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Page Three: Thought Sherds 11-15

Thought-Sherds (It's a play on words, you know, "potsherds'' the little Earthenware fragments that Archaeologists find, with scriptures, notes, and things written on them,.... well if you have to explain it......  it's not so funny anymore)

Thoughtsherds: [thot '- surdz ] too small to be an article, but maybe big enough to make a difference.



There are NOT 66 books of the Bible

Just a pet peeve here: But, there are
NOT 66 books of the Bible !
First off, doesn't that just sound wrong ? 66? sounds too much like 666.
And, in fact, there are not 66 books of the Bible, There are 70.  Very easy to prove....

Look at the Superscriptions at:
The Beginning of The Psalms, It says;  
Book One;    Psalms 1-41
At Psalms 42 the Superscription says;  
Book Two;    Psalms 42-72
At Psalms 73 the Superscription says;  
Book Three; Psalms 73-89
At Psalms 90 the Superscription says;  
Book Four;   Psalms 90-106
At Psalms 107 the Superscription says;
Book Five;    Psalms 107-150

So, there are FIVE Books of Psalms,
not OneBy the Bible's own counting .
By counting The Five books of Psalms, instead of just One, you get 70 Books of the Bible. A much more correct and Biblically complete sounding number, don't you think ?

The Point ?
Well none really, but we should pay attention to details...... as they say, "God is in the details".....

Also, you might consider this:

The number 6 is an uncomplete spiritual number, it's usually the opening phase of  a spiritual process. (see) As in the creation on Earth etc. And Seven (7) is the full accomplishment of that event.

If there were actually 66 books of the Bible, that might cause some persons to think that it is an incomplete Spiritual Compendium.  That is not the Case.  By being 70 Little Books (7 x 10) it would seem to signify that it is in fact a complete Library (2 Tim 3:16,17). (Seven (7) being Spiritual completeness and Ten (10) being Earthly Completeness.)

And if nothing else, you can win some bets.....



Absolute proof

At some point in many people's progress towards Faith, an ugly little "Bugaboo" rears it's ugly little head:
"How can you know for an
Absolute certainty", or "You can't Prove that!", or "You can't prove creation!" or other challenges of the nature: 'You can't provide Absolute proof'.
And that's true, you can't.

And for many persons, at this point, they "Go off the Rails", and growth towards Faith ends.
But perhaps we can help 'Re-Rail' the 'De-Railed' ?

In real life, "Absolute Proof" is simply never used:
When you eat, do you require "Absolute Proof" that there is really nutrition in that bite ? No.
When you drive your car do you require "Absolute Proof" that when you turn your steering-wheel to the left that your car will go left ? No.
But What
is Required ?
   NOT  "Absolute Proof"

Why should we hold the Bible, a book about real life, to a standard that does not exist in real life ?
Many truths in the Bible, as well as the Bible itself, can be well
Established Beyond Reasonable Doubt ..... Which is all anybody ever really requires of anything......

OKay, "Up yah Go"..... back on those Rails...... Ahhhh...... much better.....



Why did Jesus have to put up with Judas ?

Very simply:
Jesus Pictured God while he was on Earth.
God has to deal with Satan on a regular basis.
So, Jesus had to have a Satan-like person to deal with on a regular basis to illustrate how God, in heaven, deals with an intimate associate who's a pill.



A Relationship with God

If you find yourself having trouble with  your view of God, or developing a Relationship with God, consider this:
Compare your view of God with your View of your Real Father (or lack thereof) and it's usually surprisingly similar.

How to Fix ?

Most things in this world can't be completely repaired, BUT they can be IMPROVED.
Generally, a simple awareness  that you're projecting a flawed view of your human Dad onto God helps. Also, talk to people that you know that have a very good relationship with their human Dad, and see how they view God,  You'll find it very interesting.



God vs. Satan

God promotes Pleasure....    Satan promotes Pleasure...
God promotes Wealth....      Satan promotes Wealth...
God approves of sex....        Satan approves of sex...
God promotes good food.... Satan promotes good food....
Just about everything God Approves of....  Satan Approves of.

So, what's the difference ?

God Promotes "Big picture Thinking". i.e.
considering not just what you're doing, but the long-term broad effects of what you're doing, and it's beneficial or deleterious effects on others and yourself. (see: "everything you need to know about life" on this website)

Satan Promotes
immediate short-term self-centered benefits with no true consideration of others.

That's the Difference.

Satan would have you think that God just wants to ruin your day, and that he, Satan, is the source of all Fun.

But it Just ain't so.


spirit (small s) is always true. But it is not always the Truth.

Meaning; if you're really really angry, that is a real Emotion. But that doesn't mean you're right. 

You still have to check your Facts.

The Point: Don't be fooled by Strong Emotions/Feelings


a simple request: if you share or use the information from this website, please, would you be so kind as to cite the source.... ?

tanx eh ?



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