The Cause And Treatment of Spiritual Origami.....                   (And Please see   an Origami Pear)

To be honest, many times it seems unfair to me that the truth should be so unknown and arcane, and take 'your whole heart, mind, soul, and strength' to fully comprehend and/or even find it.... I guess it's just part of that “narrow and cramped road... ...and few are the ones finding it” thing....

But even tho it may be 'unknown and arcane' it is simple.

...But simple does not mean 'easy' or 'obvious'....

Think logically and emotionally/morally (which is spiritually) as you read this. If you read and think about this article religiously, I don't think you'll get it.... just my thought ...In fact, nothing on this website is religious, or can be understood religiously....this site is an attempt to approach the Bible and God logically, legally, emotionally, and know, just the way the Bible was actually written...hehe....

The Cause And Treatment of Spiritual Origami.....

(or: How did we get in this mess in the first place !?!?)

It is a Möbius strip , wrapped into an origami sekkei , inside a klein bottle..” - Sir Winston Churchchat

Freedom in God's Universe is True Freedom.

You can do any stinking thing you want.

Wait,” you say, “You can't just go out and rob a bank or murder someone!!”..... (long awkward pause) …...“Aaaaah... oh, wait..... mmmm.....never mind.....”

Ahem, As I was saying.... Freedom in God's universe is Absolute. Otherwise, free-will ain't really so free, now is it?

But here's the internally-governing/cybernetic device: Law is also Absolute. For everybody.

Contradictory ?


You're free to bang your head on a stone wall, you're not free to avoid the consequences.

Put another way.....

You have freedom of choice, you don't have freedom of consequences.

Put yet another way...

You're free to be as wise or foolish as you wish, but the consequences from how you choose to exercise your freedom are dictated by Laws that are immutable/unchangeable by anyone.

And Put yet another way...

Law is to :

The Wrong/Foolish exercise of freedom,

As Antibiotics are to:


I had always wondered why Satan was allowed to do what he did in the Garden of Eden. And this is why, because freedom is absolute.

You can do any stinking thing you want.

But the exercise of that Freedom is done within the matrix of immutable Law, ….. for All.

However, the execution of Justice, (i.e. the enforcing of Law), up until the 'Garden-of-Eden' event, had always previously been sure and swift.

(more on that later)

But when Satan did his dirty deed in the Garden, he also did a very, very, very, very, very, very, clever thing:

He very, very cleverly, by implementing a very, very, very, crafty trick of timing, was able to forestall the previously normal 'sure and swift' execution of Justice, and put the Absoluteness and Perfection of God's Law on trial.

Thus, by a malevolent machination of legal prestidigitation, Satan created (tada):

The Court-Case from Hell

(heavy doomie complex background music, lightning, thunder, evil laugh....very dramatic )

So, what clever thing did that ol' Serpent do ?

Well, first we need to look at what God had intended to happen in the Garden. In other words, let's see what was normally expected by God. Or, put yet another way, let's see what was “normally normal”.

And then we'll look at how Satan created a deviation from what was 'normally normal Norman'.

If things had gone according to “Plan”, i.e. what was 'normally normal', it would have been one of these three scenarios:

    Scenario 1. God creates Adam & Eve, tells them, “Don't, do not, eat the fruit off of the Tree of Knowledge . This was apparently a normal type of 'introductory 101' Standard-Operating-Procedure lesson for any new thinking sentient person anywhere in the universe. (and see Heb 1:2, 11:3. note the plural word “Worlds”)The essence of the lesson was, 'if you learn to respect other people's property, you're welcome to stick around'. Once God could see that they got the point, that is, they learned to respect God's word, and other people's property, And God could see that it had become second nature to them, A very brief process by-the-way.... it would take no longer than it would take to teach a child to not touch a hot stove (think about that). Any parent knows when their child has gotten the point!

    Then it would be time to move on to step number two: cute little fat babies!

    This is a very kind, simple, gracious, practical, important, and essential, lesson. This is a very kind and wise God we're dealing with.

    It should be noted that 'respect for other people's property'. The lesson from the Tree of Knowledge, was only 'Approval Level Number One'. 'Training-wheels-on', so-to-speak.

    Approval level Number Two: the right to eat from 'The Tree of Life' , was evidence of a whole 'nother level of self-awareness and integrity, And confirmation by God of that fact. Prolly similar to Paul's achieving 'Christian Approval Level Two', (2 Tim 4:7,8) after a life-time of Christian growth and perfecting, And Jesus saying “I have Conquered the World” just before he died (please compare w/ Heb 5:8,9).

    And here's the thing: after they'd been initiated to Approval Level One, God would have normally had no worries that they would eat from 'The Tree of Life' until the time was right, (which could have been waaaaaaaay down the road....). And, note too, that once it had become 'second nature' for them to respect other peoples property and listen to God's voice, that they would also have continued their lives living in an environment where everyone else was of the same inclination and mind-set, hence, furtherly conducive to stability and obedience.

    Thus, Without an exceptional external source of pressure, deviation from the 'norm' would be a very very very low probability event. (but it did happen from time-to-time. see note below*)

    Scenario 2. God creates Adam & Eve, tells them, “Don't, do not, eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Again, Standard-Operating-Procedure for any new thinking sentient person. And they DO NOT get get the point, that is, they eat the fruit, they learn to disrespect God's word, and disrespect other people's property. POOF! Back to dust. Reset button is hit, return to step 1 (Scenario 3). Again, This was a very very low probability event, but it did happen from time-to-time. (see note below*)

    Scenario 3. God creates Adam & Eve 2.0 and tells them, “Don't, do not, (dammit!) eat the fruit off of the Tree of Knowledge”. Once they got the point, that is, they learned to respect God's word, and other people's property, And God could see that it had become second nature to them, it would be time to move on to step number two: cute little fat babies!

    By-the-bye, this is not speculation, it's just a simple one-step extrapolation from what God said when he told them 'don't eat the fruit or POOF! you'll return to the dust, '. (Done in the spirit of Neh 8:8.)

How Satan created a deviation from “Normal”:

Here are some facets of 'The Devil's Conundrum':

First and Foremost, Satan knew that God always keeps his word.

The Bible sez: “it is impossible for God to lie”, thus it is a fundamental Law of God's behaviour !

And The Prime Principle for stabilizing the Whole Stinking Universe !-ROM 3:4

(Note: God's word is the very fountainhead of the Universe;

it is his Law, his Love, and his Purpose, woven into, with, and out of, the very essence of his Spirit. (it's OK if you want to re-read that a few times)

and please see -John 4:24.

In point-of-fact, his very first Creation is named “The Word-of-God” -John 1:1

-see also again, Rom 3:4 a key, key, key scripture). 

Hence, a successful challenge of God's Word/Law would be a game-changer.......


You know, I just thought of something.

It would be so much easier if you could just see what happened in the Garden. And believe it or not, this is the only website with its own time-machine.

No, seriously. A very nice little old lady was having a yard-sale out in the country a few years back, and I was the last person there that evening....

Her husband had died the year before, she told me, And it was time to get things 'done'. There was a dignified sadness in the tone of her words, and a small but clear suggestion that 'her time' was soon.

She looked at me with the clear appraising gaze that only comes with great age and wisdom, paused for just a moment, and then with a gracious smile she said “I have something for you. Come with me out to the Barn.”

And there it was. A thing of beauty. Crafted with intelligence and formed with great care.

What is it ?” I said. And yet even in my question I knew the answer.

My husband said I would know the person to give it to when I met them. As you can see, it has seating for just two. And Yes, We had many wonderful adventures together.”.......

And so I came into possession of a time-machine.

But as my benefactress told me, there is seating for just two. But fortunately for you, nobody else is here right now, so there is room for you.

Let's go !

Look out of the window, do you notice how, as time runs backwards, that the old and sick become young and well? It's something I would have never thought of until I took my first ride in this time machine. An interesting clue about our world.

What I want to show you next is really fun. We're about to reach the time of Noah's flood. I'm going to briefly give us an extremely high altitude..... O.K. Now look at the Continents, and imagine that they are giant puzzle-pieces. Watch what happens next ! Ha ! They all slide together to form just one super-continent (Pangaea)! You'll never look at a globe the same way again ! That was fun.

Now look at the super-continent before the flood, how green and warm it looks (notice too, no real mountains per se, in fact, the Garden of Eden appears to be close to the highest place. Which makes sense, as it was the source of the headwaters for the four rivers that are flowing from it (Gen 2:10-13 and yeah, water flowed down-hill even way back then). Again, Something you might not realize without a Time-Machine. But look close, millions and millions of people. Swarms. I would say right before the flood that we're looking at many, many, Billions of people.‡ And look at what they are doing to each other ! (actually undoing because we're traveling backwards in time). When the Bible says that the earth was "filled with violence" I didn't realize what "the whole earth was filled with violence" meant until I saw it with my own eyes. Terrible. And I didn't realize there were so many people !!

We still have a little ways to go. See how violence is getting less and less ? O.K. We're almost there. Everything is becoming so calm and perfect. Ahhh.... here we are. There is only one human here, he seems happy and yet there is a little tinge of loneliness. The way he interacts with the animals is wonderfully amazing, have you ever seen anything like it ?

Do you notice how calm and safe it feels ? If you had to use just two words to describe the feeling that you are both sensing and observing in the whole environment, those words would be “Love & Trust”, wouldn't they ?

Pause and think about that. That is the Spirit that pervades everything you are looking at. (hmmm.... 'God is a spirit and you must worship with spirit' seems to be running through my head for some reason)

Seeing this, and feeling this, it is just so different from an academic exercise, isn't it ?

O.K. Let's reverse direction and fast-forward just a tiny bit.

There She is.

Have you ever seen such feminine Beauty ? But even more, sense the feeling in your heart. What a warm wonderful Spirit she has. Now turn and look at Adam. You can both see and feel his Heart melting. And that tinge of loneliness.... is nowhere to be found.

What a breath-takingly perfect balance of Man & Woman.

Now turn inward, what are you feeling ? Yes, these really are your parents, they really are. It's overwhelming, and what you're being overwhelmed with is the Spirit of everything here. (yes, that's a box of kleenex, I thought you might need them).

You have now arrived in the Garden, The Garden of Eden. Welcome home.

Let's just sit here for a moment, close our eyes and just soak it in for a bit.

Sigh..... you know what comes next...

Let's fast-forward just a little bit once again.

The Tree. Yes that Tree. It's Beautiful, it never occurred to me until I first saw it that it would be beautiful. But it makes sense now that you see it, doesn't it ? Because God is using this Tree to teach them to not desire, touch, or take other people's good and beautiful things. Sometimes we just have see things for ourselves, and then it's just so obvious. (Gen 3:6)

Turn a little and look, it's Eve, not far from the Tree. She is completely comfortable being this close to the Tree, she has learned to not desire the Tree or it's fruit at all. The Tree does not frighten her. It's not there to frighten her. It's there to teach her to be comfortable around other people's good and beautiful things without coveting them. The first time I saw her this close to the Tree I was really puzzled by her nonchalance. But with a little thought, it made perfect sense. Really, sometimes we just have to see it for ourselves.

But look. Something has caught Eve's attention in the direction of the Tree. Turn and look at the Tree with her. There is a snake in the tree, not so unusual, but, as you can see, it's moving in such a way so as to catch her attention. See the puzzled look on Eve's face ? Watch what happens next. Yes, the snake is taking a bite out of the fruit ! Eve, in shock, is expecting the snake to die. But look, something even more shocking is happening; the snake is beginning to talk !! Yikes!!! Every time I see this, it stuns me. The unspoken message to Eve is at least as powerful as the spoken message:

Snake eats fruit,

does not die,

appears to become so smart from eating it, it can talk,


Eve, if you eat the fruit (and she was very, very hungry as you will soon see)

you will not die,

and, by Golly, if you eat this fruit, You will become as smart as God !

Once again, when you actually see it, it just makes so much sense.

Now listen to what the snake is saying. Yes, it's accusing God of being a liar. Once you see the Context, you can see why She was totally deceived. (1 Tim 2:14 Strong's G1818, and please see Gen 3:13 and Strong's H5377)

..And our dear Mother is now eating the Fruit.....

Do you feel that horrible feeling deep in your gut ? That's the feeling of Trust leaving the world. I'm so sorry that you had to see and feel this. But when you actually see and feel it for yourself......

Next, as Eve gives the fruit to Adam watch the look on his face.

What a mix of emotions; shock as he recognizes the fruit in his pregnant wife's hand, and sees the bite already taken out of it, confusion, anxiety, vacillation, love, hurt, fear, shame, .....As soon as Adam saw the fruit, he knew where it came from, and as soon as he saw the bite taken out of it he knew that life as he had known it, was toast, altho technically speaking there were no toasters yet. Again, the unspoken message is as least as powerful as the spoken/written message, and yes, she is pregnant, yes, pregnant and really showing. . . The first time I saw this I thought, “why doesn't the Bible say this !!”. but it does, Read several different translations of Gen 3:16. Some are more clear than others, but many say increase. Think; you cannot increase something that isn't there. Note too; her pregnancy and birth are addressed separately. the pain and toil of her pregnancy is increased, but the grief when she gives birth will be great, think about that. In other words, God said to her, 'yeah, you've had some normal discomfort up to now, but, Oh Man, that is going to really, really increase. And when it comes time to give birth.... Holy Cow !!'

Once again, seeing it clarifies so many, many details. Satan understands timing very, very, well. Again, timing. Remember how Satan also waited until Jesus was hungry to test him? Ahhhhh.....Interesting yes ? And what do pregnant women do ? EAT like little vacuum-cleaners !!

By-the-way, the next time someone tells you that Adam and Eve rebelled, You might suggest that they come here for a free time-machine trip..... (aren't you surprised that the whole sin-event took less than 5 minutes ? again, you don't think about these things until you actually see it.)

Please turn and look at me, please. (the box of kleenex is still there.) I know how much this hurts, and I did not mean for you to be hurt, any more than God means to hurt us by putting it in the Bible. But, Reading it is one thing, actually being here and seeing and feeling it is quite another thing.

The Spirit of Love/Trust was shattered by what Satan did, questions were put in everyone's mind, even persons who had no doubts about God had new things they needed to understand and resolve. It simply had to go to Trial. **

And when Adam blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the snake, those were quasi-legitimate claims ! They were not liars ! There was only one liar in the Universe at that time ! Who could honestly say that they chose on their own to eat the fruit, especially Eve ? Everyone knew God had the right to execute a deliberate sinner, but what about someone tricked into sin? And what about that little tiny unborn person, conceived in perfection ? Satan simply looked at God with a mock-innocent look on his face and said, “you're going to execute a pregnant woman carrying an innocent child, conceived in perfection ?”

Ahhhhh..... and now you know the “Trick of Timing” that forced it to trial.

Satan waited until she was pregnant......

And generated too, too, too, many questions. Once again, It simply had to go to Trial. And as you can now see, it is no simple Trial.

Well..... it's time to go home.

I wish I could tell you you'll get over it, but you never will. You will be, as they say, “sadder but wiser”. But, now you know.

Drizzle drozzle drazzle drone, time for this one to go home.....

Just an afterthought here now that you're back (take a deep breath.... , pause, exhale....shift gears):

I know you noticed the deeply pervasive peacefulness in the Garden. Yes, it was clearly evident on your face. You were sensing the Spirit of Exquisite Peacefulness. Have you ever experienced/felt anything like that in your life ?

But, that is the baseline for the Spirit that is supposed to pervade/infuse everything all the time!!

Always remember that, always. It should serve as a Spiritual TouchStone/Reference point. And when you remember that, it becomes starkly clear how far from God's standards we are. Simple tool, huh? (the peace of God that excels all thought....... Phil 4:7)


Thus, Without an exceptional external source of pressure, deviation from the 'norm' would be a very very very low probability event. (but it did happen from time-to-time. see note below”*)

*(And in fact, it appears that executions may have happened before. Please bear with me a moment, I know that's an odd claim. But here's why it's said.

Let me paraphrase what appears to me to be the actual meaning of Gen 3:22:

God said, 'Uh-Oh, We've seen this before, but Adam and Eve weren't even aware of anything like this 'til now, but now that they know that they can do bad things, they'll do whatever they want. But because of Satan's clever timing and legal challenge we can't 'nip-it-the-bud' like we usually do... but…at the very least..... get them out of the Garden and away from 'The Tree of Life' NOW !!' (and see Heb 1:2, 11:3. note the plural word “Worlds”)

Why else would God have said “ they have become like us, knowing good and bad” It doesn't say “we're doing bad things up here in heaven but you can't. Neener, neener, neener”. All he's saying is 'we've seen this before, And nipped-it-in-the-bud ASAP. But now that A&E have seen that it's possible to do bad things, there's no telling what they'll do. So, at the very least, get them away from the “Tree of Life” NOW!'

In point of fact, the Hebrew word here “yada”(H3045) can simply mean to 'recognize by seeing'. Hence the expression "Yada, Yada, Yada". Translating it as “knowing” conveys the wrong thought and flavor of the verse, as though God & C° were 'up there' getting away with murder.

Just give it a thunk or two..... and by the way, for those who think Adam's sin was part God's plan, I would say Gen 3:22 reads more like a 'chinese fire-drill' than a planned event.... just the feel of the verse to me....)

**Did Adam and Eve die that very day?

No, they didn't.


Because it went to trial. It's really that simple.

Anytime anyone breaks a law and it goes to trial, there will be a legal delay in the execution or implementation of a law or edict.

That's what a trial is and does.

The fact that A&E weren't 'kilt' that very day didn't prove that God's law or word is/was wrong, or that he didn't mean what he said, (about dying “that day”), but any edict or law can or must be suspended or not implemented while it's under legal review.

So, Everything was suspended, that's what trials do. Thus, this is yet another proof that God, and his Law, are on trial.

Some will say that 'Oh, Adam and Eve died within 1000 years, thus, within one of God's days'. This may have some merit, but, quite frankly, it's not what God told them. If I told you that I was going to move my car out of your driveway 'this very day' and 999.9 years later my car is still there in your driveway, are you going to let me tell you, 'Oh, I meant one of God's days'......? (pow! right on the kisser !)

And some will say that because 'God made tunics of animal skins for them that it acted as a 'ransom' for them', may have some merit, but the bible does not actually say that animals were killed, it just says skin tunics were provided. And to say 'animals were sacrificed so you're off the hook' is like saying, 'we shot the dog so it's OK'.

Skin tunics were provided for the same reason A&E put on Fig-leaves; they felt naked! It was not a temporary form of forgiveness.... they were 'nekked' !

God didn't lie, and God isn't proved wrong. But God, like any good leader, is not exempt from his own law, (think about that) and when a case goes to trial, a case goes to trial. Everything gets put on hold. That's what a trial does.

It doesn't prove that the law or God's word was wrong, it's just that it can't be implemented while it's under legal review. Everything gets suspended, that's what trials do.

'Arise Oh God, and plead your own legal case'. [Strong's H7379] Ps 74:22.

So God and his Law were both put on trial.......

And, please consider this too:

Doubt, no doubt, was generated in the minds of the heavenly hosts about the Heavenly Host.

Think about this:

Satan is the Father of the lie.

Therefore, if Satan is the Father/Inventor of the Lie, (and he is) that means that this is the first time a Lie had ever been heard!

Meaning: All of those millions(billions?) of angels watching this diorama had never heard a lie before, or even heard of lying !

Iff'n yah takes a bunch o' critters that have never ever been lied to, and never even heard a lie, and never even heard of lying and assault their thinking with lies and doubts, their mental circuits will, of necessity, instantly overload. (bzzzzz, bzzap, electric arcing/burning sounds etc.) Really really really think about that.

It's a phunnie thing, but if you take a creature that's designed to only hear and say the Truth and you tell it a lie.... well, its head kinda 'splodes.

All of God's creation had no “natural immunity” to deal with hearing a lie, Let alone the concept/suggestion that God himself was a liar, think about that. Satan caught the whole Universe flat-footed.

Generating doubt is still an unbelievably effective tool.

Thus, this would have, out of Logical, Legal, and Emotional necessity forced God and His law to be immediately put in doubt, thus compelling God and His law to be immediately put on trial !!

If God had just forced things forward at this point because he knew he was right.... without letting it go to trial,.... well it doesn't take a genius..... the cries of la pollet merde!” would have echoed through-out the universe . (I'm not going to translate it because it's so much prettier in the french, don't you think ?)

Satan had thus very craftily and cleverly put God and the perfection of his law on trial

How can that be shown ?

It can be shown quite simply:

When Satan's spokesmouth, the snake, was talking to Eve, Eve clearly stated God's law about eating fruit from the tree(Gen 3:3). And Satan's spokesmouth point-blank said the law was bogus (Gen 3:4,5).

Satan also knew that if God had immediately 'kilt' A&E, that that would have appeared to have proven Satan's point. And certainly called into question God's righteousness (you're killing a woman that's pregnant with a perfectly innocent child ?) But Satan also knew that if God was willing to kill Adam and Eve, there would also be nothing to keep God from killing him either. Satan's only protection was to get this to Court “RIGHT NOW!”. But if Eve were not pregnant ....... would it really have gone to trial ? And if so, how long would that Trial have really taken ? Not very long. Eve's pregnancy was Satan's insurance policy. Clear Laws were Clearly broken, laws that had apparently been broken in the past with sure and swift results. Satan's lying and the fact that A&E had quite clearly not decided on their own to break God's Law were perhaps arguable factors..... dunno..... but Eve's pregnancy, ah so, velly cleva...... factor in too, the unfairness to all of the yet-to-be-born pre-damaged pre-condemned pre-imperfecticated children.

Any time that a situation generates any Legal doubt, even if minimal, a Trial can be invoked. All shyster Lawyers know this.

And this was not minimal. Talk about “Shock and Awe”.

As they say, “You need to give the Devil his Due”. Ah, so velly cleva of the ol' Serpen'.....

And consider too, by going to trial, it, in fact, made Satan initially appear correct in the short-term ! They didn't die that very day.

And just a gentle re-reminder here; if you're trying to understand this religiously, you prolly won't get it. Because it is not religious, it is logical, legal, and emotional, and family. Think of it in family and social terms, as though God were our actual Father, and we are a large family...... Oh wait, He is, and we are.

Yes, I really know this thought takes some getting used to..... but 'facts is facts'.

Please re-read Romans 3:4....... just read what it says, let the scripture breathe..... let it say what it says.....

And please see “Eve's first Pregnancy, an Origami Pear” on this website.

And please see “The Truth about God” on this website.

just for phun play around with an on-line population calculator ( is one I've used) bearing in mind that the average life-span was hundreds of years back then. And the average woman, if like Eve, could produce Scores of children (Historically, Eve had 56 children, 33 boys, 23 girls. Please see; Josephus Antiquities book 1, chap 2, sect 3, vs 68. and see footnote w. whiston translation for exact number.

Metamorphosisalpha's population calculator doesn't seem to be working, so try this one:

Initial population of 2, duh

rate of growth 25%, half the population, female, had one child every 2 years, reasonable.

then insert 100 years

click the button, you will be surprised !!