1. (updated Oct 14, edited oct 16) Let me expand on that just a bit; My Original Date/Thought was that This process would begin on the Anniversary of the destruction of the Temple (that's a whole 'nother discussion) which was July 22 this year (2018) but nuttin' happened. But then I remembered that there is always a "40" (years or days) preamble to any major Biblical "Sea-Change" so I started looking at Aug 31-sept 1. 40 days later, And sure enough it started to pop, with the two largest Military Exercises in the World since WWII. Starting in the Middle-East !! see Here, Here, & Here. Beginning on the EXACT Date.... And then it all seemed to fizzle, but here's my current thought.... It think it did begin Aug 31- Sept 1, and in the manner as the Scripture reads, which indicates a strong and dramatic increase of the force and presence of the King of the North in the middle-east. And it has done so