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The Timeline of the time of the End.

I know what you're thinking; you're looking at the scroll bar on the right and saying 'this page is waaaay too long'. So here's some options; if you go to the bottom of the page there is a partial summary, and if you find it interesting you can read the whole thing, or, you can let me draw your attention to the fact that the font used here is very large, and that this makes these pages look much longer than they really are, or the fact that this is a very different timeline and I think you'll be glad you read it.

Although it is not an Easy Read. It is fairly complex, and very Unorthodox. 

I would encourage you to look up as many of the Scriptures as you can, I tried not to load it with too many. If you have a 'thinking cap' this would be a good time to use it, make sure you spin the little propeller on top, oil it first with your little tinwoodsman oiler. Please take some time (days?) to mull this over, this is the most work I've ever asked of my readers (i think).......  

Reading "Out-of-the-Blue" on this website will help you alot, and give you a clear 'frame-of-reference' for this article. but it still ain't easy.......

Before we start the Timeline, an adjustment in the anticipated sequence needs to be made.

Many Christians, myself included, have felt the sequence of events for the time of the end would begin with the declaration of 'Peace and Security' (some bibles read 'peace and safety') as noted at 1 Thessalonians. 5:3. But, let's take a closer look at that.....

Going to 2 Thessalonians. 2:2 Paul helps us identify the sequence of events leading to what is called "the Lord's day"; he specifically states in verse 3 'it will not come unless the apostasy comes first'. Daniel 11:31,32 shows that before the apostasy, the daily sacrifice is removed and the disgusting thing (abomination) is put in a holy place (Temple). This has not happened yet. Going back to 1 Thessalonians 5:2 we can see that the 'Lord's day' comes after the announcement of Peace and Security. Also please note; the phrase 'coming as a thief in the night' is used, this phrase is also found at Revelation 16:15, at the end of the process. At 2 Peter 3:10 Peter says that the Lord's day will come 'as a thief'. Also 1 Thessalonians 5:3  states that As-Soon-As they say Peace and Security/Safety, that destruction is SUDDENLY upon them.  So the proper order of events from point No.11 below is:

"Disgusting abomination" is put in a holy place (Temple), daily sacrifice removed, Man-of-Lawlessness sits in Temple. (Putin)

Then the apostasy comes,

Then (appx 3 yrs later) the 'Lord' (Jesus) comes as a thief in the night, which is also the 'Lord's day'. 

Then  (also appx 3 yrs later) the declaration of Peace and Security (Safety), THE END

So the Peace and Security
Pronouncement is at the very end of the "Beast" process , not the beginning. But a 7 year "Peace and Security" Phase will begin 14 years before that (c.2024)

A lot of events will have to take place before we arrive at the point of 1 Thessalonians 5:3.



That being said, here's the sequence of End Time events as they seem to appear in the Bible:


1. If we are at Daniel 11:13 (and I think we may well be, as Verse 13 bears the marker phrase "in the time of the end", and nothing else fits the following sequence to date. I'll admit I'm a little disappointed, as I had at first thought we were much deeper into Daniel Chapter 11. As is almost universally thought and taught. But the wording of the scriptures seems pretty definite...   heavy sigh...). Most think we are around Dan 11:40

As Daniel 11:13  begins,
(around June 5, 2024, subject to revision), Russia (Reformulated Soviet Union) will attack, or invade the Middle-East, and as the Scripture says, 'many will stand against the South (USA and Co.) in those days' . And that is certainly true of the position in the world today of the U.S.A and Co. The Scripture also indicates that the King-of-the-South's military forces/strength will be depleted, and even the South's best troops cannot make an adequate defense. And it is true that the military forces of the U.S. and Co. are currently spread very thin. (Daniel 11:13,14) Additionally, with the potential for economic and civil chaos of the US, there will be 'no strength to stand'.(that sentence was written here years before 2020, based on the "no strength to stand" of vs 15) It is also quite likely that advanced Russian Military technology will be pivotal in this war, making it Swift  and devastating. see Shkval, S-300, Satan ICBM, and CRRF and new Hyper-Sonic Missile systems (and many more new weapons systems since this was first written, see here) Compare with Dan 11:14-16. Which indicates there will be little to no resistance to the King of the North's invasion.

The Use of Nuclear Weapons to End The Ukraine Conflict would so Terrorize everyone, that the 'Unopposed Invasion' as Described at Dan 11:16, makes sense.

This is a Hallmark of this Prophecy

(for the identification of the Kings of the North and South see the monographs on this website on "Cracking the Bible Code", both articles, and the monograph on "Who are the Beasts of Revelation?".) 

A distinguishing mark of this attack by Russia (new Soviet ReUnion) is that a 'siege-rampart' will be built (or earth mound, Daniel 11:15) for the purpose of taking a fortified stronghold  (Note that the original language refers to a pouring process, as in concrete or stone. The fact that a 'siege-rampart' is built indicates that the City will be captured and not destroyed. We'll just have to wait and see.)  And a 'well-fortified city taken'. The city is the Green Zone
/ New Embassy. the New U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Iraq is truly a Fortified City. ("New when this was first written" around 2005-6)What is truly amazing to me, is that at the time the 2003 war began in Iraq, there was no "Fortified City" anywhere, and yet Bible prophecy required the existence of a "Fortified City" in this area in order for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. Construction began in 2005, and now it's there; truly amazing. Interesting too, is that all descriptions of the New Baghdad Embassy describe it as either a Fortress, or a Fortified City, again, just amazing.). 

    Noteworthy also, the scriptures seem to indicate that the "King of the North" would himself be "in situ", that is, he would actually lead the troops himself from the battlefield, or very nearby.(A quick read of Daniel 11:13-19 will confirm this.) In times past this was the norm, but in recent history leaders have administered their wars from afar, I can't even remember the last time a national leader lead his troops to war "in situ".     Just another detail to watch for.
From the time that Daniel 11:13 begins to be fulfilled until Daniel 11:19 is fulfilled there are
at least 10 distinct steps that will identify this prophecy as being fulfilled. As this process begins, News articles relating to each specific step will be posted on this Website.
Click Here, for Prophecy-related news items. Including info on timing of the re-emergence of the re-formulated Soviet Union and on Daniel Chapter 11. (Latest update 
on July 22, 2024)

2. (Daniel 11:14.) At this time some in Israel will unsuccessfully try to force the fulfillment of a vision/prophecy. Probably relating to the rebuilding of the third Temple. Probably a pre-mature mis-interpretation of Ezekiel's Temple Vision, Ezk chapters 40-44 etc. They will be a few years premature for the Third Temple. And Yes, The Third Temple will be re-built, but Ezekiel's Temple is the FOURTH TEMPLE. BUILT 14yrs AFTER DAN 11:13,14, please see HERE). 

3. Israel will be temporarily occupied by Russia/New Soviet Union. This will NOT mark the beginning of the 42 months of the second woe. Nor is it the third woe. Nor is it the beginning of Daniel 9:27, i.e. the beginning of the one "week". Don't be fooled. (Dan 11:16)  (many will probably think we are at Dan 11:40, be very very careful, and check the events with Dan 11:13. This confusion will most likely be very strong...just because everyone wants the end-of-this-World to be over with.
The End-Time events for this world will be much longer, and much more complex than is currently thought or known by anyone. That's why Jesus said "This Generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur", because it will be so stinking long and miserable that you'll think you won't live to see the end of it, but some will....heavy sigh....Matt 24:34)  

Daniel 11:17 (first part) A noteworthy point; in verse 17 some translations say that this particular leader of the "North" will come with 'a peace agreement' or 'equitable terms', suggesting some sort of peace accord in the middle-east that is very effective

This will be a very significant proof of fulfillment of bible prophecy. Imagine; An Effective Peace Treaty in the Middle-East !! 


Don't be fooled !! Dan 9:27 is 7 years later !

And thus will begin the 14 year process described in thOut-of-the-Blue article .

Daniel 11:17 (second part) is a bit of a riddle, perhaps Russia will try and appoint women as leaders, in the middle-east, hoping that they will be loyal to him. (possibly Tzipi Livni, et al. BTW the Livni family is mentioned in the Bible [Ex 6:17]) However, it will fail. But this is just a guess.

4. This particular leader of Russia, Putin, will suffer a personal humiliation, return to Russia and “not be found”. (Daniel 11:18,19). 

Just thinkin' out loud here, but think about it, it makes sense. If Putin is taken completely off the scene, as per verse 19, it will make the global peace seem more viable and solid. (please remember, this is not the cry of "Peace and Security" of Thessalonians. This is the 7 years of global Peace followed by 7 years of global War. and please see "Out-of-the-Blue" on this website)

This Putin thing had been kinda nagging at me, something just kept buggin' me about it. So I went back and re-read Daniel  11:19 and verse 21 using an Interlinear. Here's what I found: The person in verse 19 who very likely is Putin, is not killed, as is usually assumed, The Hebrew allows for this translation (paraphrase): "he will return to safe protected places in his own land and fall and lie down so that he can't be found".

And verse 21(a) allows for this paraphrased version "a vile person will not be restored to his place [by election ?]but instead, by slick maneuvering during the time [7 yrs]of peace he will take control the kingdom". Now, I'm not saying this is correct, but ol' Putin just fits the bill so well.... we will see.... and worth noting, Putin WAS re-elected in 2024, so technicallt his Re-election will last 6 years, covering the time-frame for his return. interesting, yes ?

Following the Pattern of Revelation it would be logical that he would return after 3 yrs.

5. An appx. 14 year period begins (sigh), I think about July 15, 2024. The First through The Forth Trumpets blown sometime during these next 14yrs. Rev 8:7-12.  Please See ThoughtSherds #18-20 Seven year Time of Global tranquility begins in 2024 (Zec 1:7-11, Dan 11:21,24) This is NOT the Peace and Tranquility of 1 Thess 5:3 Nor is it Dan 9:27

6. The next leader of the King-of-the-North, Replacement of the conquerer, (vs13-19) may be a very short-lived event. (verse 20) or he may last  3 yrs.

7. The "evil genius", next comes (back ?) into power, apparently unelected (vs 21). AKA 'the man of lawlessness', the Devil incarnate, for real. See #4 above.
(compare with Daniel 8:24, Revelation 13:4, and 2 Thessalonians 2:9, for Biblical support that Satan can personally "enter into" or possess a person see also Luke 22:3 and John 13:26,27). 

Note how Daniel 8:23 seems to fit an x-KG B agent pretty well i.e., 'fierce of countenance, {KJV} and a master of [some Translations say 'skilled in', [NASB] 'intrigue' {NIV, NLT}' as in 'former spy'. One translation actually says "Trained in Stealth". Putin comes back ?     hmmmm...... I think so.... 

"Three Kings" removed/humiliated about this time, as per Daniel 7:24.

I think this will be about 3 1/2 yrs into the 7 yrs of Peace

8. The breaking of the leader of the covenant , this should be appx. 6-6 years after Dan 11:17 ends,   (this "Leader" is not Jesus, Jesus can't be killed twice) . This apparently had a partial parallel  fulfillment in the first century when the Christian Leadership in Jerusalem, led by Jesus's brother James, was assassinated 7 - 8 years before Jerusalem's fall and the Leader of the Sanhedrin was “Broken” (removed by Rome) about the same time (the three woes of Revelations add up to 7 years and 5 months). (please see the monograph on this website 'Global Warning').

From the time that Daniel 11:17 is fulfilled until the 'Leader(s) of the Covenant' is(are) killed will be about 6 yrs, during the time of the Dan 11:21 leader of the King of the North's rule.(please note: the Bible does not state that the leader(s) of the covenant is(are) 'broken' by the King of the North. In the first century it was not Rome that assassinated the Christian Leadership, but the Sanhedrin. The Leader of the Sanhedrin,(Ananas) in turn was Broken By Rome.(Albinus)) Also, this occurs during the time of 'tranquility', about 5 to 6 months before the 7 years of peace ends.

(If this guess is correct, from the end of Dan 11:17 until Christ's rule is firm over the earth (dan 8:14), could be appx. 15 years or longer, (see thoughtsherds #18-20)

9. First woe begins near the time of the breaking of Leader(s) of Covenant, (Rev 9:1-11). Possibly the day of, or soon after. The First Woe is Five months of scorpion-like stinging. (That's what it says three times, that must be what it means). 
In the spirit world, all of the pre-flood demons are let out of the abyss, (!!!) they in fact, do the 5 months of stinging. (That the angels who sinned prior the the flood are still in the abyss is not news. 1 Peter 3:19,20 , Jude 6, Luke 8:30,3. Tartarus and the abyss are one and the same). 

In the spirit realm, after the demons sting mankind for 5 months they go to heaven and corrupt fully 1/3 of the angels in heaven During the 3 years of the Second Woe. This is during the Second Woe, which is the first of two 3 year long woes i.e. woes 2 & 3.

(Note: The 1/3 of the angels of Rev 12, are thrown down by Satan himself, Satan in turn, and his angels are thrown down later, personally by Michael, these are two separate events....please take a careful re-read of the passage (it's Revelation 12:4 and 9). This is very bad news for heaven and heartbreaking for God. The earth will become a very not fun place; the demon activity on earth at that time will Eclipse the pre-flood demon activity, probably by orders of magnitude. Think; Earth will have All of the pre-flood demons plus one-third of the Angels currently in heaven, as new-demons. Rev 12:3-12) (you might want to re-read this paragraph again, .... slowly). 

(also factor this into your cogitations: when Jesus taught us how to pray, in the Lord's Prayer. he said, "Let your will take place on Earth, Just as it is in Heaven". That would not have been true if the Demons were currently running around Heaven like wild men when Jesus said that. Thus, at that time they were confined to Tartarus and not in Heaven at all. Remember how Jesus after he was resurrected, went and preached to them in prison ? 1Peter 3:19)

10. Second woe begins, War of Rev 9:13-19 begins, (the Bible states that the Hour, Day, Month, & Year are predictable at vs 15: July 28-9, 2031 @about 3p.m. Jerusalem time is my current calculation. Subject to revision)  200 Million Soldiers (this is also the War of Dan 11:24). Starts at Euphrates River area (see thoughtsherd #17). Possibly a 40 day war. APPX. 2 BILLION PEOPLE DIE !!! ( 1/3 of mankind verse 15) Concurrently the Two Witnesses (who are just who the Bible says they are, Rev 11:1-4, Zec 4:3, 11-14. Michael and Gabriel are my best guess.) begin preaching in Jerusalem. The Temple begins to be rebuilt, and the daily sacrifice is re-instituted (the removal of the daily sacrifice marks the beginning of the Third woe, it has to be there to be removed). 

(If you have any doubts about natural Israel being restored please read Romans 11:25-32, and just read what it says. Frankly, the whole Bible will confirm this; see also Jeremiah 31:35-37, you can't make a promise more sure than that, for God to break it is just, well, impossible. This does not mean anything other than this: God loves and keeps his promises to his friends, the Patriarchs Abraham, David etc. Rom 11:28b) not necessarily because their children are so great.

Jerusalem in general however, is trampled on for 42 months (appx. 3 years) outside the Temple area, very similar conditions as those in Jesus's day .  Rev. 11:1-3. Russia/reformulated New Soviet Union now forms it's strong alliances with China and India and others (this is the week of Dan 9:27).  

Traitors from within cause the massive failure on the U.S.'s side of this first War(Dan 11:26).
The one "Week" of Daniel 9:27 begins at the beginning of the Second Woe: This is the First Mega-War (of Three) of the end-times.

Towards the end of this first 3 1/2year period Russia and Co. attacks again. Not as successful this time. This is the Second Mega-War (see Daniel 11:29).

11. Third woe begins as Reformulated Soviet Union's unsuccessful military campaign triggers the removal of the daily sacrifice in Jerusalem on the Temple mount. Man-of-Lawlessness sits in the Temple, Dan 11:29-31. Apostasy begins, very sad time for all true friends of God (Dan 11: 30-32,  and 2 Thess 2:3 are the same event). The 'mid-week' of Daniel 9:27 begins now. Daniel 11: 36-39 shows that the AntiChrist's world domination will be growing greatly during this period, to the "God of Fortresses" he will give much 'glory' and "to a God his Fathers did not know". (i.e. Computers and the Internet, deus ex machina ?)

During this Second 3 1/2 year period, total world domination is achieved by Russia and Co. at half-way through the 3rd woe (please, you must see thoughtsherds #8 and 9), i.e. the reformulated Soviet Union and China & India and others (the 10 Kings of Rev 17:12, see Ps 83:4-11, count 'em)  (it is my current best guess that China and India will be the "two horned false prophet") . The Bible shows that Russia/Reformulated Soviet Union's world domination will be so great that they will apparently even change the Calendar system and Global Law, (Dan 7:25), (the Bible says that this particular episode, the changing of 'times and law', will last 3 1/2 times, or "iddan", this is not 3 1/2 years, but three and one half 'seasons', you really must see Thought-Sherds 8 & 9 . This would take place after the 'pushing' of Dan 11:40, half-way through the last 3 1/2 years, more on this later) (Russia has tried this changing of 'times and law' before; with a six week per month calendar, five days per week, no weekends. What the hell is wrong with these people, jeez).
True Christians will be beat to a pulp,  Rev 13:7 Dan 12:6,7. (Here's a scripture everyone reads wrong, Matt 28:20, Jesus said ' I'm with you UNTIL',
not through, the end of the age.) Remember the time Jesus told Peter, 'Satan has demanded to have you to sift you as wheat, and it has been granted him' Luke 22:31 (compare with Rev 13:7). Satan has made that demand for the time of the end, and it has been granted. Revelation 13:7 (please see the monograph on this website 'the truth about God'). This is the "Great Tribulation", i.e. the last half of the last 3 yrs. This is the beginning of the 666 days !

In the spirit realm, before the beginning of this second 3 1/2 year period i.e. the Third Woe, Satan and his deamons are cast down to earth. God's woman flees to Israel, natural Israel begins a renaissance, (Rev 12:5) but not Including the City of Jerusalem, as those in Jerusalem have fled when the Man of Lawless  sits in the Temple.

12. Apparently, deep into this 3 1/2 year 3rd woe period (about the half-way mark) the U.S. and any allies she might have, begin a pushing process against Russia and Co., big, big, mistake. Dan 11:40-43. This is the Third Mega-War. The Three and one half "iddan" period begins after this final victory of The King Of The North. (The reason this is said, is that the King of the North cannot change"Times and Seasons" for the whole world unless he controls the whole world. And that is only the case from Daniel 11:40 on.) The Aramaic word 'Iddan' (the word translated 'times' at Dan 7:25) only occurs in the book of Daniel (11 times) and only in the Aramaic sections, (Daniel 2:4 - 7:28 ) it is properly translated "season" or "time period", not "year(s)", (See Tanakh). This would appear to be the only way Daniel 7:25 can be reconciled with the fact that Daniel 11:40 begins deep into the 'third woe' (second Three and one Half years). 
Quite possibly the Good 'ol USofA will become an occupied nation from this time on, if it even exists.

(if you're really into prophecy, you might want to re-read this again, for more about iddan see ThoughtSherds No.8 & 9 )

13. Disturbing Reports (Dan 11:44), possibly the beginning of the "first resurrection", cause a Gathering to Megiddo in Israel by Russia (New Soviet Union), and their allies, for an attack on Jerusalem, (with the tombs of many First Century Christians in Jerusalem, thus possibly many resurrected there) towards the End of the Third Woe. Rev 16:16. This is associated with the frog-like expressions. (Rev 16:13) 
Note: At Dan 11:45, The King of the North "Pitches his Royal Tents" between the "Sea" (Mediterranean) and the "Holy Mountain" (Tabor, some say Hermon, but it's Tabor). look at a map: between the "Sea" and the "Holy Mountain" is, yup, Har-Megiddo.

Note: the term "Har" in Hebrew can mean mountain or hill. There is a literal hill or 'har' of megiddo to this day. ( Google the phrase "har megiddo" on Google Images, it's there.)

14. Coming of Jesus on clouds, (possibly from about day 630-660, this is 'the day and hour' that no one knows) calls his holy ones to heaven, (Rapture) i.e. the resurrected ones and a few survivors, per 1 Thess 4: 13-18 , the resurrection may precede this by many days, and they probably do a short period of preaching, (this may be the disturbing reports of Dan 11:44) and then they are raised to heaven with the surviving holy ones, (please read 1Thessalonians 4:15-17). Babylon the Great will now be destroyed, in "One Hour" at this point, as everyone will know that they are phoney, they didn't go to heaven .....  think about it. 

15. Babylon the Great is Destroyed, a very Quick event, 6-7days, bringing it to the 666th day of The Beast's rule, immediately followed by the Cry of "Peace and Security/Safety". Instant destruction of Beast/AntiChrist and False Prophet follows. This is Day 666. The Temple in Jerusalem is Destroyed on the Very Last day.  Ezekiel Temple is Built 3 days later "Without Hands". (please see HERE) 

16. God Himself destroys Russia [new Soviet Union]. Remember, He promised Jesus that HE Himself, would 'place Jesus's enemys at Jesus's feet in Ps 110.( see: Rev 19:19-21, Dan 7:21,22. thoughtsherd #16) The Baton of Rulership is then Passed to Jesus. 

Note:The 110th Psalm Begins with Jesus on God's Right Hand (vs1) and Ends with God on Jesus's Right Hand (vs5). This is an exact parallel of Dan 7:13,14.

17. Earthly resurrection begins with Natural Israel, Judgement day begins with them. General resurrection follows, this is Judgement day.

18. Nations other than the two beasts i.e. the New Soviet Union/two-horned False Prophet, are allowed to continue existing for a "Time and a Season" while Judgement-day proceeds. Dan 7:12. Nations are ruled with an iron rod at this time.(A Time and a "Season", may be 1 years, not sure yet; remember a Season is 6 months, as Israel has has only Two Seasons, i.e. "Summer and Winter". see #12 above)

19. Wicked destroyed.

20. Another 500 days elapse until things are 100% on earth, which completes the 2300 days that began when the daily sacrifice was removed @ beginning of Third Woe. Dan 8: 13,14. (3 1/2 years, 'Third Woe' [1260 days] + 1 1/2 years [540 days]= 1800. 2300 days minus 1800 days =500 days. Hence a total of five years and 500 days. The 2300 days (Dan 8:13,14) are easy to understand if you just read what it says. Interestingly, if there is a 40 day cool-down between the time Russia and Co. are removed, and before Judgement Day begins, there will be 500 days of  Judgement and 500 days of bringing the Holy Place into 100% condition, exactly 1000 days. (I'm assuming this is the human part of the Kingdom administration on earth being stabilized, including David's ruling in Israel Ezk 37:24,25).


-From the breaking of the Leader of the Covenant to the end of the third woe and the beginning of Judgement day/Resurrection : appx. 7 1/2 years. (7yrs 5mos)

-From end of third woe to total stability on earth under Kingdom rule 1040 days. From the beginning of the third Woe (daily sacrifice removed) to total stability on earth is the 2300 days . 

-From the beginning of the second woe (the one week of Dan 9:27) until total stability on earth ("holy place" restored Dan 8:14) exactly 40 days short of exactly 10 years. If there is a 40 day introduction (celebration) to the rest of the 1000 years that would make it exactly 10  years, that is, years of 360 days each) there might also be a 40 day gap between the Second Woe and the beginning of the Third Woe, this would be apropos as the Bible usually has a 40 day/year intro to any big change.  i.e. Christ's ministry, the Jews going into the promised land, the receiving of the Law code, the beginning of the Flood, etc. etc.

-From the first confrontation of the King of the North with the King of the South (Daniel 11:13) until the complete end of the process, i.e. the end of the 2300 days, (gulp...) 20 years, OR MORE. "This generation will by no means pass away....." (thoughtsherds #18-20)

Just a quick Recap:

   After Dan 11:13 starts there will be  Four  Major conflicts between the 'King of the North' and the 'King of the South'.*

    1. The First will be the eviction and humiliation of the 'King of the South' from the middle-east. (Dan 11:13-19) (2024)

    2. The Second will be a deliberate attack by the 'King of the North' on the 'King of the South' , about 7 yrs later, the 'King of the North' wins, devastating losses on the side of the 'King of the South' (U.S.A. and co.). (Rev 9:13-15, Dan 11:25,26) 1st Mega-War (2031)

    3. The Third attack by 'King of the North and co.' ends in  draw. (it's end also marks the beginning of the third woe, and the mid-week of Dan 9:27, Man of Lawlessness sits in Temple. 2 Thess 2:3,4).(Dan 11: 29-31) 2nd Mega-War (c. 2034-5)

    4. The Fourth conflict is provoked by The 'King of the South'  through a 'pushing' process (Dan 11:40-43);  total defeat of the 'King of the South'. Absolute and total world domination by 'King of North' at this point. 3rd Mega-War . 666 days begin.

(Note: the Fifth major military event: "nations gathered a Har-mageddon" is after the King of the South is long gone. appx 630 days after.) (2038)

 After this point it goes like this:

       Nations (Beast and False Prophet & friends) gather to Har-maggedon (in Israel). Near the end of the Third Woe.

       'Babylon the Great' Destroyed. (with Jerusalem Temple Destroyed on the last day of the 666 days)

       The Military forces from Har-maggedon are destroyed. After They Cry "Peace and Safety/Security!!" (end of 666 Days)

Fourth Temple Built during this time. please please see HERE

       Judgement Day begins. (remaining nations ruled with iron rod for "A Time and a Season" (1 1/2yrs. ?) 

       Earth Cleansed with Fire (with the exception of the new Temple area, as it's already Holy, as per Joel 2: 30-32)

    It should be noted too, that there might seem to be four (or more) apparent or attempted assaults on Jerusalem during the End-time period. Each one could have the effect of reinforcing the feeling that The End was about to happen. By the time the Third (or so), (attempted) assault on Jerusalem comes, persons who do not have a clear understanding of Bible prophecy will probably suffer spiritual/Armageddon burn-out. That's what causes "The Great Apostasy"/Abandonment to Begin !! Really really really think about that !! 2 Thess 2:3). It is during this time that much taunting to the effect of "Where is this promised presence of His ?" will become common. (2 Peter 3:4). As many Christians will have loudly claimed that "This is It" too too too many times.

Sieges of Jerusalem

     The First Siege of Jerusalem: Will be at the time of Daniel 11:13. Many might think this is the beginning of the end, but it won't be, and many will be disappointed. (2024)

     The Second Siege of Jerusalem : Could be at the beginning of the Second Woe as Jerusalem begins to be "Trampled on by the Nations". Many might think this is the beginning of the end , but it won't be, and many will be disappointed. (2031)

     The Third Siege of Jerusalem : Will be at the end of the third conflict with the North and South when the "Man of Lawlessness" sits in the Re-Built Temple and removes the Daily Sacrifice, thus defiling it. Many might think this should signal the beginning of the end, but it won't, and will be so disappointed that they will leave their faith. This begins the Great Apostasy. As predicted in Daniel 11:30-32 and 2 Thessalonians 2:3-5 (This is also at the same time that the Third Woe Begins) (2034-5)

      The Forth Siege of Jerusalem: Will be the real thing; The End, as 'The Beast & Co.' are gathered to Har-Maggedon (Armageddon). (2038)

     This is why the Scripture says "he that has endured to the end is the one that will be saved". Many good and true Christians might never understand these prophecies as they happen. And it will take great faith and endurance as they endure many heartbreaking disappointments. 

Understanding prophecy doesn't make you a Christian, displaying God's Spirit does. Always encourage each other whether you share the same interpretation of prophecy or not. We may not all agree on the interpretation of prophecy until it's all over. But we all know how Christ would expect us to behave and treat each other.

*The King of the North will be the
Reformulated (revived, resurrected) Soviet Union (CIS). (I know that doesn't seem possible now, [when this was first written in 2004] but wait and see. Note: at the time that this was first written it did not seem possible, now, however (2024), it is quite obvious).
The King of the South is: USA and Co.     
(for more on the identifying of the Kings of the North and South please see the monographs: "Cracking the Bible Code" (both) and "Who are the Beasts of Revelation" on this website).

Bear in mind as you check your Bible calculations, that the:


The Third Woe,

The Second 42 months, (possible 40 days precede)

The Second 1260 days,

The Second 3 Years 

But The First 3 seasons,  (I know that doesn't sound right, but, see thoughtsherds 8 & 9) (possible 40 days precede)

The 1290 Days,

The 1335 Days,

The Mid Week of Dan 9:27,

The Great Apostasy,


The 2300 Days,

ALL   begin on essentially the same day. (Daily sacrifice removed)


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