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And please see "Reverse-O Change-O", yah just gotta....
As the Rest of the World is Focused on this Civil/Financial/Geo-Political Chaos...
DON'T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF DAN 11:13-17 !!! That is the REAL STORY !! The  C
ivil/Financial Chaos is a Distraction (old jedi mind-trick).

DAN 11:13-17 IS THE REAL STORY !!!!! Is anybody Listening ?! hellooo ??

          And Please see both Cracking the Bible Code pages  #1  &  #2



The Anniversary of the Destruction of the Temple [Tisha B'Av]is looking very good for the start of the 14 years this year. Should be around the 15th of July this year, [2024]can't know for sure until the new Moon is seen in Jerusalem in July.)

                                    The 2024 Chart  Updated, (finally), on May 16, 2024
Important Note:
Virtually All Biblical "Sea Changes" are a '40', i.e. 40 days, 40 years, 40 decades, etc.
And almost always there is some kind of 'flourish' on one end or the other, i.e. 7 days in Ark with Door closed, and then the Flood started, Jesus in the Wilderness 40 days, then 4 days after then the Wedding at Cana. Sometimes it is BEFORE the 40, and sometimes it is AFTER the 40. Not really sure why it switches back and fourth like that, but it does, and the 'flourish' Number can be anywhere from 2 to 10. THE POINT ?:
That could happen here as well, so prepare to be a little flexible.
Please remember too: 2024 will mark the beginning of 7 YEARS OF GLOBAL PEACE
i know everyone thinks we are headed for WW3, but that's 7 years from now. and then there are 2 MORE Mega-Wars after that, so it's not all good news....... :(



                    The 14 years of 2024-2038 Chart updated May 19, 2024

               To Understand the "14 Years", Please see "Out of the Blue"
and Please see "The Timeline of the Time of The End" (it's a long hard read, sorry)