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1. (updated Oct 14, 2018, edited oct 16) Let me expand on that just a bit; My Original Date/Thought was that This process would begin on the Anniversary of the destruction of the Temple (that's a whole 'nother discussion) which was July 22 this year (2018) but nuttin' happened. But then I remembered that there is always a "40" (years or days) preamble to any major Biblical "Sea-Change" so I started looking at Aug 31-sept 1. 40 days later, And sure enough it started to pop, with the two largest Military Exercises in the World since WWII. Starting in the Middle-East, led by The King of the North (Russia and Co.)!! see Here, Here, & Here. Beginning on the EXACT Date.... And then it all seemed to fizzle, but here's my current thought.... It did begin Aug 31- Sept 1, and in the manner as the Scripture reads, which indicates a strong and dramatic increase of the force and presence of the King of the North in the middle-east. And it has done so very significantly from Aug 31-Sept 1..... My mistake was in expecting the core EVENT (invasion) to begin on Aug 31-Sept 1, when in fact the Scripture clearly indicates a PROCESS, which did begin on Aug31-Sept 1, "it's in the details", as they say.

Things appear to be escalating rapidly, as per Dan 11:13, see Here and Here and Here (note date)

Up Another Notch, see Here

  Chart Updated Feb 7, 2019. OK, here's what I've found out; if you've read this website for any length of time you would know that the view is held here that the "forty-years" of "this generation" began with the Dissolution of the Soviet Union. And that view is still held

The Date of the dissolution of the USSR is always stated by all official sources as Dec 25-26 1991, the day Gorbachev resigned (25th). However this website has always maintained that it was Jan 1, 1992. It turns out that neither is entirely correct. It was not until Dec 25, 1993, TWO FULL YEARS LATER, that the Head-of-the-Beast finally received the "death-stroke" (Rev 13:3)at the time of Russia's 1993 Constitutional Crisis. I did not know that the old Soviet system was still functioning 'as such' up until that time !! Please read the Second sentence in the first paragraph Here, " Russia's [new] constitution came into force on December 25, 1993, at the moment of its official publication, and [finally] abolished the Soviet system of government "

Not until Dec 25, 1993 !!! 

I did not know. 

And... If you have been reading this website for any length of time, you also know that the steps of the Dissolution of The Soviet Union have been reversing identically, on the exact days for some time now. If that pattern continues (and why stop now?) then here are the dates to watch: April 25 (mmmm... not so much), Sept 21-Oct 4 (please see News Updates), Dec 12, and Dec 25 2019, but especially Dec 25.

Dec 25, 2019 will mark the Day of the Full, Complete, & Total Return of The New Soviet Union in it's New Form !!! (With the technical completion by Jan 1, 2020) Please see article HERE and note date ! (Dec 26 should be the first full day)

(I am willing to bet an extra-large gourmet coffee-icecream milkshake with Irish-cream, a splash of bourbon vanilla, whipped-cream & fancy-schmancy sprinkles, that this is correct !!! yum)

I'll keep you posted !



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