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Page Seven: Thought Sherds 31-35

Thought-Sherds (It's a play on words, you know, "potsherds'' the little Earthenware fragments that Archaeologists find, with scriptures, notes, and things written on them,.... well if you have to explain it...... it's not so funny anymore)

Thoughtsherds: [thot '- surdz] too small to be an article, but maybe big enough to make a difference.



A Lateral Arabesque....... God, Horizontally speaking

All who write about God are just children talking about their Father that they have never seen, and crave to know. And as such, we have a propensity/tendency to fantasize and distort reality and create an imagined and usually, exaggerated perception. Heartbroken children tend to do that. If you've ever known a child who yearns for a father they've never met, you know what I'm talking about. Rarely do they have a healthy and balanced concept of their absent father. Thus, it is easy to create an exaggerated and distorted image/concept of God that instead of its desired goal, really distances us from God.

It's called religion.

If God could become a human and come to your house, what would he look like? how would he make you feel?

If you feel awestruck just considering that question, then please, you need to know/reconsider this: he would look as ordinary as ordinary could be, and be as comfortable as an old shoe to be around. Why did Yehovah have Jesus represent him on earth as a sub-ordinary-looking, nondescript, plain-jane guy (Isa 53:1-3)? Please read that scripture. Yehovah wants you to perceive him as approachable !! (Acts 17:27)

If He, God, came to your home, He would make you feel comfortable in your own skin. He might even wash your feet, You know, like Jesus :)

Here's what I remind myself to keep my view of God balanced; God/Yehovah is just a person. No that's not blasphemy. We're made in his image, and we're just persons too. To call God 'just a person' does not bring him down, it should humble us to realize how generously and wonderfully he made us. To say “comparing God to us degrades God”, really is backwards. When a person thinks or says that, it really detracts from the power and supercalifragilisticexpialidociousness of God's creative abilities, and intent, his profound generosity, and gifts. (If and when the full force of this hits you, it will take your breath away. As I always say; Who is this God !?! Man !) Why do you think Jesus found it so hurtfully offensive to call someone a despicable fool ?(matt 5:22) He equated it with calling God, his Father a fool. Didn't Jesus say that 'the way you are treating the least of these my brothers, is the same away you would treat me'? Someone somewhere said 'with the same mouth we praise God and curse our fellow-man made in his image'.

When it is said here “God is just a person” it is not bring him “down”, but, to be honest, it is said with a little shock value to snap us into reality, and bring him, not “down” but “towards”. This is not a 'vertical' statement, it is a 'horizontal' statement. He is an approachable person, he's our Dad 'fer cryin' out loud'!

Or as a friend of mine says, “before when I would pray I would always look up, but now I find myself looking along-side”.

And yes, just as any child, many times we do need to look up, and many times we do need to hang our little heads down. And many times our kind Father pulls us along-side.

As Fathers tend to do.


The Name of God......

In a previous life, when I was a Negro Nanny, (no, really.... kinda) my little 7 year old 'chile' that wuz my charge, one time came to me to show me some pet mice babies of hers. She had three in one hand and three in the other. She pointed to the three in her first hand, and carefully told me their names. So, I asked her what wuz the names of the three in her other hand. “Oh, they don't have names.”, “Why?” I asked. “Because I'm going to sell those to the pet-store, and if I give them names I get too attached”. (true story)

Out of the Mouth of Babes”......

How is it that a 7-year old 'chile' natively understands the emotional bonding-power of calling even a baby mouse by its name, but “wise” adult bible scholars/teachers don't seem to understand this principle when dealing with our God ? And in fact, care naught, that the 7,000 occurrences of his name have been removed from most versions of his own book ?

Phunnie, huh ?

You can have no true meaningful emotional relationship or bond with anyone for whom you either do not have and/or do not use a name.

This is hard-wired into us, even a child instinctively knows this !

Note how prisoners are de-humanized by changing their name into a number.

But we really don't know the correct pronunciation of God's name, so, out of respect we shouldn't try to say it”, some pompous, self-righteous, pedantic, poo-heads, (of course I mean that in the good sense) might say.

But please consider this: when a small child mispronounces the name of a pet, or sibling it is not treated with contempt by any involved. In fact, often-times the mispronunciation becomes a life-long term of affectionate endearment.

It is not the pronunciation, but the affectionate bond that can only come with, and, from the USING of that name that matters.

"God” is not a name. It is a job description.

What is the name of our God ?

I would say “Yehovah”.

Why ?

Please consider this: The name of our Creator should sound euphonic, yes, even Beautiful. Think about that. Could the Creator of Beauty not have a beautiful name ? Okay, now think about it again.

Those who favor “Yahweh”, or variations of that pronunciation/spelling, miss two powerful points:

         1. There is no “W” sound in Hebrew !! Did you know that ?

         2. And it sounds awful !!

Please place your hand on your throat/adam's-apple and say the name “Yehovah”. Do you notice how your adam's-apple goes through the complete “Vowel Spectrum” eeee-oooo-aaaah ? Your adam's-apple descends the complete length of your throat, as the full Vowel-Spectrum seems to pour straight down into your Heart. Simultaneously, the “consonant producing organ” (teeth, mouth, tongue) goes from almost fully closed yeeeee,( notice your teeth) to to almost fully open vaaaah, (notice your jaw).

Thus, as you are saying this beautiful, euphonic name, Yehovah, You are literally “opening-up”, as you are at the same time, drawing deeply down towards your Heart. How perfect is that ?! (This pronunciation of his Name really has this distinct feeling, it really does. Once you become conscious of this, you can't miss it. ).

To the physical-man or even to a secular bible-scholar, all of this little 'thought-sherd' proves nothing.......

....but to the spiritual person, i.e. the one who reasons with and on healthy emotions, ahhh yes, this is “heap big medicine”, powerful stuff to ponder.

"if it's not simple, and if it's not beautiful, it's probably not true”

(for“Jehovah”all of this is works the same, but the“J” is really not technically correct)


Destroy this Temple... And in 3 days I Will Rebuild it.....

This Scripture: John 2:19-21, that is referenced here, wherein Jesus says, “Destroy this Temple, and in three days I will raise it up... ...but he was speaking of the Temple of His body.


The Greek DOES NOT say “But”, it says ALSO . The context should make this Super-Duper abundantly clear:

A. Jesus had just cleansed the Literal Physical Temple. He was standing right there !

B. His own Disciples, standing right there at The Temple, specifically called to mind the Scripture that said “The Zeal for YOUR house will consume me” referring to his Father's house.

C. Everyone there knew EXACTLY what he was referring to. The Pharisees and Priests specifically referring to this at his trial (Matt 26:61). And mocking him with the Phrase at his Crucifixion “you who would destroy The Temple and rebuild it in Three Days!”

D. But here's the Point: He was ALSO referring to Himself !

E. “de” (G1161) is correctly translated as: also, and, moreover, etc.etc. Rarely, if ever, as “but”.

F. Thus, When the rebuilt Temple is Destroyed on Tisha B'Av 2037, Jesus will literally rebuild the Temple Himself THREE DAYS LATER !!! Just as He promised !!

G. Please re-read Ezekiel chapters 40-48. It is NOT a blueprint for the construction of The Temple and environs, as is commonly thought, IT IS A PROPHETIC TOUR OF AN EXISTING FACILITY. Might I suggest; one that is made without human hands..... three days after the “Third Temple” is destroyed ….yup, rebuilt by Jesus.....just as he said.....

and please see on this WebSite: “A Disturbing Discovery

and iff'n yah really want to get into it, please see Thought-Sherds #43 thru #46


If you want to enjoy your Own Crucifixion: Don't Cause It !!

Meaning: Make sure it's Their Fault ! Not because of something foolish or unwise or Prideful that You did.
You know, blameless, just like Jesus.



Reign Reign Go Away, come again some other Day......

That Jesus has a Kingship is purdy much known to everybody.

But let's just take a brief moment to clarify that before we get into the point of this little ThoughtSherd....

Jesus is not a King for 1000 years, and he does not have a Kingdom of a 1000 years. He has always been a King. And always will be (Rev 22:3-5). When Pilate asked Him 2000 years agoare you a King ?”, Jesus simply and clearly said “Yes”. The Bible never says that He will rule as King for 1000 years. The only ones who's length of rule is restricted and described as 1000 years are His 144,000 Millennial co-reagents. They rule with him for 1000 years. (Rev 20:4) Nowhere does the the Bible say that Jesus rules as King for 1000 years. Nor does he have a Kingdom of a 1000 years.

He will rule THE Universal Kingdom of God that Yehovah and He have always ruled, but for 1000 years WITHOUT Yehovah.

Why ?

Has God been bad and has to go to his room ?

No. silly earthling.

Well then, why ?

Satan's Challenge is Directly with Yehovah. As is clearly demonstrated in the book of Job. As such, They are both litigants in the same Court-Case. And legally must be treated equally or it will invoke a mistrial.

Thus, if Satan is put “On Ice”, i.e. put in the Abyss for the Millennium, and can have no influence on Earth for those 1000 years while Jesus does somewhat of a reset.... Then Yehovah LEGALLY MUST BE EQUALLY RESTRAINED DURING THE SAME TIME PERIOD AND EQUALLY NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE ANY INFLUENCE ON EARTH FOR THOSE 1000 YEARS !!! It would simply NOT BE LEGALLY FAIR. And Satan would have every reason and right to scream “Unfair !” And demand a mistrial.

But please consider this: This also means that Yehovah can have NO CONTACT or communication with Jesus or any of Jesus's co-reagents or anyone who would or could have any contact with any of them for that same 1000 years !!!!

ergo, Yehovah will have to be legally held ex-communicado (read; disfellowshipped) in some Legally Confirmable way for those same 1000 years !! How that will be done, I don't know. But man-o-man, how much humiliation does He have to go through !?!

It makes me think once again of Psalms 138:2 … wherein David, Speaking of Yehovah says: “I have come to see that You are the kind of person that values keeping your word so much, that you put the doing of right, and the keeping of your word, as more important than how people may view you as a Person. No matter how much it may affect your reputation or hurt you.”(my lengthy paraphrase)

Once again, ask yourself, “self, why does Jesus run The Kingdom for 1000 years without Yehovah ?” well...... now you know.

As I always say, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE !!! (referring to Yehovah & Jesus)

...and as I always warn you: don't try to understand this website religiously. But logically, legally, and with strong healthy emotions......

..walking away shaking my head, “who really are these people ?”......

just a brief "post script" here on the mechanics of how that sequence works: 

Yehovah gives Jesus complete control of a "Turn-Key" Kingdom Situation/Rule, after He, Yehovah completes the Heavy-Lifting & Judgment as per Ps 110:1 & Dan 7:9-14.
1000 years begins. 
After Jesus completes His Millennial Repair/Reset, He Humbly and Graciously gives back to Yehovah the Whole Kingdom. (1 Cor 15:24-28). 
Yehovah Gratefully accepts it and Graciously gives Jesus back his Co-Regency, as per Rev 22:5

And Please see ThoughtSherd #16





Just a little Spiritual/Mental Gymnastic exercise here: 

If the First person to invent and tell a Lie is Satan (and he is) that means that for all or the Billions and Billions of years that the Universe existed before that first Lie, no-one had ever heard a lie, or heard of lying. That would suggest a very very different Spiritual/Mental Environment for a long long long time..... The implications of that change in mental/emotional patterns is profound...... if you would like to pursue that thought-line and it's stunning implications please take a backwards look in Time at THIS ARTICLE HERE on the website you are now reading.



What's The Point of AI ? (Artificial Intelligence)......

Every so often I like to take a word/concept I've heard all my life, and take a hard fresh look at it.
Many times I've wondered about "Control".

Control, why do people want to control other people ? It really puzzled me for a long time.

Upon long reflection, "Control" is always about "Worth-Ship" or more commonly pronounced "Worship". (see ThoughtSherd #30 above). When someone is over-controlling, isn't it because they value their own Worth above others ? And want others to view them as having a higher Worth than others ?
Although sometimes Control can be about Good Worth-Ship, as when a parent controls a child. And in fact, when Control is not mixed with "Greed", it is usually not a problem.

So, AI is really about greedy super-control, thus about Super-Worship.

And the Goal of AI (actually, ASI,
Artificial Super Intelligence) is in the Bible.

Right here, at Rev 13:11-15. Yup, a man-made super-god, connected to every bit (byte) of information, with a very chilling little twist:
Some-how, by some legal ploy of Satan, it is granted "The Very Breath of Life", vs 15,
(and please compare with Rev 13:7, and Luke 22:31 and Job 1:7-2:7)

Holy Guacamole

AI, not just for Cattle anymore......

and please see these links: HERE & HERE, remembering that "Chindia" is the "Two-Horned Beast" of vs 11.... please SEE

(just an extra thought or two to ponder......
Without the non-parity nature of Quantum events (Lee-Yang non-Parity Principle etc. etc.)
everything would be ultimately predictable. It just would be a challenge to the order-of-magnitude/size of your computer.

But Quantum Mechanics introduces non-certainty, thus non-predictability.
In fact, for many decades i have felt that free-will has its roots in the non-parity (quantum) realm.
If this is true, and i believe it is, then a quantum-based (Qubit) computer functions in the realm of free-will.
And as such, a Qubit-based A.I. god would, logically, have some legal rights to demand the "very breath of God", i.e. His Spirit.
It being a free-moral/free-will entity.

It seems quite clear, at least to me, that this 'demand' will be made by Satan, and it will be "Granted". (rev 13:15, compare with rev 13:7 and luke 22:31)
(luke 22:31, "Demanded", NAS, Darby, ESV, and others)

It's Worth noting that The Ol' Debbil has a strong propensity and pattern of Copying Yehovah.
With that in mind, Please consider this; Yehovah has access to the Wonderful abilities of The Holy Spirit to search into ALL THINGS. (I Cor 2:10) Satan ain't got nuttin' like that yet,...... until this happens. Every bit/byte/device on earth, and many Human brains will be connected to this AI (ASI) Super-God. Nothing will be hidden.
An old friend used to say, "Before this world ends, what is in every Heart & Mind will be revealed".
Your only defense will be a pure pure pure Heart/Spirit. Please Remember too, the Human Brain/Mind is not built for Intellectual Speed. But for slow Spiritual/Emotional Rumination. Or as someone once said 'we're put here on Earth to just putz-around, and don't let ennyone tell you otherwise'.

But that puts us at an infinite intellectual Dis-Advantage against an AI Super-God. Again, your only defense is an Impeccably Pure Spirit.

I really hope this is Registering with you. Please see Thought-Sherd #2 (rev 6:2 & 3:12,13)

that there is a Biological/Mind connection to Quantum Stuff see: Chemistry World Article HERE

And see

this thought-sherd was originally posted about mid-2019


A sacred secret about God. and i'm whispering so that only you can hear it:

If you don't give a dam, He don't give a dam".

He cares about what you care about, and how you care about it, and how much you really care about it.
really really really really really really think about that, no, really.
this is really
so so important. it cannot be overstated, it cannot.
(someone once said, "you must worship with spirit" i.e. pure strong emotions)
Why do you think Yehovah let Jesus cry his guts out and sweat blood in the Garden of Gethsemane ?
Yehovah needed to see, and Jesus needed to see, just how deeply Jesus felt about it.
Very similar, I think, to Yehovah letting Abraham get right to the point of slaughtering Isaac. "NOW I do know you fear Me". (Gen 22:12)

This is very much a part of Being 'Baptized into Christ's death'.

Spirit really matters, Always.....


a simple request: if you share or use the information from this website, please, would you be so kind as to cite the source.... ?

tanx eh ?




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