Interesting mathematical patterns....

     To start with, let's just mention the numbers that are commonly recognized as significant in the Bible and some that are significant, but have somehow slipped through the cracks. Those commonly recognized as significant are:
                3,  7,  10,  and 12.
     The ones that have slipped through the cracks are not only numbers, but also some numeric attributes/functions. They are:
                1,  2,  4,  6,  40, 44, half, double, and reverse/mirror (chiasm).

     Virtually all numbers of spiritual/prophetic significance are these numbers, their multiples, or products of those descriptive functions.
     If you say 'those numbers cover a lot of ground'. You'd be right, as the Bible is a book that covers a lot about life.
     The symbolic attributes of these numbers/functions are:  

                  1 = Uniqueness, singularity, Holiness.
         2 = Legal validation.
         4 = Godly completeness.
         6 = The dynamic part of a spiritual activity/event, good
or bad (example: God worked 6 days; dynamic part, the 7th day the non-dynamic part, completed the activity/event. Thus, 666 could mean the most intense period of the active part of Satan's rulership. thus the person carrying that name would be Satan's tool for the most intense level/period of his work.)
          7 = Completeness in the spiritual realm, good
or bad.
          10=Completeness in the earthly realm, good
or bad.
          40=Cleansing/purifying; prelude to a corrective/restorative process. Preamble to any Major “Sea-Change”. (often extended with another 4 to become 44)
           Half = Can refer either to a bookended process. Or what half means; half.
           Double = Strong blessing or curse.
           Reverse/Mirror = Many Biblical processes reverse/invert, sometimes over a long period of time (chaism). Oftentimes as a function of Justice or Parity.

     Here's something to consider; if you look up the flood account in Genesis 7:11 notice the starting date "the second month on the seventeenth day of the month" and notice the ending date at Genesis 8:14 " in the second month the twenty-seventh day of the month". Now here's the point: it looks like the whole event lasted one year and ten days. And using the standard lunar month of 30 days that would be true, but a lunar month isn't 30 days, it's closer to 29 1/2 days. So 12 X 29.5= 354 . So adding 10 days would not make it 370 days ( 12 X 30 + 10) It would make it 365 days ! Stop and think, if you start counting on the 17th of the month and count to the 27th inclusive, it's actually 11 days. (go ahead and count them, I'll wait right here 'til you're done). So the flood event was actually exactly one year (Solar) and one year (Lunar) plus 11 days. So you could say that the flood started on the same day both solar and lunar and continued on until both the lunar and solar years were completed. So what is the point? Well, none really, except that it might be a factor to consider when calculating the beginning and ending of prophetic events. (i.e. Jesus' ministry; if calculated at three prophetic years of 360 days each, which is the bible standard, it is reconciled to three solar years with the addition of 15 days {if you allow for the baptism of Jesus  on the day before Nisan 1, making Nisan 1 his first whole day of ministry} thus making Nisan 14 the day that would also complete three whole solar years as well}.
For those who feel that Jesus' ministry was 3 1/2 years, please see the monograph "The March of Time of the Time of March" on this website.

And please see/read updated info on the Length of Jesus's Ministry at Thought-Sherds 43, 44, 45, 46

Here's a rather interesting mathematical pattern:
It actually begins with one of the most mis-applied Scriptures in the Bible.
Namely, Matthew 24:36, where it says 'No one knows the day or the Hour'.
Most people feel that Jesus was saying that no one would know the 'day or hour' when the End of this world would come. But that wasn't really what he was referring to. He was apparently referring to the Exact Point in time that he would come in full Kingly Power DURING the final End-Time Period !  NOT the Beginning OR the End .
It is actually quite clear that certain dates of the end-time process would be marked with Precisely markable events, The Day and hour of which could be known before or sometimes after the fact, i.e. Matt 24:15 the 'Disgusting Thing Standing in a Holy' place (Cestius Gallus standing in the Temple in Cheshvan 5, 66 c.e.).

But would the End Day/Date, of the End-Time Process, be a Precisely markable/predictable event in advance ? In other words, Could you know the Day and hour it would End ?

Well, If you were a Christian living in the First Century before the End of the Jewish System of things, you would be very aware of Jesus' Prophecy of Matthew the 24th Chapter. For Christians living in Jerusalem it would be especially critical to pay attention to this Prophecy, as Christians living in Jerusalem had a very narrow 'window of opportunity' to escape Jerusalem after the 'Disgusting thing stood in a Holy Place' (vs.15).
The Scripture seems to indicate that the opportunity for escape was  merely moments of time. That 'Moment of Time' occurred on  Cheshvan 5, of 66 c.e. when on the sixth day of his siege, Cestius Gallus finally breached the Temple wall. In the afternoon. And left almost immediately.
A Christian that was paying attention would know that once 'The Abomination of Desolation, stood in a Holy Place, as spoken of by Daniel the Prophet' they needed to "Get out of Dodge" (Jerusalem).....

But for how long ?

By simply turning to the Scripture in Daniel that Jesus was referring to, Daniel 12:11-12, they knew that they needed to stay out of  Jerusalem for a minimum of 1335 Days.

Was that actually the Case ?

And here's where we get to an "Interesting Mathematical Pattern".
Interestingly the
Exact day of Cestius Gallus' standing in the Temple is a Known Historical Date, and the Exact day that the Temple burned down is a Known Historical Date.

Cestius Gallus "Stood" in the Temple on Cheshvan 5, of 66 c.e.
And the Temple was burned down during Titus' siege on Ab (Av) 9, of 70 c.e.
Was that a
literal 1335 Day period ?

Let's take a closer look:

When you calculate the length of these years, use Lunar months, as observed, i.e. 29.53 days each.  Not 29 days nor 29.5 nor 30 days each.
And factor in that apparently no intercalary month was added during that 3+ year period. With the "new" standardized system (Hillel II) intercalary months are inserted at regular intervals, however in the first century they were still using an empirical method, that is to say, as observed by the Priest in Jerusalem. However, even with the 'modern' system there can be two years without a intercalary month, so it would not be surprising that you could have a three-plus-year period without a intercalary month, especially during a protracted besieged-type event. Since the adding of the extra intercalary month was based on the observing the first "Green Shoots of Barley" (which is the definition of the Word "Abib", the name of the first month of the year before they were held in Babylon) those in Jerusalem were in no position to observe the "Green Shoots of Barley" in the year 70.
Also, the end date would be Tisha-B'Av, the date of the destruction of the Temple, not thirty days after, as most accounts suggest.
In fact, Josephus himself (an eyewitness) indicates that Titus considered the conquest complete after the Temple was razed. What followed was what is in the nomenclature called "mopping-up operations". So, although most assessments of the siege of Jerusalem by Titus begin with Passover and end 30 days after Tisha B'Av, Scripturally and actually it ended on Tisha B'Av, not 30 days later.

From Cheshvan 5, 66 c.e. (day Cestius Gallus stood in the Temple) until Tisha B'av  70 c.e. (day the Temple was Burned down)  is  your basic 1335 day period.
If you calculate it using Solar years it won't work, if you calculate it using Lunar or Prophetic years it won't work, if you calculate it using any length of month other than an actual observed (Synodic) Lunar Month it will not work.
If you use an actual observed Lunar Month i.e. 29.53 days it works:

Cheshvan 5 (inclusive) 66 c.e. to end of month=                                                                      26.     days
Then, Until the end of that year (66) 4 months @29.53 days each =                                     118.12 days  
Next three years (12 mos. ea.) 36 months
@29.53 days each =                                           1063.08 days
From the beginning of 70 Until Tisha B'Av 70 c.e. 4 months @29.53 days each =             118.12  days
plus 9 days (Tisha B'Av is Ab 9)                                                                                                  9.   days
                                                                                                                                                1334.32 days

Noteworthy the Scripture (Dan 12:12) says "Blessed is he who waits and arrives at" (ESV and others) the 1335th day, not after, thus 1334.32 days would end on the 1335th day. Not before or after.

So, in the First Century, (the Prophetic pattern for our times,  hmmmm....)  it really was 1335 days.  And so they did know the "day and the hour" it would end.
So, if you were a Christian in the first Century, if you counted From the day it Began, Cheshvan 5, 66 c.e., you would know the exact day it would end.
Tisha B'Av (Ab 9) 70 c.e.
So too, in our times, when the Parallel Pattern of Daniel 12:11-12 begins, look for a 1335 day period as well. Likely ending with the destruction of the Rebuilt Temple.

When the Bible says that the Lord will come as a "Thief in the Night", (1 Thess 5:1-4) Paul makes a specific Point that it would not come as "A Thief" to Alert Christians !! Note: "But you, brothers, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief."  vs 4. So, Christians will Know the Specific time period. Just not the "Day and Hour" it does NOT say 'you will not Know the month and year' , just "Day and Hour". (compare Rev 9:15) Most people when they say "No one knows the Day or the Hour" mean 'we just can't have any idea', .....but that's not what the Bible really says......

(The Exact Day and Hour that the "Man of Lawlessness" will sit in the Temple would thus be November 24(25?), 2033, about 3 pm Jerusalem time. (subject to revision! in fact, this date was re-recalculated June 27, 2023) Counting backwards 1335 days from Tisha B'Av 2037
(I used's online date calculator)
Note:This is the "Removal of the Daily Sacrifice",i.e the Man of Lawlessness sitting in the Temple. 2 Thess 2:4, Dan 9:27,  11:31, 12:11,12 )

Consider too, Christians
will already be in Heaven when the end comes !! (hello !) So, how could the End 'come as a thief' to them? Their Deliverence comes as a 'Thief'... see matt 24: 36-44, where it clearly is talking about Christians being taken to Heaven, by surprise, NOT the End of the World, per se. The "End of the World" is a long complex process, not a single event, as such. (see timeline)

mmmmm...... yah, a little different.......

Sorry, that was a bit long, I hope it was clear enough.
Interesting, Yes?