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Page Four: Thought Sherds 16-20

Thought-Sherds (It's a play on words, you know, "potsherds'' the little Earthenware fragments that Archaeologists find, with scriptures, notes, and things written on them,.... well if you have to explain it......  it's not so funny anymore)

Thoughtsherds: [thot '- surdz ] too small to be an article, but maybe big enough to make a difference.




Cosmic Do-Si-Do 

Just a fine point here......  but....  

God always keeps His word.....

And God promised Jesus that he, God, would place Jesus's enemies, at Jesus's feet (see Psalm 110:1 'Sit at my right hand while I place your enemies at your feet').

Now, draw your attention to what seems like an anomaly here.

In verse 1, Jesus is at God's right hand, and in verse 5, God is at Jesus's right hand...... hmmmm.......

Verse 1 corresponds to Dan 7:9 & Rev 11:17 Wherein God himself begins active dynamic rulership on Earth at the beginning of the Third Woe. (note: Dan 7:9 is more towards the end of the third woe)

Appx. Three and one Half Years later God hands over a subdued Earth (at Jesus's feet) to Jesus, which would correspond to Verse 5 of Psalm 110 and Dan 7:13,14 & Rev 14:1 and the END of the Third Woe. Thus, He would give Jesus a "Turn-Key" (Ready-to-Run) Kingdom.

Note too, that it is God NOT Jesus, who "Judge[s] nations and heap[s] up dead bodies" (NIV .Psalm 110 vs 6).  Jesus is left to deal with the obdurate 'leftover' nations for 'a time and a season' after the Beast and False Prophet are gone, (Dan 7:12) but they are securely 'under his Iron Rod' by that time....

By-the-Bye, there is only One Universal Kingdom; God's Kingdom, Jesus Runs it for the Thousand years and then gives it back to his Dad.  (1Cor 15:24-28) And then God gives it back to Jesus, and they both run it together forever as per Rev 22:3-5

Any other kingdom(s) would be a subset, or subordinate to that Kingdom.



Hour, Day, Month, & Year... (Rev 9:12-15) 

In the book of Daniel (10:13,20), it would seem to teach us that every national Group, or Nation, has an Angel (or Deamon) that acts as it's "Prince". Michael for Israel, etc. etc.

Using this same principle for the Four Angels at the River Euphrates In Revelation 9:15, , one makes an interesting Discovery: There are only Four Nations that physically touch the Euphrates River !   Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. (who knew ?)

Apparently this is describing the first Major War during the endtimes (see Timeline), and also marks the beginning of the second Woe. 200 million warriors are involved, which sounds Huge, and it is, but even WWI had appx. 65 Million troops. 1/3 of the Men are killed, which could refer to the Soldiers, or the general population. But if it's the general population that would be about 3 Billion dead ! So, if you're looking for the BIG war involving Iran, it's a looong time after the war (actually invasion) of Dan 11:13.(which Iran will prolly be involved in too) 

And this Major War begins at a Specific Hour, Day, Month, & Year, i.e. The Beginning of the Second Woe. And it is also the "time" mentioned at Daniel 11:24 as well. (July 29-30, 2031, 3 pm Jerusalem time, I think. subject to re-calculation)

By-the-Bye, the Fire, Smoke, & Sulphur ? 

The Bible is here simply predicting the use of Gunpowder in this coming war (with bullets/projectiles), One Thousand years before the Chinese even invented Gunpowder. Think about it; Fire, Smoke, & Sulphur.     Helluuuu.....Made me feel kinda dumb once I realized it.... sometimes it's too obvious. 

Note: the bible obviously does indicate you WILL know the Hour, Day, Month & year of this event.    hehe


It Has Been said:

"Power tends to corrupt, and Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely"...

But the truth is:

Power tends to test Integrity, And Absolute Power is the Absolute test of Integrity....

If this is True, then by this Absolute Measure God has proved His Integrity. (see)



Mind The Gap



After Dan 11:13-19 begins PLEASE be aware that there will most likely be a substantial Gap within Dan 11:21-24 wherein the Earth enters into a period of Global "Tranquility" (please see Dan 11:21&24 and "Out-of-the-Blue" ) 

This is also the same time-period that "The Whole World is at Peace" as mentioned in Zec 1:11 that precedes the rebuilding of the Temple. Altho I'm not sure, the Temple may be built towards the end of the first 7 year period, dunno. This is NOT the "Peace and Safety(Security)" of 1 Thess 5:3, that is much later. (Note: 1Thess 5:3 is not a long State of Peace, it is a specific Announcement of "Peace" at a specific moment in time.) 

It will very likely be a appx 6 to 7 Year gap.

There will be a lot of Biblical head-scratching until people realize this.

Prepare to enter into a long "Cone of Silence", Prophetically speaking.






Howcum ?



Whenever there is a Major "Sea-Change" in the Bible it is Always, Always, Always, preceded by a "40":  i.e. 40 days (flood, Jesus's ministry, etc.), 40 years (entry to the promised land, first king of Israel, first king from tribe of Judah etc. etc.). 

So where's the forty year preamble to the Biggest Biblical "Sea-Change" ever: "The End of the World"?

It is noteworthy that in Daniel Chapter 11 EVERY SINGLE EVENT from vs. 6 on is calibrated  with direct reference to the King of the North; i.e. the Soviet Union.

And what Water-Shed event relative to the Soviet Union would be the best candidate for the beginning of the Forty Year period ?

Interestingly, Revelation makes a Big Fat Hairy Deal out of  the "Wild Beast" because, "One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was astonished" Rev 13:3 And the same Beast (oh yes it is) and same event is mentioned again at Rev 17:8:"The beast, which you saw, once was, now is not, and will come up out of the Abyss and go to his destruction".  

This is the collapse and revival of the Soviet Union !

So there's your Marker Point. The disintegration of the Soviet Union (Dec 25, 1991) and the Soviet System (Dec 25, 1993). 

And from the beginning of the Second Woe until the Uber-End is the last 7 years, + some loose change (see Timeline)

Dan 11:13-17 will not be the beginning of the End per se, the Real beginning of the End will start about 7 yrs after Dan 11:13, in 2028)

So, said differently: it's years from now until the "business end" of The End begins. (Kinda makes yah wanna "frow-up", huh?)

Thus, the generation that saw the Soviet Union disintegrate will still be around when it's all over, 40 years later. Just like in the first century......

I think I'm gonna be sick........





How Long is "This Generation"?



Some would reply, "No, How Long is a China-man".

And really, is that kind of humor appropriate for a subject this serious ?



The phrase, "This (that) Generation" is used in the Bible for two (and by extension three) groups of people.

1. The "Generation" that left Egypt. = 40 yrs.  Ps 95:10, Acts 13:18, Heb 3:9,10,17, (note phrase in vs 10 "this generation"), 

2. The "Generation" that Jesus spoke of in the First century. = 40 yrs. Matt 24:34, Mark 13:30, & Luke 21:32

"Ummm...." you say, "I thought Jesus died in 33 AD, and the Temple was destroyed in 70 AD. That's only 37 years".

Well, actually there are TWO very well supported dates for His death; 30 AD and 33 AD.

Neither one presents a problem. Here's Why:

If He died in 30 AD, then the 40 years 'til 70 AD just pops out at you. However, if He died in 33 AD then the Generation simply started when He began His three-year ministry, again, in 30 AD. (note in Acts 13:18 Paul says, "about 40 years", so, there's a little 'wriggle-room' here too.)


3. The Current "Generation", that saw the Soviet Union disintegrate  = 40 yrs.   Matt 24:34, Mark 13:30, & Luke 21:32

And Just to be Very Clear: The Bible is not stating that a "Generation" is 40 years long, but it is referring to 40 years OF A GENERATION. There is a difference. 

Easy, huh ?



a simple request: if you share or use the information from this website, please, would you be so kind as to cite the source.... ?

tanx eh ?


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