Time-Line Charts

And please see "Reverse-O Change-O", yah just gotta....
As the Rest of the World is Focused on this CoronaVirus...And Civil/Financial/Geo-Political Chaos...
DON'T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF DAN 11:13-17 !!! That is the REAL STORY !! The Virus And C
ivil/Financial Chaos is a Distraction (old jedi mind-trick).

DAN 11:13-17 IS THE REAL STORY !!!!! Is anybody Listening ?! hellooo ??

          And Please see both Cracking the Bible Code pages and Thought-Sherds #53, #54


      Notice: Even though these charts are off in regard to the Dec 25th return of
   The Soviet Union, i'm going to leave them uncorrected for now.
   For One, i always leave my mistakes up for a month or two, just to be
   honest and open. And Two, i still feel there is something going on here in regard to
   Dec 25th , 2021. as per thoughtsherds 53 & 54......
   So, for now i'm just going to wait, and when The Soviet Union Fully and Openly
   Returns i will adjust these Charts. Thanx for your understanding.


         The 2021-2022 Chart (and tag-end of 2020.
Updated Dec 3, 2021)



            The 14 years of 2022-2036 Chart

               To Understand the "14 Years", Please see "Out of the Blue"