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Page Twelve  Thought-Sherds 56-60

Thought-Sherds (It's a play on words, you know, "potsherds'' the little Earthenware fragments that Archaeologists find, with scriptures, notes, and things written on them,.... well if you have to explain it......  it's not so funny anymore)

Thoughtsherds: [thot '- surdz ] too small to be an article, but maybe big enough to make a difference.


Thought-Sherd 56

The Riddle of Emmaus, (no, it's not really a mouse. And no mice were harmed in the solving of this riddle)

this one is short. (as all mice are)

The location of Emmaus, the Village that Cleopas and another disciple were walking to the day that Jesus was Resurrected, has puzzled many, for many years. But the answer is surprisingly simple:

Our old friend Josephus does mention “Ammaous”. But the objection is that it is too close to Jerusalem i.e. appx 36 stadia, instead of the Biblical 60 stadia.(about 7 mi. luke 24:13)

Please consider this: before Luke even put 'quill to parchment,' he knew he would be describing a round-trip. Note Luke's use of the word apecho, vs 13 (Strong's G568 apecho is often used to describe a return or collecting in full, [apo G565 "off" & echo, yes, echo G2192 which can include the thought of "return" y'know, like an echo]and please compare w/ Philemon 1:15, and please see Luke 6:24 'received in full', i.e. a RETURN on investment. And please compare w/ John 6:19 where apecho is NOT used, because it is not describing a round-trip). So Luke 24:13 can/should correctly be translated:

...a 60 stadia round-trip from Jerusalem to a village named Emmaus.....

which also makes the length-of-time for the return-trip make more sense. (and can be added, on a very well-lit, near full-moon night, it wasn't dark when they returned to Jerusalem, it was a full, or near full moon, as Passover is always on the 14th. A Jewish new-moon is not a full-moon. New-moon is the 1st day-of-the-month [fingernail moon] and the Full-Moon is in the middle of the month, near the 15th. You might think a New-Moon would be a Full-Moon, but it ain't.)

Just a side-note; betting against Josephus is almost always a bad idea.


Thought-Sherd 57


Wedding Expense Deductions

Short version

At the Wedding at Cana, Why was Mary so bossy to, not only Jesus, but even to the servants at somebody else's Wedding ?

And why did she expect Jesus to be responsible for a wine shortage at somebody else's Wedding ?

Why did she not “put a sock in it” when Jesus told her to 'stop it' and leave him alone ? And he was very very blunt !

What's was going on here !!!???

Mary was the mother of the Bride, at a Wedding for Jesus's sister, that Jesus had paid for !!

(i'm laughing my head off right now because i can feel your reaction, and at the same time i also can really really see the inter-reaction between Jesus and his mom. He was trying to get her to stop(!) but she just wouldn't, i think it's just hysterical. Mary was just focused on her daughter's wedding, Jesus was focused on the beginning of his ministry, and he was very well-aware of what was about to happen(more on that in the 'long version)and didn't want his mom trying to call-the-shots (“woman what have I got to do with you?”). And it didn't even faze her ! Which means, even though the words were harsh, the spirit was not. And yet there is a gentle acquiescence on her part, but not a complete relinquishing of her 'mom' authority. If you're here with me in the Time-Machine do you notice the complex inter-reaction ? Notice the humour that flickers in and out between the two of them, notice how Jesus asserts just the right amount of firmness, but does not cross the line of disrespect ? Notice how Mary pushes her 'momness' but stops short of going too far. Just fascinating. Such an interesting passage. i can't stop smiling. Moms are moms, what can i say ?)

OK, How do i know this ? Well, as i've mentioned before this is the only website with a Time-Machine. So, that makes it easy. But, please consider how this point-of-view makes everything make sense and feel right. Why would Mary do this at someone else's wedding ? Why would she boss someone else's servants ? Why would she expect Jesus to be responsible for the short-fall in the amount of wine ? How did Jesus know to be there just 3 days after he came out of his 40 days in the wilderness ? This perspective is just one of those things, that once you see it, it makes all the pieces fit.

So now, if you would be so kind, please let me take you to the 'Long Version', and we'll fill in some details/clues.

Long version

Yes, This little thought-sherd is pure deduction/speculation.

But surprisingly, methinks most will find it reasonable and most-likely correct with a closer look.

Well then, let's take a closer look.

It's a bit long, but that's because i know it just takes a while to shift one's perspective/point-of-view. And this is a bit of a shift, but i think (hope) you will find it worthy of your time.

And the usual reminder: If you're Thinking Religiously, well, you're prolly on the wrong website......

Here goes.....

As you well know, Jesus was a Carpenter.

But, let's just “walk that all of the way home”. Shall we ?

Was he a good Carpenter ? No, he was a great Carpenter !! And so were his brothers. In fact, it is no small stretch to realize that Jesus ran a very successful family business. In fact, he was well-known throughout the region as a carpenter. (mark 6:3 [Nazareth] john 6:42 [Capernaum]) And He, being the one who's previous job was designing and producing the whole stinking Universe, taught his brothers wonderful, efficient, and new-to-the-industry techniques of production efficiencies, quality-control, tools, design etc. etc. And it should be noted that the Greek word translated “Carpenter” tekton [Strong's G5045] really means 'artisan' or 'craftsman' (think 'technician'). He was not just an Oxen-yoke maker !! A tektonician could be skilled in the use of many different materials; stone, textiles (fabrics), wood, leather, metal, etc. and could manufacture items from as small as children's toys to complete houses/business-buildings. Translating the word tekton as 'carpenter' is like saying “the place to buy socks” instead of “Department Store”. Not technically wrong, but..... Please too, consider this; Jesus LOVED managing and producing big complex beautiful projects !! and cared about production-efficiencies and quality, As he had done, and loved doing, for Billions of years before he came to earth !!

He was a very successful, good, and wealthy (but not materialistic) businessman ! And he made sure his (Joseph's) family was well cared-for ! Including his Sister's wedding.
(please remember this was before his ministry. when he started his ministry he, without question, just as he told the rich young ruler,[mark 10:21] gave all to the poor, and dedicated the use of this purpose-built house. And from then on he was supported by contributions[luke 8:1-3]

(please comp w/ Matt 25:15-29, and then tell me Jesus did not understand and appreciate good business-sense, remembering that it was his parable. How could the person who gave an illustration like this not be a VERY successful businessman !? And please note how he rewarded great success with even more success [vss 28, 29 luke 19:24] this is Jesus's view of businessmanship, it really is. How could Jesus not be the “Ten-Talent” businessman !?)

OK, Now, let's take this little Chautauqua another step.....

Jesus was a 'plan-ahead' kind-of-guy. Here's how we know that; at Luke 10:1 it clearly states that Jesus sent 70 (some say 72) 'advance workers' ahead of him to the cities that he himself would soon be coming to. Again, he was a “plan-ahead” type of person (and still is), as this verse clearly shows. With that in mind......

Do you think he didn't plan ahead for his whole Ministry ?

Please take careful note of the interesting exchange between Andrew and Jesus at John 1:38, 39 “Rabbi, where do you live ?[stay, reside, remain Strong's G3306 meneis]”

And Jesus's response ? 'Come with me, and I'll show you where I live. And they came and stayed with him !'

At Jesus's house ! The house he, as a wealthy Carpenter, had already pre-built and Purpose-Built for his Ministry. Now, don't run screaming out of the room :) please bear with me while a case is made for this..... hmmmm...... different/unusual assertion.

Some might object that Jesus had said, “the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head”. When, where, and why did Jesus say that ?

He said this at Luke 9:58, now please look up a bit at verse 51. Luke at vs 51 clearly marks the transition and end of Jesus's Galilean ministry. Meaning he would never go back to his home in Capernaum. Hence, from that time onward he no longer had a house/home to lay his head.
[mark's sequence also agrees with luke, matthew not so much. but ol' matt was known to not always be sequential. there may be a reason he lost his bookkeeping job :) ]

But Jesus clearly had a House & a Home up until this time.

Let's look at the evidence/facts:

Matt 4:13 clearly states that he had a permanent house/home in Capernaum. The greek word katokesen Strong's G2730 used here refers to a permanent house/home/dwelling. And the Bible is very clear, IT WAS HIS HOME/HOUSE. (also matt 9:1)

Mark 2:1 clearly states that He was 'at Home' in His 'House'! (and it was Jesus's house that the roof-tiles were removed from !! and it didn't bug him one bit ! [vss 3-5]. what a kind man !)

When Matthew had his “called to be a disciple Party”, it is clear by comparing the accounts at Matt 9:9-11, Mark 2:14,15, and Luke 5:27-29 (that he, Matthew, spread a big feast for Him[Jesus] at His[Jesus's] House)...... yes the party was at Jesus's house/home. Think, the Pharisees weren't hanging around Matthew-the-tax-collector's house.

Please compare with Luke 5:17-19, wherein Pharisees were hanging around Jesus's house. A purpose-built House/Home for his Galilean Ministry, with a very large room for teaching, dining(Matt's party), for children to play, etc. (notice how a child just happened to be readily available at Matt 18:2, what does that tell you ?) The house had a wonderful, brilliantly designed kitchen, thoughtful details throughout, amazing little things that most people wouldn't even notice, but that made it a warmly comfortable, hospitable, healthy, happy, large home/house. How could it not be ?

This was the house he built and had ready before he was baptized, and was living in the day after he came out of his 40 day time in the wilderness ('…...where are you living?...' John 1:38) (and please see matt 9: 28,29 carefully note where the blind men were healed)

And 3 days later he decided to go to Cana in Galilee, to his sisters wedding, that he paid for, which is why his Mom expected him to correct the short-fall in the amount of Wine. And there is no doubt that she expected him to take care of the problem. Which clearly shows he had the means and responsibility to do so. Which clearly means he deliberately under-ordered the Wine ! To prepare the stage for this event !Is this the sort of thing that he would do ? Yes. Please compare with John 6:5-12, where Jesus deliberately put himself in a position where only a miracle could save-the-day, and Jesus put his Mom in the same position as Philip(vs 5), Jesus knowing exactly what he was about to do in both cases! The events at Cana were not just an accidental/chance event ! It was the exact day, 44 days after his baptism, on which his Miraculous/Ministry would begin.

Before Jesus was Baptized and went into the Wilderness for 40 days, he might have had this conversation with his sister:

"Rachael [i'll call her rachael] you have always been such a wonderful help to Mom and the family, and you did so much organizing and help for the family business. Please let me do this; I have to be gone for a little over a month, but in addition to the dowry I promised you, I would love to pay and plan in advance for everything for your wedding. Would you be willing to wait until I get back ? It will be around Abib (Nisan) 4th."

Well, Rachael absolutely loved her oldest brother and said, "Yes !" without hesitation. [time machines make this stuff so easy]

And after that wonderful beginning where did Jesus and his family go ? To his Mom's house ?


They all went down to Jesus's nice big house in Capernaum (john 2:12), and then, just a few days later, they all went down to Jerusalem..... for the first Passover of his Ministry.

By-the-Way.... the house/building/Church that is commonly thought in our times to be Peter's house, is very likely Jesus's house. Peter did NOT have a house in Capernaum, Jesus did...... the Bible is as clear-as-a-bell on this.....

Please see: situated very logically, yes ? (please zoom in)

and please see:

The House of Peter: Capernaum or Bethsaida? - The BAS Library

So, now you know.......

this very interesting little discovery and a Dollar-three-ninety-five will get you a bad cup of coffee somewhere, but i still think it's innerestin'.

p.s. what can i say ? as has been mentioned many times on this website: Yehovah loves his little riddles, he really really does (jesus and the holy spirit too, it's just in 'em :)


To extrapolate just a bit further, and walk this speculation “all of the way home”.....

If this little theory, that Jesus paid for his sister's wedding, is true, then it would also be reasonable that Mary, Jesus's mom, would have been involved in the pre-planing, as She was standing in the place of Joseph, 'the-father-of-the-Bride' who was most likely deceased, and she most certainly was involved in early conversations with Jesus and his sister about the wedding plans before he left to get Baptized. And women love wedding planning. Well Mary, having raised a large family, and understanding the feeding and entertaining of large groups, Looked at the preparations; quantities etc. etc. And said to Jesus, “my dear Son, everything looks very very good and generous, but I couldn't help but notice that you don't seem to have ordered enough Wine.” To which Jesus replied, “No, that's exactly what is needed.” “are you really sure my son?” “yes, mom, I'm sure”. “it just doesn't seem to be enough”. “Mom, it is fine, please trust me on this”. Jesus knew exactly what he was doing, he had under-ordered for a reason, but they were his reasons and doing, and his alone.

Now, as you listen to what Mary says to Jesus at John 2:3, with this little speculation in the back of your mind..... when Mary says, “they have no wine”, can't you also hear in her tone-of-her-voice, “I told you so” ? And doesn't Jesus's manner and intensity of reply, “mom, you really have nothing to do with this” make more sense ? I'm sure Jesus really didn't want to be so firm with her, but he just had to. This was the full beginning of his Ministry, no one else but Yehovah had any say at this point. Jesus always said and did the right thing in the right measure. what an amazing Man.

However when Jesus came to his time to die, the full expression of Mary's opinions and emotions would be welcome and warranted, when Jesus's 'hour had arrived'. (vs4)

Again, this is pure speculation, but it kinda seems possible, dahdinit ?


a simple request: if you share or use the information from this website, please, would you be so kind as to cite the source.... ?

tanx eh ?




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