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Page Two: Thought Sherds 6-10

Thought-Sherds (It's a play on words, you know, "potsherds'' the little Earthenware fragments that Archaeologists find, with scriptures, notes, and things written on them,.... well if you have to explain it......  it's not so funny anymore)

Thoughtsherds: [thot '- surdz ] too small to be an article, but maybe big enough to make a difference.



 The Greatest possession you own is your Free-Will.

The Greatest possession you own is your Free-Will.
And rightly, when someone tries to take away your free-will (your most valuable possession and gift from God) you get angry. And when you try to take away someone else's free will (their most valuable possession and gift from God) they get angry.

It seems that all conflicts come from people either abusing other's free-will or having their free-will abused.

And the abuse of dignity too.

Why dignity too ?
Our Dignity comes from our sense of self-worth due to the fact that we are created in God's image.
When we hurt someones Dignity we hurt their "Godishness". (compare with Matt 5:22)
What deeper insult could there be than to imply that a person is not in God's image, or that the God that they are in the image of is is a worthless God ?

So, to take away someone's Free-Will is to take away their
Greatest Gift and Possession from God, and to hurt their Dignity is to take away their sense of Worth and Who they are, that comes directly from God. (and insults God as well).

The abuse of Free-Will and Dignity would appear to be at the root of all conflict.

Kinda makes sense, huh ?

Please Take the time to think about this until you can really
feel it ..... it's quite important.....MeThinks.....



 The one who invented Language does NOT need to be corrected when he speaks.

(oddly enough)

And yet how often when different ones are explaining the Bible, do you see a change from the most obvious and clear meaning of the words that are right in front of you, to fit an agenda ?

We should conform our thinking to the Bible, not the Bible's thinking to ours. (Ezk 18:25)

The secret to interpreting the Bible is:

Just read what it says..... (yes, there are exceptions, but let them find you. We shouldn't go looking for them.)

The simple, self-evident, principles of all honest clear communication would by logical necessity hold true for the words of the one who invented language and communication.

That seems rather clear, yes ? ........



A Time, Times, and half a Time.....

This Phrase is somewhat unique in the Bible, in that it is one of the few phrases that occurs  
in each of the Three languages that the Bible was written in i.e. Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek.
The word for time(s) in Aramaic is;
iddan     (Dan 7:25)      Strong's  H5732

The word for time(s) in Hebrew is;  mow'ed  (Dan 12:7)      Strong's  H4150

The word for time(s) in Greek is;     kairos    (Rev 12:14)      Strong's  G2540 

Kairos is never translated as "year".
Mow'ed is
never translated as "year".
Iddan is
never translated as "year".
can be correctly translated as "Season".
Thus, in this unique phrase, the Bible actually has an internal, phrase-specific, "Rosetta Stone" that
precludes the use of the word Year....

And Yet it is Universally accepted that "A Time, Times, and half a Time" is Three and One Half Years. But that's
NOT what the Bible says. God certainly had access to the word "Year" if he wanted to use it.(*and see ThoughtSherd No.7) 

But if you use the more correct term "Season"
in all three Scriptures (Dan 7:25, Dan 12:7, & Rev 12:14), (keeping in mind that a season in the Middle East is 6 months not 3 months, only two seasons there; summer & rainy) it becomes One Year and 9 months, or, Half of Three and One Half years.

The King of the North's
total world domination of a "Time, Times, and Half a Time", mentioned in Dan 7:25 can only begin after Dan 11:40 (King of the South destroyed). And the Third woe, (which IS about 3 years; 1260 days) begins many verses earlier at Dan 11:31. So, Dan 11:40 & Dan 7:23,25 are harmonious only if the correct word "Season" is used.
Daniel 7:23 also lends support that the "Time, Times, and Half a Time" is after total ("Whole") world domination is achieved, thus, after Dan 11:40.

So, The "Time, Times, and Half a Time" of Dan 7:25 & Dan 12:7 refer to the LAST half of the third woe. (Note: In the Vision, it is after Michael stands up to protect Israel that "The Man in Linen" is asked 'For How much longer?', and he then says 'for a time, times, and half a time'.)

And "The Time, Times, and Half a Time" of Rev 12:14 refers to the
FIRST half of the third woe:
The Woman, (She would appear to be Israel, as she produces the Messiah, and Satan  pursues her seed, both Natural and Christian. Really, who else could it be?) , 
is away from the face of the Serpent for the first half of the 1260 days that she is fed in the wilderness, But Michael has to stand and protect her from the face of Serpent for the last half of the 1260 days (Dan 12: 1).
Yes, She is Fed in the Wilderness for the full 1260 days, but She is only "
away from the face of the Serpent" for the first half of that time, Her "Feeding" continues under Michael's protection for the last half of the 1260 days, or stated differently; For the next 3 seasons .

This would seem to indicate that the "
Tribulatio Magna" will be about One Year and 9 months. (actually one year and 10 months. see #9 below)

(Oooh.... Me head Hurts, I have to stop now.... There will be a longer article later...
ooooh,  my head ....)

* See Lu 4:25 & Jas 5:17; when God wants to say three and one half years, He says what he means, Clearly. 

(These are the Biblical words for Year
Shawnah H8141, Aramaic Shenah H8140, Greek Etos G2094 & Eniautos G1763)

see below too......



Who'd A-thunk it ?

Once you see that the "Time, Times, and Half a Time" is referring to
Seasons, and not years, you can make an interesting discovery.... or should it be said "A Very Interesting Discovery" ?
(simplified version April 30, 2012) :

Starting with 'The time that the Daily Sacrifice is Removed' (Dan 12:11, 12) and using the 1335 day limit shown in verse 12, you simply combine some very well-known Bible/Spiritual principles with the Idea of the Three and One Half Seasons.

First: Subtract 40 Days, using the Principle of  a 40 Day/Year intro to any Major Biblical "sea-change", to mark the Beginning of the Mid-Week of Daniel Chapter 9 (3rd Woe), thus; 1335-40(inclusive) = 1296 Days

Second: Using the "Three and One Half SEASON" Principle, (thus, Half of Three and One Half years[1260 days], hence; 630 days.) Subtract 630 days from 1296 days = 666 days....

So, the "Calculation" of "The Man's Number" (Rev 13:18)  i.e. 666, would appear to not refer to his Name, but to the Length, in Days, of his Absolute and Total Global Reign of Terror.
Seeing his
Total power begin at the mid-point of the Third Woe will be a clue for alert Christians that his 666 day TOTAL rule has begun. (Daniel 11:40-43)

So, His Number
is 666, and his Days are numbered.

"But wait", you say, how can people have or wear "The Number" if this is true ?

Well, when any World-Altering event happens, it becomes a
Marked Date, i.e. 9/11, The Fourth of July, etc.etc.
The exact day that the Beast/King of the North Establishes Total World Domination will truly be a Marked date. "A Day that Will live Forever in Infamy", to steal a phrase.  As such, it will become a Great part of popular Culture. That people will acknowledge and display that Date should come as no surprise. It is a normal pattern for all such events. And to accept, and/or wear or display that Number will be be tantamount to honouring Satan/The Beast's Global reign of Terror.
for the world in general, the Number will be the Beginning Date.
for Alert Christians, the Calculated Number  (rev 13:18) will reveal the 666 days, and thus reveal the End Date.      

(July 25, 2034 is my current best calculation)

It's the Two Ends (book-ends) of the Same Number.

(Prov 25:2 "It is the glory of God to conceal a matter" NKJV)

If true, how 'velly cleva' of God.

So, It Prolly goes like This:  

1. Absolute Total Global Power Begins After/At Dan 11:40 (King of South Gone/Occupied, this is the mid-point of  Woe 3. The Beginning of the 666 days)
2. Disturbing Reports from North and East heard at about day 630 (End of the second 3 Seasons) (Resurrection of Ancient Christians Begins ?)
3. During the next 30 Days forces are Gathered to Har-Magedon
4. As per 1 Thess 4:16,17 Christ's Bride taken to Heaven somewhere about Day 660, don't know exact “day or hour” (the 1290th day of Dan 12:11)
5. False Christians/Religions DO NOT ascend to Heaven, which makes them look really really Stupid, and as a consequence nobody fears them anymore, any control and power they have is gone, G-O-N-E. Thus the nations, without fear, turn on Them/Her. It is Fierce and fast and they Get Killed in "One  Hour",  as per Rev 18:9. It's prolly a 6 day event, or less. It is led by Man of Lawlessness/Beast as the last act of His Reign of Terror. This is the  Destruction of  Babylon the Great. It will be a whoreable event for Her.
6. Consequentially, a declaration of "Peace and Security" is made,(1Thess 5:1-3).... And thus concludes His/AntiChrist's/Man of Lawlessness's Rule.

P.S. Very Simplified Version:

Subtract  the 3 Days that the Two Witnesses lay in the Street After the end of The second Woe, (Rev 11:7-10) from the Beginning of the Third Woe. Start your removal of the constant feature there, at the beginning of the Third Woe (Dan 12:12, 1335 days), and divide the remaining 1332 days in half using the Three and one Half SEASON principle; Volla.... 666 days. And Remember it Ends at Tisha B'Av (2034) 
So, there are Two 666 Day periods. The first 666 Days are GENERAL World Domination by "The Beast", and the Second 666 Days are
Absolute/Total World Domination. Thus the Mid-week of Dan Chapt 9:27 begins at the beginning of the third Woe. And half-way through the third Woe the 666 Days of Total World Domination Begin.

'anyone with intelligence can interpret the number of the beast'   -rev 13:18  see njb and any interlinear


Anything Truly New, Learned for the First Time, is Learned Slowly.......



A Little Riddle

Many higher critics of the Bible jump on any apparent inconsistencies in the Bible so as to prove that the Bible is not really "God-Breathed".
An example of this is the first part of Genesis. Because of what appears at first to be a cobbled-together narrative, these Bible Critics have claimed that there are multiple sources
/authors to Genesis.
And actually, at first glance they seem to be correct.
Read Genesis Chapter 1 through Chapter 2 verse 7. Verses 5 and 6 seem to Pop out of nowhere as a true Non-sequitur. Go ahead and read those verses, I'll just wait right here.

Funny huh ? It really doesn't make sense does it?
So, a person that was looking for a flaw in the Scriptures would seem to have found one.

But let's look at it in context.
Moses had just finished telling the story of Creation to Israel, an agrarian people. Now a city person would think that the story was over, but to Ag people he had raised some questions. Farmers know that many agricultural products just don't exist in wild forms.
Wheat, rice, chickens, sheep, etc. etc.
as farmed, don't exist, and generally can't survive or be found in their cultivated  form in the wild. Farmers know this.
So, Moses was simply anticipating what he knew would be their next question.

carefully verse 5: 'There was yet no plant of the FIELD.' 'There was no Man to Cultivate the ground'.
A very dear friend who was a Professor of Agriculture once said, "There is no Agricultural product that can achieve the
level of quality or variety in it's wild form as it can under the cultivation of Man".

Now if you don't mind, please read Verses 7-9, &15 with special note of verse 15.

So, Gen 2:5-6 is not out of sequence, and Gen 2:7-9, &15 is not out of sequence.
Gen 2:5,6 simply acknowledges that the plants etc.,
in the cultivated form that the Israelites were farming, as field plants, did not begin to exist until the end of the 6th day.
And Gen 2:7-9 &15 clearly describes the creation and placing of the Cultivator (Adam)
in a God-designed Garden/Field laboratory (vs8), who then began, under God's gentle teaching, to produce Cultigens, etc. etc.


a simple request: if you share or use the information from this website, please, would you be so kind as to cite the source.... ?

tanx eh ?


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