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Added Dec29, 2018 Things are moving VERY rapidly in the Middle-East to Where the King-of-the-South will have "No Strength to withstand" as per Dan 11:15 please see Here

Added Dec 5, 2018. Must Read:  The Nascent Triumvarate Has Begun . and look who started it. 

Added Oct 30, Compare THIS with Dan 11:13a

Added Oct 20, Up Another Notch, see Here

Added Oct 3, 2018

Things appear to be escalating rapidly towards Dan 11:13, see Here and Here and Here (note date) 

Russia (new Soviet Union), is preparing herself very rapidly, stay tuned...... 

Added July 23, 2018

You should be aware of these news items:

Make sure you see the lower video here on Russia's new weapons systems

Note the timing of Russia divesting itself of U.S. Bonds Here.

Added November 13, 2017

Belt and Road, A 'sea-change' for the world.

Once again, the “One Super-Power World” is ending...... quite soon.....

Added June 21, 2017 w/o comment........
The "One Super-Power World" is ending.
Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Added Nov 22, 2016......

Please, please, be aware that by the end of 2017/first part of 2018, the United States (king of south) will be so weak in terms of the middle-east that the conditions described at Daniel 11:15b "no strength to withstand" will exist. Daniel 11:15 takes place at the US Embassy in the green-zone. Also look for possible extreme chaos within the US. Financially, politically, and socially.  the events relating to the US Embassy in the green-zone/Dan 11:15 have been mentioned on this site for YEARS. '

"King-of-the-South's" presence in the Middle-East will be entirely restricted to the Baghdad Embassy. Which is truly a "Fortified City". In fact, it is the "Fortified City" of Daniel 11:15. Sticking out like a sore-thumb, just waiting for Daniel 11:13 to start in 2018.  (see also Timeline) Do some research on the construction of this Embassy. It is consistently referred to as a "Fortress"and/or a "Fortified City".
The Bible says what it means. Again, just amazing.

"and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his best troops, neither shall there be any strength to withstand." Daniel 11:15-17
7 yrs. of global peace begin at this time......see Out-of-the-Blue on this website. (unfortunately followed by 7 yrs. of global wars)

Added on April 26, 2014....
Just a quick comment on the situation in the Ukraine. 
The Ukraine will be re-united with Mother Russia. As was mentioned on this site some time ago "Ukraine is to Russia [soviet union] as California is to the United States" i.e. essential
But Dan 11:13 won't start until about 2018. And it appears that Putin will have reformulated the Soviet Union by then. His
replacement starts Daniel 11:13, then he, in turn, is replaced..... and then a "vile person" arrogates rulership power to himself, apparently without election (Daniel 11:21).

**Please, Please, carefully read the following.......

( WRITTEN IN 2011)

20 years ago on August 19-24, 1991 the Soviet Union Began it's Death-Throes; Gorbachev was put under house arrest and the unraveling of the Soviet Union began it's inexorable progression.
Exactly 19 years later (One Metonic Cycle*,) on the exact same date,  Aug 19-24, 2010,  Medvedev called for the forming of a Union of Super-States of the former Republics. www.EuraisaReview.com

20 years ago from Dec 8 to Dec 12, 1991 the
CIS was formed, (Commonwealth of Independent States, made up of former Soviet Republics) and the Soviet Union began its Official Dissolving.
Exactly 19 years later (One Metonic Cycle) on Dec 10, 2010, the CIS met and Officially signed over 20 Treaties combining their Militaries, data-bases, inter-state commerce (Free-Trade Zone), law enforcement etc., etc. Thus, no longer Independent, but Interdependent. a de facto nascent new Soviet Union.

20 years ago, on Dec 21, 1991 The CIS gathered and reaffirmed the decisions made earlier
in the month.(Dec 8-12) With the Alma-Ata Protocol, (note date in article) re-confirming the dissolution of the USSR 
Exactly 19 years later (One Metonic Cycle) on Dec 21, 2010, the CIS met and re-affirmed the decisions made earlier in the month on Dec 10 with regard to reintegrating the CIS members (see news article immediately below).
CIS entering on final stage of talks on updated treaty on free trade area
Taken from InterFax Ukraine on: 12/16/2010

The last round of talks on the updated agreement establishing a free trade area in the CIS will be held on
December 21, Ukrainian Ambassador to Russia Volodymyr Yelchenko has said.

"This area formally exists, the agreement has been signed by all the countries, but this free trade zone is still virtual," Yelchenko explained during a press club meeting in Kyiv on Wednesday.

An updated agreement on free trade area in the CIS has been already finalized and the last round of talks is to take place on December 21, 2010, he said.

The diplomat added that the experts would analyze the updated agreement on the free trade area
so that it could start working next year.

When asked about the prospects of Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union, Yelchenko said: "The Customs Union has not even started working, and we are already talking about the accession. One day we might find we need to join it, but surely not today."

He also added that all the Customs Union's countries are not members of the WTO, while Ukraine has joined the organization. Therefore, in the case of Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union, they need to review the conditions stipulated in the agreement with the WTO, the ambassador said.

Hence, on the three exact same dates 19 years apart the reciprocal (Reversing) event has occurred.....

20 years ago on Dec 25, Gorbachev resigned, and the Soviet Union ended, one day later it Officially ended, Dec 26. And all Official functions of the USSR ended on Dec 31, 1991. And the process was complete by January 1, 1992.
If the pattern continues, on Dec 25 (26-Jan 1) the  Soviet ReUnion will emerge....

The sequence of events that lead to its Dissolution (Starting on Aug 19, 1991, see above)
have reversed identically.

(It may be a reasonable speculation that there will be
an official 20 Year Hiatus, thus around December 25th, 201-Jan 1, 2012, the Official [nascent] Re-emergence of the new Soviet Union may be [was] seen)

Yah jus' might want tah Look for a Soviet Union
ReDux about that time........

Yup, happened exactly on Jan 1, 2012. (but on a small scale) see: http://russiaprofile.org/business/52457.html

See also:

It's coming, keep watching around Dec 25, 2011-Jan 1, 2012. (Done but on a small scale )

The following Added Oct 23, 2011....

Long story short......
the Soviet Union will soon be back..... in it's New form, "Unexpectedly" according to Putin.....
20 year delayed "Free-Trade" agreement
suddenly happens.... making the CIS (current name of Former Soviet Union members) able to function as one....
And it looks to be "Just-in-Time" to end the Soviet Union's 20 year Hiatus,


Please Note that on Jan 1, 2015 this process goes up another notch:


The Soviet Union's "Death-Stroke"
is healing....... Rev 13:3 (compare w/ Rev 17:9-11, note: the Eighth King is a reformulation of the Seventh, i.e. the USSR....
"The beast which was and is not, is himself also an eighth [King] and is one of the seven [in it's new form].....NASB)

I really think December 25, 2017-January 1, 2018 will be it.

And please see “Out-of-the-Blue” on this Website.

"curiouser and curiouser........"