And please see "Reverse-O Change-O", yah just gotta....
As the Rest of the World is Focused on this CoronaVirus...And Civil/Financial/Geo-Political Chaos...
DON'T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF DAN 11:13-17 !!! That is the REAL STORY !! The Virus And C
ivil/Financial Chaos is a Distraction (old jedi mind-trick).

DAN 11:13-17 IS THE REAL STORY !!!!! Is anybody Listening ?! hellooo ??


       Added Jan 1, 2021
Well, I've got a little 'splaining to do.
I was very certain that the Soviet Union would come back fully on Dec 25, 2020, based on the pattern
that I had observed as mentioned in Reverse-O.
And that pattern is still True. 
On the dates of Jan 15, Dec 22, 25, 27, 2020 (and others) you can clearly see the continuation of the
Reversal Pattern (+1 day, I assume from Leap-year) from, here's the problem, from 1991.
Now to be fair, if Dan 11:13 hits full-force Summer of this year (2021) well and good. Because the
New Laws, Constitutional Amendments, just completed in Dec of 2020 could fill-the-bill of a
Re-mergent Soviet Union. In Fact, one of the New Modifications to the Constitution Clearly States
that Russia is the Inheritor of the FULL LEGACY OF THE SOVIET UNION. (see dec 25 below)
And this was all just finalized ! So, could this be the Re-Emergence of the Soviet Union ?
Yes, but I'm not feeling it. However July-Aug 2021 will tell. If not, then the Dec 25, 1993 end-date
of the Soviet System is the more likely beginning-date candidate. Which, unfortunately adds 2 more years
to the Process......sigh....... meaning Dan 11:13-17 starts July-Sept 2023 and the 14 years ends in 2037

       I think I'm gunna be Sick....... but it's lookin' more and more like 2021 !!!!


 Charts Updated Oct 22, 2020

Just a Quick "Heads Up !" here.
It is beginning to seem very likely that Daniel 11:13-17 may START 40 to 44 days BEFORE July 18 (June 4-8). I originally thought that the "40" would start ON July 18. I just didn't think things would move so fast. 
But that still fits the Biblical pattern of a "40" before any
Major "Sea-Change".

And, in fact may be more logical.

Please see News Updates... I will keep you posted ! 

NOPE, here's Why:

The "40" is always PART of the "Sea Change". NOT BEFORE.

Example, Noah's Flood; the 40 days was Part and Parcel of the Flood Event. NOT before. It has been, and still is, my Belief that The 14 Years of the End Begins & Ends on Tisha B'Av. In my excitement at seeing Events unfolding, I thought we were There. Which is not to say my Math is ever any Good. I just think the Pattern is that the "40" is always IN the Event, not before. Thus the
"40" should Start ON July 18, 2021, Not BEFORE.-corrected June 6, 2021. 

But if it starts on June 9th I won't mind.


         The 2020-2021 Chart (cleaned up a bit April 9, 2021)

(please note: If this website is correct, "The 14 Years" will Begin on July 18, 2021. (i hate to say it, but it's looking more and more like 2022, pooh ) But there is often a 40 or 43 [day] "Sea-Change Period" for Major changes of Biblical Events. Thus The 14 yrs will begin on July 18, 2021, but the real action may start on Aug 26/27 -  29/30, 40/43 days later.)

            The 14 years of 2021-2035 Chart