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Page Ten   Thought-Sherds 46 - 50

Thought-Sherds (It's a play on words, you know, "potsherds'' the little Earthenware fragments that Archaeologists find, with scriptures, notes, and things written on them,.... well if you have to explain it......  it's not so funny anymore)

Thoughtsherds: [thot '- surdz ] too small to be an article, but maybe big enough to make a difference.


Thought-Sherd 46

The End of the 70 Weeks (the last 'half week')

It's a funny thing, but if you're into sub-atomic Physics (or really deeply into anything, for that matter) just about the time you think you've come to 'the last piece of the puzzle', the 'diapason' (cool word), ...... “boing !!” out pops a whole new cascading vista of riddles/elements/variations etc.

In point-of-fact, one time in listening to a person talking about the “Standard Model” i.e. a list/pattern of sub-atomic particles, the person said, 'this is what we seem to know now, but in fact, as we learn more, it may well be that the list is infinite !'

Which, oddly enough, brings us back to Daniel 9:24-27.

Yes, I believe Thoughtsherds 43-45 explain the 7 weeks, and the 62˝ weeks, but it also seems to become apparent that Dan 9:24-27 may have multiple layers of fulfillment.

But for now, let's finish off this first “Layer”.

It quite Simply appears to go like this:

The Seven weeks: Starts at Tisha B'Av (537-8 b.c.e,) and ends 7 Weeks later with High Priest Joshua (Jesus) inaugurating Sacrifices on the New Altar at its Permanent Temple Location on Tishri 1.
(that it is 7 weeks from Tisha B'Av 'til Tishri 1[49 days, Non-inclusive] is NOT speculation please see ThoughtSherd#45)

The Sixty-two and One Half weeks: Starts at the beginning of Jesus's earthly Walkabout. And Ends with Him dying and Fulfilling the Law, Sacrifices, and rending/ripping open the Curtain to the Most Holy. Essentially UN-Anointing The Most Holy. (please see ThoughtSherd #44)

And here it is (tada):

The Last Half-Week: Starts on Tisha B'Av (2038) with the Destruction of what is called “The Third Temple” and Ends THREE DAYS LATER with the Completion of the Construction of the Ezekiel Temple and the Subsequent Anointing/Consecrating of its Brand-New “Most Holy”. (and please see Temple on this website).

So, there's yer 70 weeks. It's a simple Triple-pattern of a High Priest named Jesus each time, Anointing, UN-Anointing, and RE-Anointing the Temple Worship in Jerusalem (Jerushammah Eze 48:35).

So it turns out that the "70 weeks" are:

3 Separate non-contiguous (non touching) periods of time, literal weeks of literal days, that relate to pure Temple Worship in Jerusalem  (Jerusalem becomes Jerushammah Eze 48:35):

The First; High Priest Joshua [also named Jesus or Jeshua] 7 weeks after the Cyrus Decree (c.538-7) Anointing the Altar in Jerusalem. (7 weeks)

The Second; From the beginning of the 40 days of Jesus Christ's Ministry, to the subsequent Fulfilling the Law, and Un-Anointing the Most Holy, rending curtain of Most Holy. (62.5 weeks)

The Third; Jesus Building the Ezekiel Temple 3 Days after the Temple is "Torn Down" (just as he promised at John 2:19-21 and please see Temple article red highlighted area) and Anointing its New Holy of Holies (.5 days ?) Dan 9:24 end of verse.(3.5 days= .5 week)

7 + 62.5 + .5 = 70

Yeah, it's a little different.... but it is the most precise fit to dan 9:24-27 i've ever heard, and it exactly reflects the way it's written. i.e. three non-contigious time periods relating to pure Holy Worship at Jerusalem by Jesus [Joshua, Jeshua]

As was alluded to in the beginning of this Thought-Sherd, this also raises a bunch o' questions as to multiple fulfillments/applications. Which there are.

But those are Stories for another Day.



Thought-Sherd 47

Jesus, Parthenogenically Speaking.....

It's a funny thing, and you wouldn't think it, but parthenogenesis occurs with some regularity here on Earth. That's when an un-impregnated Female Spontaneously produces offspring. And in some surprisingly very high-order life-forms. Another way of saying “Parthenogenesis” is “Virgin Birth”.

Now, let me stop you for just a moment, and give the usual reminder/warning:

Don't approach anything on this Website Religiously. But Logically, Legally, Emotionally/Spiritually, and in this Case, Biologically.”

You have been Warned. (again)

"So, what's yer point here ?

Simply, to condition/acculturate your thinking to the idea that parthenogenesis is not an unnatural thing. Actually, from the research I've seen, a mild propensity towards incipient parthenogenesis occurs in humans. It is prevented from completion by certain biochemical firewalls, but with intervention it could be quite do-able.

The reason for mentioning this is that many Christians believe that Mary was made pregnant by God/Holy Spirit. And that is Simply NOT true. And is NOT what the Bible says. But even Further, it would violate/negate/nullify the Ransom ! And since it's 'just us chickens' here, I'll just say it, “Saying that God/Holy Spirit made her pregnant is just a little creepy”. And as my mom always said. “the truth should always honor/raise your view of God”.

What the Bible really says is that “The Holy Spirit Over-Shadowed her”. What that means is that the Holy Spirit allowed Human Parthenogenesis to proceed by disabling the Natural Fire-Walls, and enhancing Parthenogenic Progression*. The reason that this can be known to be true is this:


If God/Holy Spirit were the Biological Father, he would Only be 50% Jewish, 50% a Descendant of Adam, and only 50% part of the Original Human Family/Court-Case !!!

Only by being a product of Parthenogenic Reproduction could he be 100% the “Corresponding Ransom” (anti-lutron) For Adam. (and please see A Simple Law) and probably looked alot like his mom......

*the Holy Spirit may have modified some existing genetic material to create a Y chromosome. however, there is some evedience that a woman can have some Y material floating around (autosomal ? please see 1st sentence in 3rd paragraph here) Mary was young enough that if she had picked up any Y material that her mom may have had while Mary was "in utero", it could still be in Mary's system. but if the Legal understanding expressed here is true, the Holy Spirit/God could not ADD ANY genetic material.

and altho this website severely frowns on any speculation, viewing it as a sign of spiritual immaturity..... ahem..... i would suggest that in view of the fact that Mary's cousin Elizabeth (luke 1:5,38,39,40)was from the tribe of Levi, and "a Daughter of Aaron" that ol' Mary may well have had some Levitical autosomal Y DNA to draw from. which would mean that Jesus, not genealogically, but genetically,may have had some Priestly Rights.


Thought-Sherd 48

........ about the Ninth Hour.....

There are very few events in the Bible wherein we know the hour of the day that something happened.

But there is one Event that the Bible goes way out of its way to make Very clear of the Exact Hour.

And that event is the Hour of Jesus's death. Matt 27:46, Mark 15:33, 34, Luke 23:44 (the “ninth hour” Jewish System, is Three in the afternoon, please remember that.)

"are there not 12 hours in the day ?” -Jesus at John 11:9. thus the 6th hour is noon, and the 9th hour is 3 o'clock pm)

So Why does the Bible go to such Great Lengths to make this so very very Clear ?

"The Great Time-Keeper” AKA Yehovah, turns out to be, “The Great Time-Keeper”. (Surprise !!) As observation of Nature clearly Shows.

And as it turns out, the Hour of Jesus's Death also turns out to be a “Frame-of-Reference”, or Calibration Tool.

Case-in-Point: Rev 9:15 “HOUR, day, month and year”. Suggesting quite Clearly that the event therein described is Predictable with Uncommon Precision. i.e., to-the-hour ! And Simply put, what Hour-of-the-day in the Bible has more meaning and more verifiability than 3 O'clock pm ? This by Virtue of it's being the hour of Jesus's Death. Thus becoming the only obvious/default Calibration Tool for a time-of-day Prophecy !?!

Just some speculation here: A good case can be made that Jesus was born in the afternoon, giving Mary some time to recoup after Jesus's birth before the Shepherds came that night. An afternoon Baptism makes sense as well. Again, my speculation.

And “Did You Know ?” that the Event that is, with little argument, the Bell-Weather event for our Times: September 11, 2001 began at 7:59am ET. Which of course was “About 3 in the afternoonIsrael time [and Moscow]

Just thought you should know.......

and please see:



note: It's interesting to note that flight 11 was delayed for 14 minutes, which put it right on time for 3 pm
Jerusalem time.

Also worth noting is that when Cestus Gallus finally breached the Temple wall in 66 ce it was mid-afternoon
and i would be willing to wager, about 3 o'clock


Thought-Sherd 49

The Time-Machine is currently:  On   Off

(it as has been mentioned here before, that this is the only website that actually has a real Time-Machine)

Without a Time-Machine you wouldn't know these things:

But when Jesus was a young boy he used to go and visit his cousins up on the North-West coast of Galilee. His mom and dad trusted him a lot, remember how they didn't even notice he was missing for a day when he was 12 ? (Luke 2:41-44)That just shows that he was trusted.

And even back then moms needed a break now and then. Well, whenever he would go to visit his cousins, Aunt, and Uncle in the north-west coast of Galilee, guess what little village he had to go through ? yup, Magdala ! All of the many many many times he would go to visit his cousins, he went through Magdala.

Where “Guess-Who” lived ?

Sometimes Jesus would get there early so he could throw pebbles on the wall next to Mary's window and wake her up, just to see her surprise and beautiful smile and laugh as she threw open the window ! And out would pop a little raven-haired beauty with sparkling dancing shoe-button eyes and lots and lots and lots of curly hair. And a laugh and a voice that sounded like silver bells.

Many times she got permission to go with Jesus to visit his cousins and she and her brother (Lazarus) and her sister (Martha) would go with Jesus and his brothers and sisters. It was so much fun !!! Jesus loved Martha, Lazarus, and Mary. They grew up together ! Don't you pick that up in the way he spoke to “Martha, Martha” ?(Luke 10:41) He loved her and spoke to her with the warm familiarity that only comes with a deep long friendship. Their Families would meet to go to festivals every year and would travel together from Galilee to Jerusalem and back. (Luke 2:44) Jesus had a warm wonderful healthy, happy childhood, with family, and friends. Even when he died, who was standing right there in front of him ? (John 19:25-27) His Mom, his Mom's sister(John's mom his Aunt Salome), and Mary his Aunt by marriage to his step-father's brother Clopas(aka Alphaeus, possibly father of Matt & James ), his first cousin (John) and his life-long love, Mary of Magdala. 

Jesus had a very playful wonderful sense of humor, he really did ! (Pro 8:30,31) And he had a wonderful normal childhood. With friends he kept for life.

You might note too of James and John, (his 1st cousins) that they were best friends with Peter and Andrew, so Jesus knew Peter and Andrew from childhood too.(Luke 5:10)

When you see these things with your own eyes, wow, what a difference !

The warm intricate Personal background and nature of his Life just makes his Teaching and interactions so Rich !

For a longer Time-Machine trip click HERE ! And please see Page 2 HERE.

Thought-Sherd 50

"Hey, I ain't no Einstein” -A. Einstein

yeah, he really said that :)

Hey, I ain't no Einstein, but......

Ever'body's heard the Formula E=MC˛. But did you know it can also be expressed as a Ratio ? Yah know, like 3:1, 1:5, 4:1, etc. ?

Here it is as a Ratio:

90,000,000,000,000,000:1 !!!!! (Energy to Mass/Matter)

That's 90 Quadrillion to 1 (one) !!!! Matter is really, really energy Dense !!!

Here's why this is mentioned;

[!! Speculation Alert !!]

If Spirit/Spirit Creatures are pure Energy, and that may be true, altho there is some likelihood that they/it is partially/somewhat a condensate*, as it is organized. But it/they certainly appear(s) to be Non-Matter. Thus our Spirit and Spirit Creatures would find the Physical(Matter) to be extremely Energy Rich ! And this might help explain a coupla a things like:

1.Why are Spirit Creatures aka Deamons are so attracted to Physical things i.e. persons, places, and things. It's like Energy Ice-Cream® to them. A morally compromised Spirit Creature could be irresistibly drawn to them. Kinda like Mynock chewing on the power cables.

2. Why the battle of the Flesh and the Spirit is such an intense challenge:
this explains why it is that once the Physical gets ahead of the Spiritual, the Spiritual is 'just along for the ride' from that point on...... James 1:15 kinda sez it all...... but this E=MC˛ thing kinda 'splains it.......

And what difference does this make ? ahhhhh...... mmmm..... prolly none, it's just thinkin' and i'd always wunnered why deamons were so attracted to physical stuff.

* condensate example: 

water is a condensate of steam. 
a spirit creature is a highly organized condensate of pure energy. and it would follow that that which is physical is an even denser condensate of pure energy.

[End of !! Speculation Alert !! We return you to regular broadcasting.]



a simple request: if you share or use the information from this website, please, would you be so kind as to cite the source.... ?

tanx eh ?


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