clearly told that he could prevent his own fall into sin.

And it was only after his sin that Cain was driven away from God's face (Genesis 4:14). And note too; Cain himself references in this verse that there is already a significant population on earth. “everyone finding me will kill me”. In other words, he was saying 'There is nowhere I can go !' This, on a gargantuan super-continent ! (Pangaea)

Did you notice too, that Adam's curse-on-the-ground did not effect Cain until after his sin ? (please see Gen 4:12)

Again, Cain and Abel had a unique and separate relationship with God. Different from the bizillions of everyone else on earth.

Ask yourself these three Questions:

.... Did A&E still have free approach to God's face ?

.... Did anybody else ?

.... Where were all the gazillions of other people, Why only these two ?

Cain and Abel quite obviously were dealing directly with God (Gen 4:3,-5) unlike anyone else on earth at that time !

The Point ?

All of this supports the point of the “Origami” monograph, i.e. Eve was pregnant, pregnant with a sinless child, yes actually twins. How could Yehovah possibly kill her and her two perfect children ? How could it not go to trial ?

Some other points from this discovery:

Perfection is not perfect in the way I'd thought. Even a perfect person requires training. A&E required training (the Tree). Yes, training and daily contact with God(Gen 3:8). So it should come as no surprise that Cain and Abel, although perfect, received training and contact too. And in fact, they would not have had that direct contact and training from God if they were under the curse of Sin ! Think about that, no, really think about that.

And I might add, imperfection is not always as imperfect as people would like to think. When persons say “I'm just an imperfect human” we should remember that although imperfect we will still be judged on our actions. Which is not to say God will not be fair. But we shouldn't think the claim of “imperfection” will be a blanket excuse. Our “Imperfection” is not always quite so debilitating that we have no control or responsibility for our actions. Maybe it would be a fun thing that whenever anyone says that, you can pipe up and say “but you'll still be judged on your behaviour !”. but make sure you say it nicely and smile.


Perfection is not as “perfect” as you'd think.

Imperfection is not as imperfect as you'd think.

Kind of a recalibration of perspective, yes ?

Thinking a wrong thought is not the same as doing a wrong thing; Cain was essentially told that if he got control of his thoughts and prevented bad action, that he would avoid his fall into sin (Gen 4:7). Apparently free-will allows you to consider possibilities, but it's when you let them take root and act on them...... (James 1:15)

This all kinda makes me want to read Genesis 3:15 a little differently...... That mebbe it literally applied to Eve and had application to Jesus too..... fuel for thought and conversation.

If you go to Genesis 3:16 with an Interlinear Bible, it actually says, “in sorrow you will give birth to sons” (as in: twin-boys) not “children” as many translations say. The Hebrew word there “bnim” (H1121 ben) is always most correctly translated “sons”, not children. This little Discovery and Careful examination and reflection, would also seem to indicate to me that Gen 3:16 is Yehovah specifically talking to Eve about her first pregnancy. Not a general curse on pregnancy for all women, as is generally thought. It is just too specific, 'You will give birth to Sons in your sorrow'.

But why is Childbirth so painful for imperfect women ?” Well, anytime anyone poohs-out the equivalent of a 10-pound watermelon it should hurt..... perfect or not. I mean really......

Thus, Gen 3:16 can/should be paraphrased this way; “This first pregnancy of yours will increase greatly in effort and discomfort . And you will give birth to these twin boys in a time of your life of great, great sadness/grief”.

Think, until this event, Eve was as happy as happy can be. She and Adam were profoundly and deeply in love, this was their first pregnancy and Yehovah had told them it was Twins ! (yes I was there with the time machine, they were so excited !). So this deception by Satan was a very, very, bitter event. When God said to the Serpent, “I will put hatred (H342) between you and the woman”, In your mind's-eye see: Eve's anger blazing with The-White-Hot-Heat-of-a-Thousand-Blazing-Suns..... Imagine Eve scratching Satan's eyes out.... Her hatred and resentment at being played the fool....her happiness ruined, by him…...and imagine Eve's shame and grief, disappointment in herself and Adam, and heartrenderingly deep sorrow at the time of the birth of her two sons.....yeah, now you've got it......

The two Boy's histories are carefully chronicled in the Bible so that it is very clear to everyone, that neither left a viable lineage for an alternative perfect human family. Cain only produced sinful offspring, and Abel had none.

If you haven't already read “Origami”, yet, well yahottah....this will all make more sense.


Make a man think he is thinking, and he will love you.

Actually make him think, and he may hate you” -old unpopular proverb

All truth goes through three stages:

First: it is ridiculed.

Second: it is violently opposed.

Third: it is accepted as self-evident.” -Arthur Schopenhauer

* One of best examples of exponential growth/exponential curve is, to make it very short.....

If you take a chess-board and put a dollar on the first little black or white square at one corner. And the next square double it. You know, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128....etc. etc. by the time you reach the last square you will not believe the number, and not forgetting to add in all of the preceding squares for the total.

.....Off and running with spiritual scissors ….. wheeeee !!........ oh, it's all fun and games until someone gets an idol poked out........


*Metamorphosisalpha's population calculator doesn't seem to be working, so try this one:

Initial population of 2, duh

rate of growth 25%, half the population, female, had one child every 2 years, reasonable.

then insert 100 years

click the button, you will be surprised !!