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           "Predictions are hard to make, especially about the Future." -Yogi Berra

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Cleaned-up a bit Feb 24, 2024




It appears, from multiple sources, that the true Biblical Jewish New Year will Begin around March 10-12. Aviv Reports look early. And NOT around April 9-11, the[incorrect] Official Jewish Date for this Year, 2024 :

Which Means that:

Actual Tisha B'Av [anniversary of the Temple Destruction] will be One Lunar Month Earlier than the Official Date for Tisha B'Av. Thus, July 15th NOT Aug 13th !

Which Means that:

The Peace Treaty/Equitable Terms [Strong's 3477 yasher, Jasher] of Dan 11:17 will be on July 15th give-or-take a day. NOT Aug 13th, as I had expected(Official Tisha B'Av)

Which Means that:

The 7 years of Peace will begin on July 15th (please see Out-of-the-Blue)

Which Means that:

Quite soon after the March 17th Russian Presidential Elections. And soon after True Passover/Memorial[March 24-5]. Dan 11:13 will start (Russian invasion of the Middle-East). It could be right after, or a month or two later. Daniel 11:13-17 feels very Fast-Paced. From start (vs 13) 'til Peace Treaty (vs 17) could be purdy Quick.... get ready !!!!!! 40 to 47 days before is Reasonable.

Which Means that:

Iff'n there is a typical Biblical "40 day" "Sea-Change intro", [40, 42, 44, even 47 day "Sea-Change" intro periods are possible]. Then Dan 11:13 could start as Early as May 30th [47 day]. i'm kinda favoring a 47 day intro as Noah's Flood had a 47 day intro, i.e. Ark doors closed, then 7 days wait, then 40 days of Flooding(Gen 7:4) and from 1991 'til 2038 is 47 years....... we'll see.  But The "40" is always absolute, the Extra days vary, very variously, for a very various variety of varied reasons. 
Please allow a couple of days of 'fudge-factor' either way, thanks.

Which Will Mean that:

Only The Empirical Calendar [actual observed events at Jerusalem, i.e. new Moon crescent, Barley conditions] will be the correct one for All End-Time Calculations.

Which Will Mean that:

All End-Time Events will be pre-knowable Generally over the long-term only within a Month-or-So. as all years will start Empirically i.e. Observed Abib Barley.

And that Precise Dates will have to be calculated closer to the actual Event.

as every month will have to start as Empirically (observed Jerusalem New Moon)

-added feb 28, 2024

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Added March 11, 2024
i've been watching for this.......

Added February 4, 2024
why wasn't this news more heavily reported ??
it seems to show a very different national state-of-mind in Russia than is commonly perceived......

Added January 25, 2024
ruh-roh....  (must read)
The reading of Dan 11:13-17 clearly shows that the coming invasion of the Middle-East will be Unopposed [vs 16]. This will most likely be from the Terror invoked because of the King-of-the-North's use of Nuclear Weapons to end the Ukrainian conflict.

please read, and take special note of the first 4 paragraphs in "Deterrence Efforts" section of this VOA news article.

and please (re?)read the last paragraph in the Jan 15 update just below

Added January 15, 2024
So, what's going on ?

Back in 2010 on Aug 19-24, of that year , i began to notice a pattern of Exact Reversal of the Collapse/Disintegration Events of the Soviet Union. So my Radar went up.....(please see  Reverse-O Change-O page)

....and the pattern continued with Many Exact Reversals on the Exact correct Date ! (again, please see Reverse-O Change-O) So when December 25, 2019 began to approach i was very alert and was very expectantly hopeful that The New Soviet Union would Return on that day...... but it didn't.... nuttin'.....

but then i thought to myself “self, maybe there is a needed adjustment to match the Hebrew Calendar for 1991, and use that Hebrew Calendar date for December 25, 1991 and then look for that date in the Reversal Process.” Which would make it January 15, 2020..... and Voila ! It all began to fit Perfectly again. And the Exact Reversal Happened !! (please see Reverse-O Change-O)

But here's where it seems that i've made my mistake:

Because the Soviet UNION Dissolved on Dec 25, 1991, and then the Soviet SYSTEM ended with a new Constitution on Dec 25, 1993, two years later, i began to expect that a 'Mirror Image' Reversal would happen two years after this New Constitution on Jan 15-22, 2020, with a New Soviet Union 2 years later.

silly me

i should have noticed that the Reversal that started in 2010 was a linear reversal, i.e. 1 2 3... 1 2 3, NOT a 'Mirror Image' reversal, i.e. 1 2 3..... 3 2 1.

Which seems to mean that January 15-22, 2020 essentially completes the process. or at least marks the Official beginning of the New Soviet Union... hmmm.... but to be honest, it still feels like a piece or two is missing ..... hmmm....

And in fact, the New Russian Constitution claims full Legacy to the Old Soviet Union. [please see “The Fourth Category of Amendments” HERE] in point-of-fact:  this has marked the point that the Soviet UNION is Officially becoming fully functional again, the Old Soviet communistic SYSTEM is never coming back. So it can't be part of the Reversal anyway...

By-the-Way, today January 15, 2024 is 4 years to-the-day....

So, what happens Next ?

Basically Dan 11:13 etc. can start ennytime with the caveat that the invasion of the Middle-East described there seems purdy speedy/fast and the Peace-Treaty of Dan 11:17 would be on July 15 if this happens this year. So, my gut-feeling is that Dan 11:13 would start just a few months before Tisha B'Av (July 15 corrected from Aug 13 based on Empirical Hebrew Calendar) [Out-of-the-Blue]

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