Who are the beasts of Revelation chapter 13?


A little over two years ago, about September-October of 2002. (updated Oct 2010) I was reading the Bible book of Revelation, and I came to chapter 13, where it describes a beast-like entity reviving from a death-state. Now, in the Bible we are taught in the book of Daniel that beasts are used to picture world powers. At that time I thought "the only world power that's currently in a death-like state is the Soviet Union/ Russia, and they ain't coming back. But just out of curiosity I thought "I'll do a websearch on Russia and just see". Well, I started off at Google with about 12 million hits for Russia, (back then that was a HUGE number of results) and I kept filtering through the results. I had actually forgotten that Russia had gone completely bankrupt in 1998. Everywhere I looked, everyone had given up all hope for Russia, let alone a new Soviet Union. But finally I came to a website "". The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. And they told a very different story. One of their writers was in a war of words with a Nobel Laureate who had won the Nobel prize for economics, the Nobel prize winner was saying that Russia was messed up forever economically and would not recover, the writer for Carnegie basically replied 'what are you talking about, Russia's economy is booming like nowhere else on earth'.

Since that time the Carnegie writer has been proven true: Russia has since paid off the entire national debt of Russia and the entire national debt of the Soviet Union (think about that, Really think about that). Additionally, Russia has the largest gold and cash reserves of any country on earth, (China is larger on paper, but much of China's wealth is money owed to it, Russia is actually has the money) they are the largest oil producer on earth, not Saudi Arabia. They are also the largest lumber producer, fishing, gold, diamonds, platinum, titanium, steel, nickel, the list goes on and on.

Simply put, the revived head on beast that ascends out of the sea is the reformulated Soviet Union, note, not just Russia, but, the New revived/reformulated Soviet Union. 

(the beast in Rev. chapter 17 is one-and-the-same as the beast of Rev chapter 13. Rev 13 describes it by shape 'leopard' Rev 17 describes it by colour 'scarlet', but it's the same critter. The Beast en toto appears to be the composite of World Powers That directly affect Prophecy/Jews, (i.e. Egypt, Assyria, Babylon (Iraq), Medo-Persia (Iran), Greece, Rome, & Russia/Soviet Union). Also please note the similarities between Revelation 13:6,7 and Dan 7:20, one of many parallels) 

As this is being written in mid-December 2004 the reformulated Soviet Union (CIS) is right on the verge of re-emergence, it is also very clear that China and India will be the two-horned beast that ascends out of the earth. The leader of Russia will fill the role of the evil-genius of Daniel chapters 8 and 11.(He comes into place after Daniel 11:20.) He is also the "man of lawlessness" of 2Thess. chapter 2.

(This should knock your socks off; turn to Ezekiel 38:1, Rosh is Russia Meshech is Moscow. I'm not making this up, do some research you'll find out it's true... so the scripture really says 'The head of Russia, the chief prince of Moscow'.)

Russia has armamentum that the U.S. can only dream of: Look up SHKVAL (very old info; note source dates in article, 20+ yrs old info !! the "Raptor" [k his h chn ik] is the new iteration, no info anywhere) Be-200, and Su-47, and they have their own GPS system (GLONASS, which did not exist in January of 2005, and is now fully operational), Super-quiet Super-stealthy Submarines... the list goes on and on. While the world has been sleeping ...

So, it would appear that The First Beast that Comes out of the Sea has an active/revived Head that will be the Soviet (re)Union.

And Empirical observation would seem to indicate that the Second Beast That Arises from  the Earth will be China/India. Actually sometimes called "Chindia".

And what is the image of the Beast ? Just what the Bible sez... a big ol' honkin', walkin', talkin',  Audioanimatronic A.I. tribute to the New Soviet Union, that is granted to be a man-made, living, god-like, self-conscious, thing. (sacred guano batman !!!) Read it, that's what it really sez.....Rev 13:15, think about this, the Bible predicted Robots and A.I. 2000 years before the event (oh, you raff now round-eye...but wait and see). 

Here's some supporting news articles...

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Super-Sub Simply Unbelievable. please compare w/Dan 7:7,19 20b  (Mosnews no longer exists, this link is dead) Russia's Wealth is Huge.
(yes, that's $4.25 Trillion with a "T" cash on hand !)
Russia has it's own new Military GPS system: GLONASS
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just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...... (and please compare with Dan 7:7,8)           India emerges.

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