You need to know this NOW !!       (Edited Sept 28, changes are in RED below. Up-Dated Nov 6)

(this article was published on August 2, 2019, but this reversal information has been on this website under News Updates since 2010) 

"Reverse-O Change-O !!”

wherein it is deduced by a series of Empirical Observations, that the New Soviet Union will Fully Re-emerge on December 25, 2019  ;) 

(this is the fulfillment of Rev 13:3 & Rev 17:11, in case you are wondering)  

About 10 years ago, 2010, for some unknown reason, I became attuned/alerted to a pattern of identical reversion of the events of the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

This is a phenomena that I had never heard of in any context before.

As a consequence, I viewed it with a healthy skepticism.

Here's what I first observed, and as a consequence, what I have observed since:

28 years ago on August 19-24, 1991 the Soviet Union Began it's Death-Throes; Gorbachev was put under house arrest and the unraveling of the Soviet Union began it's inexorable progression.
Exactly 19 years later (One Metonic Cycle*,) on the exact same date,  Aug 19-24, 2010,  Medvedev called for the forming of a Union of Super-States of the former Republics. The reversal of the unraveling. ( )

28 years ago from Dec 8 to Dec 12, 1991 the CIS was formed, (Commonwealth of Independent States, made up of former Soviet Republics) and the Soviet Union began its Official Dissolving.
Exactly 19 years later (One Metonic Cycle) on Dec 10, 2010, the CIS met and Officially signed over 20 Treaties combining their Militaries, data-bases, inter-state commerce (Free-Trade Zone), law enforcement etc., etc. Thus, no longer Independent, but Interdependent. a de facto nascent new Soviet Union.
( )

28 years ago, on Dec 21, 1991 The CIS gathered and reaffirmed the decisions made earlier in the month.(Dec 8-12) With the Alma-Ata Protocol, (note date in article) re-confirming the dissolution of the USSR 
Exactly 19 years later (One Metonic Cycle) on Dec 21, 2010, the CIS met and re-affirmed the decisions made earlier in the month on Dec 10 with regard to reintegrating the CIS members (CIS entering on final stage of talks on updated treaty on free trade area -Taken from InterFax Ukraine on: 12/16/2010).

[*A Metonic Cycle is 19 years, and it is a phase-convergence cycle for Solar/Lunar calendar cycles, meaning; every 19 years the lunar and solar calendars “match-up”.

A Biblical example of this Lunar/Solar link-thing, is the Length of Noah's Flood, i.e. it began on Heshvan 17, (Gen 7:11) and had it ended on Heshvan 17, that would have been 12 Lunar months, (one Lunar year of Synodic months, which is the avg. actual length of an actual observed month i.e. of 29.53 days, as observed, 
29.53 X 12 thus =354.36 days
) but the Flood event continued 10 more days (Gen 8:14) and 'The Earth Dried off on Heshvan 27 , hence COMPLETING ONE LUNAR YEAR, AND THEN EXACTLY ONE SOLAR YEAR !! OF 365 days, inclusive. who knew ?]

Ennyhoo, these events turned on my “Radar” to watch for a pattern of “identical reversal”. (Why it was a Metonic Cycle I don't know, except that prophecies often have both Lunar and Solar fulfillments. And it does eliminate any confusion about the dates. (please SEE) but a reversal pattern was quite apparent in any case)

As a consequence my “Radar” was ON:

I thus became very attentive to the dates of the Mega-Events of the Dissolution of the Soviet Union and System and was very attentive every year thereafter to these Events:

1. Gorbachev's resignation (Dec 25, 1991)

2. And The Total Official dissolution of the Soviet Union (on Jan 1, 1992, a hard date to verify, but it's true. (Please see footnote )

3. And The End of the Soviet System, (Note: not Union ) which began with the 1993 Russian Constitutional Crisis, Sept 21-Oct 4, and ended Exactly 2 years to the Day after the Soviet Union dissolved Dec 25, 1991 (thus on Dec 25, 1993, see Wikipedia article “1993 Russian Constitutional Crisis” and please see "Constitution of Russia" esp first paragraph, second sentence)


Well, December 25, 2017 (26 years to-the-day, after Gorbachev's resignation) proved rather interesting. On that Day in 1991, Gorbachev relinquished his leadership and Gave All of his Power to his opposition Leader, Boris Yeltsin, on Dec 25, 1991. 
It was a World-Wide event noted by all.

Which had its identical reversal on Dec 25, 2017 with Putin's re-enforcing his own leadership position and removing all power from his opposition leader, Navalny , also noted by all (link )

Exactly 7 days later, On January 1, 2018, the exact Anniversary of the complete end of the Soviet Union(please see footnote) look at what happened:

Jan 1, 2018 the EEU/CSTO essentially achieved (reversing) equivalence to the old Soviet Union's condition on Jan 1, 1992, it was with no world-wide awareness at all.  (The EEU/CSTO combined make up the equivalent of the New Soviet Union. The EEU(EAEU) is the economic side, and the CSTO is the military side)

The first day of the complete collapse of the old Soviet Union was January 1, 1992. Which, at the time it occurred, received almost no recognition, even today not one person in a million is aware of this exact date. Similarly, on Jan 1, 2018 when the EEU/CSTO essentially achieved (reversing) equivalence to the old Soviet Union's condition on Jan 1, 1992, it was with no world-wide awareness at all.

Worth noting is the interesting little fact that on January 1, 1992 when the Soviet Union ended there were only 5 Republics left, and on January 1, 2018 there were again only 5 republics involved. Most interesting..... (see and links)


(and this is not counting the first 3 that got me on to this!)

But it wasn't until 2 Years after Gorbachev's resignation (Dec 25, 1991) that the Soviet System (Not Union) ended. On December 25, 1993 !

So the Hot Dates to Watch this year 2019 (2 yrs later) are September 21-October 4, December 12, and December 25, 2019.

On September 21-October 4, 1993 all hell broke loose in Moscow. (Constitutional Crisis Exploded)  

On December 12, 1993 the New Constitution was drafted, and

On December 25, 1993 the New Constitution was Signed-Sealed & Delivered.

And at the Moment that the New Constitution was Signed-Sealed & Delivered. Old Soviet System Finally & Completely Ended. 
(Please see HERE, esp. first paragraph, end of second sentence)

On Dec 25, 1991, Gorbachev started the Process of dissolving the Soviet Union/System, and Exactly 2 years Later on Dec 25 1993 it was over.

Putin did an identical reversal of Gorbachev's Dec 25, 1991 behavior on Dec 25, 2017, and on Dec 25, 2019 the Reversal Should be completed, with a Brand-New Soviet Union. (this is Rev 13:3 & Rev 17:11, in case you were wondering)

Please consider this:
The Main thrust/up-shot, of the Events of  
Sept 21-Oct 4, 1993 was a Dramatic Rise in the Powers of the President of Russia,(King-of-the-North) an event that really I shouldn't have been expected to Reverse in Russia,.....(please see last paragraph in "immediate aftermath" HERE)  However..... if it is a Global Reversal Level Event, then the Exact Reversal would be:
 A Dramatic Drop in the Powers of the President of the United States (and UK?) (King-of-the-South) and it can be noted that The Powers of the President of the United States (and UK Prime Minister) have come under Severe assault beginning around Sept 21-22, yes, the Correct date.
By Oct 4th or 5th it has become quite clear that this is the case, although it should be noted that Boris Yeltsin's Enhanced Presidential Powers did not Fully come into Force until Dec 25, 1993. with their New Constitution. (hmmm... maybe indicating constitutional[?] changes/limitations in presidential powers in the US ? dunno...)

Stay Tuned....... I will try to keep you posted......

Up-Dated October 5:  As of Oct 4 it appears that in the United States that the Impeachment Process has passed the point-of-no-return, with the White House not meeting a Friday Night (Oct 4) deadline from the House of Representatives. The UK is a mess too.
So here's the deal: Is this the Reversal Event of what happened in Russia on Sept 21-Oct 4 1993 ?
Yes, I think so, but not contained to Russia alone this time. I thought there would be high Drama in Russia. But expecting a Reversal of the Dramatic increase of Presidential Powers that occurred in Russia in 1993, really had me puzzled. But I think what has happened makes much more sense.
So, is this the Global Equivalent of a Reversal of that Event ?
I think so. The timing and pattern certainly fit very well.

The Pattern seems to fit very well GLOBALLY. (North/South King Thing) And the Timing is a near-perfect fit.

By way of comparison; by Oct 4, 1993 the process of Boris Yeltsin getting Greatly enhanced Presidential Powers was Locked in Place, but the new Constitution was not fully in force until Dec 25, 1993. (please see 
HERE and HERE esp first paragraph, second sentence)
This year, 2019, on the 4th of October, it appears that the Impeachment process became Locked in Place, with the White House not meeting a Friday Night (Oct 4) deadline from the House of Representatives. The consequentially weakened on-going Presidential Powers with the King-of-the-South (USA, and UK?) should clear/open the Path for the New Soviet Union to fully Re-Emerge on Dec 25, 2019.
What this will mean for the Powers of the President (and UK PM?) in the future, I don't know.

But Please consider this: In 1993, from Sept 21-Oct 4, The Presidential powers of the Russian President were purdy much at their Nadir (lowest point). While at the same exact time the Presidential powers of the US President were very High.
However, Exactly 26 years later, TO THE DAY that has Reversed !!

My mistake was in thinking that the Presidential Reversal would be restricted to internal Russian events. This ongoing Presidential reversal has dramatically affected Russia, reversing dramatically its GLOBAL position with The King of The South.  
And Especially since the US pull-out in Syria, on Oct 7, 2019,
Russia, is now the "Power Broker" in the Middle-East, exactly as Dan 11:13 predicted over 2500 years ago !!

So the next date/thing to watch is December 25, and maybe Dec 12.

The New Soviet Union should fully Re-Emerge on Dec 25.

(investing tip: go long Peach-Mint Ice-cream)

 But Please, keep your eye on this reversal process, December 25, 2019 is the next Major Date to watch. The New Soviet Union should Fully Emerge on that Date.... (that's the point, and the true big picture)


P.S. Please note: Sunday Aug 11(12), 2019, was the Anniversary of the Destruction of the Temple (Tisha B'Av) The OFFICIAL BEGINNING OF THE END-TIMES
40 Days later is the Anniversary of the beginning date of the 1993 Russian Constitutional Crisis. 
Sept 21(-Oct 4). curiouser and 
curiouser, indeed...... 
(there is ALWAYS a 40 preamble to any major Biblical "Sea-Change" 40 days, 40 years, 40 Decades, etc.) Tisha B'Av, Aug 11,(non-inclusive) 'til Sept 21 (non-inclusive)=40 days. 
Altho it should be noted that the Beginning of any "40" period is not always a notable event. So, unless you are really watching, or in the right place at the right time you prolly won't notice anything. (Ark doors close+7 days of nothing, person is baptized+dove, 70+ people wander into Egypt, etc.) On Nov 15, 2019 Putin clearly and simply stated: "US Dollar will collapse soon", 40 days later is Dec 25..... hmmmm...... (added Nov 17, 2019)
It will be EXACTLY 15 years (Note: Hebrew Calendar) from Sunday, Aug 11, 2019, 'til the end of the 666 days. (July 25, 2034. subject to recalculation  ;) please see ThoughtSherds #8 & #9





The End of the USSR was on Jan 1 1992

 "On Jan. 1, 1991, the Soviet Union was a troubled colossus, beset by economic and ethnic problems but still a superpower. On Jan. 1, 1992, the Soviet Union will [end its] ... exist[ance].”

"While Gorbachev was restored to his position as Soviet leader, the failed putsch effectively ended an experiment in totalitarian socialist rule that had lasted some 74 years. Four Soviet republics—Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Georgia—had already declared independence, and Yeltsin had announced that Russia would no longer be governed by Soviet authority. One by one, the remaining republics announced their intention to leave, and on January 1, 1992, the Soviet Union ceased to exist, having been replaced by 15 new sovereign states.”