Out of the Blue...
(or, a prophetic rake is stepped on.....)

It's a funny thing, but sometimes in life you will make a discovery that you're not looking for, and, like stepping on a rake, it comes to you out-of-the-blue, unceremoniously, and hits you right between the eyes. But once you've made it, it ties up a lot of loose-ends and little 'naggie' questions. And then you say 'OK, I get it now', or 'That's so simple', and, of course, "Ow!".
The threads that lead you to that discovery can seem totally unrelated, but just like adjacent pieces in a jig-saw puzzle, they can be dramatically dissimilar and yet fit together perfectly.

Well, Here are the threads, and what it seems to weave:

Oddly enough, the first little 'naggie thread' is the story of Joseph in Egypt and the powerful Dreams (Gen 41:1-7) that he interpreted for Pharaoh about the seven years of plenty, followed by seven years of famine. It always left me with the feeling of "waiting for the other shoe to drop". It just seemed like there was more to it. That it just might picture something bigger as well.

The second little 'naggie thread' are some little 'clue-crumbs' in Zec 1:11, ('the whole earth is sitting quietly') and Dan 11:21, 24 ('a time of tranquility') that reference a time of apparently global tranquility right before the end-times really get roaring. (note: this is not the 'peace and safety/
security of 1Thess 5. Thessalonians is a momentary claim of 'peace and safety/security' followed by instant destruction and is at the end)
Zechariah and Daniel are significant periods of tranquility before the roaring 'end-times' even get started .  
This period of global tranquility appears to be initiated by the events of Dan 11:13-17 wherein the 'King-of-the-North' invades the Middle-East and ends with a working peace-treaty in the Middle-East !! (vs17) . Daniel 11:17 will mark the exact beginning of this 7 years of Peace/Tranquillity, whereas Zechariah 1:11 appears to come later during the time of Peace/Tranquillity.

The third 'little thread' is an empirical observation:
If the thought expressed on this website, that "This Generation" refers to a 40 year time period beginning c. 1991-2 is true, (thus ending c.2032).
Then the new Soviet Union will be fully-reformed by the time that the Middle-East invasion of Dan 11:13 begins c.2018 (it appears that putin will not be the 'evil genius' of dan 11:21as I had thought)

The fourth 'little thread' is that the last two Woes of Revelation are 7 years that begin with Global War.
(Rev 9:13-15, Dan 11:24, 25)

Thus, if this World comes to its end at the end of the 40 years that began in 1991-2, and ending c.2032, this is what you find:

In the year 2018
 the 40 years that began c. 1991-2 has a remainder of about 14 years, so it appears that beginning after Daniel 11:17 when Peace finally comes to the Middle-East, there will be 7 years of Global Peace followed by 7 years of Global Wars, that Begin with Dan 11:24, 25 and Rev 9:13-15 which are the same event.

Seven years of Peace followed by Seven years of War.

I did not know.

Just a word of warning:
Many will feel that the 'effective peace treaty' of Daniel 11:17 will also be the 'covenant' of Daniel chapter 9 vs 27, but it's not. Don't be fooled ! The Peace Treaty of Dan 11:17
(starting 2018) starts 7 years before the covenant of Dan 9:27(which starts 2025).
Daniel 9:27 appears to be an Alliance that will start at the End of the seven years of peace/Dan 11:24. It appears to be concurrent with the inception of the War of Rev 9:13-15, Dan 11:24, 25 (2025).
By-the-way, Dan 9:27 is a covenant that lasts 7 years, it's not a "7-year covenant". There is a difference.

(p.s. if all of this makes no sense to you, that's because you prolly need to read the rest of this website...hehe)

posted  June  2014